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  1. The group is like this:
    1. Interview preparations: reporting lottery, interview exams, candidates admission, reading the rules and discipline of interviews.
    2, the examination stage: distributed materials, the interviewer read the material, and prepare for the outline of the speech.
    3. Personal statement: Candidates will freely arrange the order of speeches or speak in order in the order of lottery (mostly in the interview of civil servants are fixed links, and most of the candidates are organized by candidates in the enterprise interview).
    4, free discussion: Candidates conduct free discussions on the problem, generally 30-40 minutes (the specific time changes due to different number of candidates). The examiner observed records and did not interfere with the discussion process.
    5. Summary of words: Candidates recommend or recommend a representative to summarize the examiner and report the process and results of the entire discussion. Time is generally 3-5 points. In this process, the ability and quality of your interviewers are all aspects of your ability and quality, analyzing problem ability, communication and expression ability, teamwork ability, professional knowledge application ability, emotional control ability, leadership, and so on.

    The evaluations to observe whether candidates' organizational coordination ability, verbal expression ability, and persuasion ability of debate can meet the requirements and qualities of the quality and quality of the defense. Whether the personality characteristics such as emotional stability and the flexibility of reaction are in line with the group atmosphere of the proposed position, thereby comprehensively evaluating the difference between candidates.

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