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  1. In daily study, work, and life, everyone can never avoid contacting or using composition. With the help of components, people can reflect objective things, express ideological feelings, and convey knowledge information. What is the composition you have ever seen? Here are my outstanding composition (11 articles) I have sorted out my mother -in -law. Welcome to read and collect.
    This composition 1 My wife is 93 years old. She has a face full of wrinkles. There are also high noses, a lack of teeth, and a silver hair. Her body shape is a little fat. It can be seen from her appearance that she was a beauty blank when she was young.
    The biggest feature is her little feet. People used to say that their feet were small, because there were three inches of golden lotus. As a result, the mother's mother wrapped her feet with her feet with her feet, which was very painful. So with those little feet. Now, people have overthrown this kind of wind building. Now I want to grow older, and I never have to suffer the crime of wrapping their feet.
    The old woman has some problems. One is the back of the ears and the other is forgetful. The back of her ears often causes something that makes us cry and laugh. For example, you want her to go west to her east. Another time, the old man slept early. For her, we had dinner at more than four o'clock. Because it was relatively hot that day, she took the cold to six o'clock outside. She has been nagging, why did no one call me for dinner? Why not eat dinner yet? It turned out that she had forgotten the incident of eating. There is an old home, there is a treasure!
    I think people are old like antiques. We must protect these antiques and let them see the changes in this society now. Feel the beauty of modernity.
    The composition of my wife 2 I just finished the 90th birthday in March this year.
    although Tai Po is 90 years old, there are a few strands of black hair in the sparse white hair. The grandmother's teeth were all gone, and she always chewed slowly when eating, because she could only chew her food by the tooth bed.
    This's feet are very small, because the old society is popular with small feet, she always slowly walks and is very inconvenient. Therefore, she rarely goes downstairs and always stays in the room to watch TV. Even if she goes out to walk, she will always hold a crutch, hold the handrail of the stairs, or help me.
    I I think the wife must be lonely at home, so I discussed with my mother and bought a Rubik's Cube from the store to let the mother -in -law play. In fact, the grandma is very smart. When I pointers, she will play. Until now I am practicing this collar, I think that I must restore the disrupted Rubik's Cube.
    not only did the Rubik's cube play well, but even checked. Let me play a checked checked church. Now that I have played a checked level, it is also good, this is all the credit of the wife! If I go to school, the grandmother puts two checkers alone, then starts to fight, and continuously improves my level.
    This is my protector. Every time my parents reprimand me, I quickly fled into the arms of the wife. Whenever I at this time, the grandmother said, "Don't be afraid, I am there!"
    Actually, I think the mother -in -law needs to play the Rubik's Cube and When watching TV, we need to chat with her, so as soon as I was free, I ran to Taomao's room and chatted with her. Toyago always looked at me kindly and asked.
    I wishes Tai Po who is happy and lives for a long time.
    This composition 3 My Taomao is a ninety -year -old elderly. Her face has already been covered with wrinkles of years. Her hair has long been pale, often wearing a hat, a bit of camel, like a forever, like a forever forever The old tree that is not straight.
    The wife's house is not too far away from my house. As long as I turn over a mountain, I can reach it, so I often go to the Taomao's house to see the grandmother and play with her.
    The long -term steps, there are long steps outside the door. Therefore, Taomao rarely goes out. Such a big courtyard live alone, lonely. But no matter how she persuaded her children, she did not move and lived there until she died, maybe there were too many beautiful memories there! She was reluctant to ...
    When she was going to commemorate her at that time, she saw the red dates in the tribute, and couldn't help thinking of the lighter dates. Those dates were slightly red, there was no sense of crispy and sweet I treasured me for a long time. Those dates were given to her by her niece, but she left it to me. I only took a few, and the rest wanted to leave it to her, but she pushed it back and let me eat angrily. I had to be full. She took two pockets and she smiled with satisfaction. Look, my wife is an emotional person!
    The wife is not only an emotional person, but also picky eaters.
    Faced with those fish and meat or something, she was indifferent, but she loved sweet potatoes, taro, melon, grapes and other places in her own place. I will pick it up to my wife. She was also full of joy. After the grandma left, it seemed that I had never gone except for big events. Don't go, some miss, go, and feel empty again. Why! What should I do?
    This my mother -in -law fell last year, and I couldn't afford to bed. In the evening of March this year, she failed to survive, and I couldn't see her last at school because of school. I remember that I met with her last time. It was a long time last year. The appearance of the grandma may be blurred, but the good memories with her have been unforgettable for a long time!
    This composition 4 My son -in -law is an approachable, amiable, good -looking. Previously, she liked to talk to me what she had experienced when she was young.
    The most impressive is that she had just given birth to my grandmother and was still in confinement at home. One day, suddenly, the voice of "啪 — Pap — 嘣 — Pap ..." sounded in the ears. Immediately after, the torch that was useless after burning the house was thrown away by the people wearing military green clothes and threw it to the door of the son -in -law's house. At this time, they found that the Japanese devil is here. As a result, Tai Gong quickly picked up the young baby who was just born -my grandmother. The elder mother held her waist in one hand and led the other two six or seven -year -old brothers and sisters in one hand, and fled hard. They have been running to a place without Japanese devils. Because I didn't bring food at the time, I was eating straw roots on the roadside when I was hungry, which was like a savage. This picture was really hard to imagine!
    The is the same, and the elder wife moved from Luzhou to Suichang County, Lishui City. In the past, there was no transportation, and even a few days and a few nights walked. So I lived in business here and became a Suichang native ...
    So soon, my grandmother gave birth to my mother. When my mother grew up, I met my dad while working in Wenzhou. I gave birth to me. Time flies, the elder mother goes to a beautiful paradise, and I am reluctant. Every year, we will buy her a few sets of "clothes", a few pairs of "shoes", and burn some "money" for her. At the same time, I am also very grateful to my grandmother. I am grateful for her hardships and reserved my grandmother's life before I have my life ...
    Thank you!
    The composition of my wife's composition 5 and a cool autumn wind brushed my face. My eyes swam to the dusty pig cans on the corner. Looking at the rose "blessing" on the forehead, I hooked my memory. Thinking.
    This is the only small gift to me when Taipi was alive. At that time, Hou, the grandma was very healthy, with purple -red face, wearing two copper earrings, without a little decadent. Toyago believes in Buddhism, likes to get a challenge, sit in the patio, bask in the sun, and chant the scriptures while drawing money. I often sit next to her, listening to the words in the Buddhist scriptures, watching the light yellow paper ingot quietly, and gradually I can understand what Taomao reads. Probably the meaning of blessing my little grandson reading a good book and finding a good job in the future.
    Later, with the increase of age, the wife's hair was pale, and the wrinkles on the forehead became more and more deeper and deeper. One day, the grandma called me to the room and took out a small pig from the bed. This canned food was the canned food who had been with Taomao for many years. The grandma said to me, "Hao Hao, my wife is going back to my hometown, this for you ..." She shed tears, and I sobbed silently.
    It again, when I was 88 years old, I came to visit us once. Her purple -red face also lost her luster, her hair was sparse and sparse, and she looked like a dead leaf fluttering.
    . She lived at home for a day, and the next morning, and returned to her hometown again. Soon after arriving in her hometown, Tai Po had a stroke, and he couldn't move his hands and feet. After a while, the disease became heavier and died in the early spring of 89.
    I took out the canned pig, opened the seal, and a small hemorrhoid paper ingot fell out. I expanded the paper and saw a line of pencils on it:
    Haohao, study hard.
    This composition 6 My wife is 98 years old. She is a kind and kind old man.
    The kind of affectionate Taisao just a few days ago, because the lower body was paralyzed, he was bed for many years. Unconsciously, a sore sore was inflamed behind the wife. Essence A few days later, I came to the hospital with my parents to see Taomao. When I saw the grandmother dueting the illness in the bed, I groaned from time to time, which made me feel very heartbroken. When the grandma saw us, he opened his eyes halfway, and asked weakly and painfully: "Who are you? I don't know you, I have worked so hard, it hurts!" When I saw my wife, I didn't know us, I thought I thought, I thought, I thought to myself : Although the grandparents are already full of children and grandchildren, they are out of all the year, and there is no time to see Taomao. How lonely she is! And every time I go to see too much, how happy she is! But now, we are entangled with the illness that we do n’t even know it, reminding me of the happy time of Hou ’s life.
    Remember to be a child, I often play with my brother and cousin. And this time, I locked the hiding target in the room of the wife. So, I walked in and whispered to the grandma: "Taomao, don't tell him that I am here when my brother Baoer came in." When I saw me, I knew that I was catching and hiding, so I agreed with a smile. After a while, my brother came in, and my heart mentioned my throat. When the grandmother said that I was not here, my brother failed. When my brother went out, I happily said to the grandmother, "Lao, thank you so much!"
    It to see the big woman so painful now, how much I want to say to the grandma, "Lao, you must fight the sick demon battle in the end You must be able to stand up, I believe you! "Although I am just a child now, I can't do anything, but I have made up my mind to turn my grief into motivation, study hard, and be a technical doctor when I grow up. Use the world's most advanced medical technology to reduce the pain of Taomao.
    This, you must cheer! You must fight with the sick demon to the end, we support you! Latter, you have to hold on, let me grow up as a doctor and cure your illness!
    This composition 7 Tai Po has a small wooden cabinet, although there are no exquisite patterns, and gorgeous decoration. But it continued to attract me like a magnet, because it always changed some babies I like.
    . My mother -in -law had died, and she was very kind during her lifetime. The grandma has a chrysanthemum face full of wind and frost, which is filled with wrinkles of the years. It looks not good -looking, but it is the best in my heart.
    In younger, my parents were very busy working and pinned me in the Taomao's house. I like to eat sugar, so I often yelled to eat sugar. At this time, my mother -in -law always changed my love of sugar from a small wooden cabinet, and handed it to me tremblingly in my hand. When I eat it with interest, the grandma always laughs.
    Whenever she goes home to visit the grandma in the New Year, she always calls my milk name; "Stars, my little stars are back!" The voice was so trembling, whispering, and so slow. As usual, the grandmother will open her simple little wooden cabinet to take out the food to enjoy it alone, watching it, watching and smiling.
    This's little wooden cabinet is so amazing, I wondered: How can a small wooden cabinet be so many things? And how can I "change magic"? No, she "changed" the dragon fruit, "changed" the jelly, and then "changed" almond biscuits. I couldn't stand the driver of curiosity and couldn't help but open it. But I was stunned at the time, and I put what everyone bought for her in the wooden cabinet of Taomao. She was reluctant to eat it, and put it in a small wooden cabinet and squeezed into a row. My nose was sour and her tears were hazy.
    Themu cabinet has gone through her life with Taomao, but I will never forget the love of the wife, and her little wooden cabinet.
    This composition 8 Many children want time to move forward quickly and grow up quickly. But I hope that time is going backwards, why? Because I want to take a look at my died again. I want to look at her white hair again, look at her pair of cornerstical hands, and then look at her kind smile, listen to her gentle and friendly words, and talk with her, then speak with her, Chat.
    Remember that once, I went to visit my mother with my mother after falling. As soon as I arrived at the house, I saw Taomao sitting in the wheelchair in front of the door in front of the door. Seeing us, her wrinkled face immediately laughed into a flower. Seeing her beckoning us, I hurried over and pulled her hand. The wife touched me with a full -time hand, and said in Huang Tianhua, "Good, you are here!" Although Tai Po was 93 years old at the time, her memory was still very good. Seeing us, her box opened. She was busy telling me about my mother's childhood, tell me what she was young when she was young. Talking about these pasts seemed to be yesterday, she brought her back to her young age, and she smiled as happy as a child.
    This's life is very frugal, but she is clean and neatly cleaned every day. Good things are reluctant to eat. Every time I see us, I will take out all the ancient brains and other ancient brains to entertain us. Whenever I talk about my grandmother, my eyes are always moist.
    If he is true in heaven, I will ask them to tell the grandmother that I miss her. I long for my mother -in -law to return to my side, and I want to use my little hand to take her to take a walk; I am eager to listen to her story again and tell her a whisper; N's composition 9 My wife, my grandmother, just had a long life in the first half of this year. At that time, she was strong and full of smiles.
    , so short, my mother -in -law was lying on the hospital bed in the hospital, and I was unconscious. There were wrinkles engraved on my face like a whip, and my hand was like a dead branch. Slenderness can see the bones, and the hair is covered with white.
    Standing in front of the bed, looking at the pale wife, recalling the former grandma ...
    At that time, the grandparents always put the children's things in a small box, waiting for me to wait for me When she went, she always took out the small box. When I saw this food full of food, I would give my back very well, and the grandmother would eat things cheerfully. So I had an indecent nickname- "Princess Pouting" ...
    thinking about my tears flowing down, the tears were bitter and astringent. How do I hope Tai Po can open my eyes and ask me to say "Princess Pouting"! I hate myself: Why don't I go to see the grandma when I am at home? Why not accompany the grandmother? Why make the grandma angry? I grit my teeth with hate.
    "Tick, Ti 答 ..." Silently dripped, the grandma now rely on infusion to maintain his life. I just want to look at Taomao in this last time. I know when she may leave the world. She won't open her eyes anymore, she won't look at me, let alone call me. Because she was already in a coma and her breathing was very rapid.
    I hate death, why do people die? Why do you go through life and death?
    The tears rolled down like this, one by one, the flowers made by tears on the ground ...
    This composition 10 love life can have many performances. Some people want to live healthier, they exercise and exercise; some people want to live a lot of supplements for a long time; some people want to express their joy to themselves and people around This is also a way to love life. My mother -in -law, she is like this. She thinks that love life is to bring happiness and fun to the people around her. She will cook delicious dishes for us, she will cut beautiful paper cutting for us, and she will tell me a lot of interesting stories.
    I heard that my grandmother said that when the grandmother was young, she was a teacher of the deaf and dumb school. Essence She uses her youth to bring joy to those children. After retirement, she loves life, loves nature, and loves everything around. She goes out every day to walk and exercise; from time to time, she will come up with some thick books; she sometimes pour some water for those flowers and plants on the balcony and apply some fertilizer; , Feed. The wife likes to plant some plants, figs, phoenix flowers, peaches, peony ... she has planted it. When the plant has a fruit, she will also share the fruit with the neighbors. She applied for an elderly university the year before. She was the oldest in school. She was 87 years old. She was still studying cooking, paper -cutting, and learning computer operations ... She felt that although she was old, she could serve her own children. You can also add some fun to your life.
    The wife who loves life is not silent. She likes to talk to me about schools and cares about my academic performance. The grandma who loves life, sometimes forgets that she is an old man, she is happy and brings happiness to others.
    This composition 11 My wife is eighty -five years old this year, and she lives in the countryside of Nanjiao. In my impression, her home is an old and small bungalow, and there are not a few decent furniture in it. Usually, my mother -in -law lives alone, and she goes to the ground when she is free.
    This year, our Taicang wants to carry out a new rural reconstruction. The village where Taomao is located is also listed within the scope of the transformation. It is necessary to relocate to a new resettlement houses as a whole. And life is also guaranteed. After more than a month of intense decoration, the grandma finally moved into a new home as expected.
    One Saturday afternoon, Dad took me to the new home of Taomao. It took only five minutes to drive from the urban area to the community where Taomao's house was located. Just step into the gate of the community, and I saw that the entire community was spacious and neat, and the road was very wide. There were all kinds of trees and flowers on both sides of the road. The rows of houses are staggered and arranged neatly. We came downstairs in Taomao's house and saw an electronic anti -theft door installed here, and the grandma came to open the door with a smile. Entering Taomao's house, this is a house of more than 100 square meters, white walls, wooden floors on the ground, and furniture are newly bought. In the bathroom, solar water heaters are also installed. You can use hot water. The room's room is also equipped with a digital TV, which can watch a variety of TV shows.
    In the change of the Taomao's house, I feel the huge changes in the countryside, and the farmers' lives have become better and better. I believe that more people in the future can be the same as the grandparents. Essence

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