5 thoughts on “What industries do you think are suitable for women after the age of thirty?”

  1. 1. Yueyue, I am a relative, almost fifty years old. I went to study in my forties. 4 days. However, if you want to live in other people's homes, you may affect your husband and wife feelings, and your family may not agree.
    2. Learn a technology, beauty body, makeup nail eyelashes.
    3. Go to do some clothing work or cosmetics.

  2. Suitable for women after the age of 30. It also depends on your own education and personality. For example, accounting. statistics. personnel. If you have a lower education, you can do the moon. Sales such as sales.

  3. I think there are many women who are suitable for women after 30 years of age. It depends on personal preferences or personal conditions of personal conditions. Suitable for them are real estate sales, car 4S store salesperson, accounting, online car driver, food delivery and takeaway, kindergarten teacher, jewelry store salesperson,

  4. In the industry, in addition to high -risk industries and harmful industries in health, they are not too suitable for women after 30 years of age. female. However, according to different industries and different situations, there will be different industry standards. For example, if she still needs to take care of this woman, then some industries that are suitable for challenging, then it is not suitable for this woman, because he may not get a time conflict between the family and the work. According to my own situation,

  5. I think the accounting industry is a woman after the age of 30 because of maturity and stability. Can have good pressure resistance and ability.

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