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  1. How to become a calligrapher?
    : Read some books

    The may be a bit disappointed at a glance: Calligraphers are literati, do you still need to say this?

    looks like it, it is necessary to say! Many calligraphers will write brush characters and have not read any books, so often make common sense errors. I am commonplace, so the first lecture will say that.

    This to let everyone read a book, the purpose is on many occasions. You need to be fooled with various characters with some groups, otherwise you will lose the opportunity to communicate with them. Let others laugh at you. At this point, I admire the calligraphers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. They talk about astronomy and geography, five hundred years later, and five hundred years later.

    The calligraphy to a certain extent (after the technique is transcended), it needs to nourish it by learning. As far as I know, the Books Club often holds reading clubs, and often invites literary history and poetry experts to give lectures. Now, the sons of the Board of Documents have become a new leader in the national post.

    The people say that Jiangnan people have a taste of writing, that is, they have a little popularity. Big calligraphers from ancient times to the present are not just writing brushes!

    This, calligraphers have more people than people driving taxis this year. If you have a little ink in your belly, you will feel like a group of chicken groups. Believe it or not!

    The second: a bit of your own text content

    The calligrapher, he must write a lot of brush characters in a lifetime. We can't always copy the pen and "go far away from Han Mountain", "What are you parking?" Essence Essence

    The calligraphers have written "Sadness and Silent Autumn since ancient times". Who likes it? Wingwer up? Intersection Or you give people a "ten -year life and death", whine, it is a good thing not to be beaten.

    . So, the calligrapher must learn to "see people talk, see ghost words" in the creative middle school! What about it? I mean that the calligrapher must have some exclusive content and random response.

    For example: Seeing the leader, you give him the entire "thick virtue", yes, no matter if his leadership has virtue, he also likes it. Seeing a beauty, you give her the whole "qi orchid" or "beauty like jade". She may not give you a KISS. Hey, this is the wonderful use of the words. It is not important to write your words.

    . Ah, you always write these contents are also vulgar. You can't show you high, you can only show that you have the basic response scene needs. If you want to be an excellent calligrapher, you must have your own unique things. Really, in many cases, the appropriate exciting content is better than you write. What is called advanced?

    For example: I am a buddy, and wrote a word for a person who had just been sitting in the Political and Legal Committee who had just been sitting for many years. When I heard it, I felt wonderful (applauded 100 times). Is this vulgar? But people are used appropriately, absolutely!

    . Another example: Tangshan native to a famous calligrapher who has lectured on CCTV, you do n’t care about others, you report your name for one minute to make your name into couplets. I saw what I saw our deputy chief [Liang Yue] immediately wrote it as "Liangshan Hao Han, Right Right Sword", this momentum, okay!

    In fact, as a calligrapher, as a calligrapher, you have to face people who do not understand calligraphy. What they sees is what you write. Do you always like to read the content there when you see the calligraphy exhibition? Intersection The common people appreciate what you write.

    . If you always make some "Painting Zen Room Essays", "Sea Yue Theory" and the like, I am not a joke calligrapher. Use? You will say "I have a good work in ink." However, 1.5 billion people understand calligraphy and ink. Grandpa Mao said more than once, "literature and art are serving workers, peasants and soldiers."

    . If you can only write, you can't even be a slave. If you don't pay attention to writing the content, you can at best is a self -entertaining and self -entertaining brush. patient.

    The calligrapher who runs the rivers and lakes, why do you even mix with the Diaoyutai repeated hands? They rely on external skills. The calligrapher, the words are all written so well, but just ignore the content of the work. If a calligraphy works, you don't even pay attention to the content of writing, I think you will copy the book at best, not a calligrapher.

    Third: I want to write big characters and cursive script

    Now I do n’t know if it ’s“ the pen and ink should be with the times ”or the national exhibition is reorganized. As a result, the calligraphers are mainly small characters, or they write cursive books.

    , but now the calligraphers are very single, and they will have a book body.

    I. As a real calligrapher, you have to walk out of the study and go to the society. Don't hold it at home all day. That is not your manifestation of loneliness, but you can't get out of your ability. Calligraphers who walk around all day, to avoid the core of the Chinese nation culture or the core of the Chinese nation's culture to the society, the simple labor people, and the senior officials (as if Xiong Bingming is so fooled) ---- Calligraphy Art.

    This writing on the spot, you can't always say, "I write a small case." Or "I write plum blossoms", I can't write on the scene, I didn't bring a book dictionary. Hey, don't say that the face of the calligraphers is lost.

    It you want to write a book or cursive script. Why? The common people basically know. If you roll up the sleeves of the jacket, if no one is on the side, then throw the writing brush on the table chic, then the cow is forced not to mention it, and the applause of the row of mountains and the sea comes.

    or you can write cursive script. Sometimes if you do n’t know a word, you can calm the people and the officials. No one is embarrassed to admit that he is illiterate. So if you are crackling, everyone is dumbfounded. Remember, writing big grass on the scene should be written fiercely, fast, and chic. This is the performance of the performance, the purpose is to blame people. The purpose of promoting the traditional art of the motherland is achieved, haha.

    So ah, a calligrapher must write big characters or cursive script, and there are a few very familiar content in case. Calligraphers are sometimes calligraphy performance artists. Do you know? Intersection

    Fourth: I want to recite some of the necessary content

    It I said earlier, the writing content should be avoided into the custom.

    Yes, after all, we live in a society with many ordinary people (the so -called ordinary people are people who do not understand calligraphy.) People, in fact, their likes of calligraphy are elegant, and eventually they like them. It is the content of the work, that is, the reading of calligraphy works is important.

    So when we need to write works to those ordinary people, according to incomplete statistics, "rolling the Yangtze River Water", "Dajiang East to the East", "Qinyuan Spring-Snow" Everyone who knows all kinds of familiar content is very favorite and must be mastered, otherwise people let you write on the spot that you wo n’t be able to carry it, right? (First of all, I won't be able to carry it. I lay back on the bed these days:)

    It, "rare confusion" is also used more. What kind of words, "Smart and confused, can change from cleverness to confusion ..." Also recite it and write it, it is very good.

    In more, such as "working with liver and gallbladder, reading from words without words", "Bao Jianfeng comes from sharpening, plum blossom fragrance and cold". In order to meet the needs of different objects on different occasions.

    The aimed at some senior officials and bosses who like calligraphy with mediocrity. Moreover, they have money in their hands and make money like the soil, so it is best to master some more suitable officials and cultivation, richness, wealth, wealth and wealth. Class content.

    The content of the work may determine whether your work has a social market, remember! Remember!

    Fifth, we must brag about

    The people who really understand calligraphy this year, including those of the national exhibition judges.

    Is you write well, this is only you advertise yourself. Like a certain milk manufacturer bragging about "and my milk is the most assured".

    The qualified calligrapher should be good at using various opportunities to brag about himself. What needs to be explained is-don't blow yourself too much, how to write well, that kind of approach is too low! These years, people are very tacky, and people are also cunning. No one can figure out one or two without turning. What should I do?

    This: You have to tell others first, although I have been in the history of all thousands of classic posts, I mainly learn the second king, especially Wang Xizhi's Lanting preface. Many times. Why do you say that? Both Wang Xizhi or Lanting sequences are known. You have to say that you have learned Ni Yuanlu. After finishing the egg, few people know.

    my, what kind of calligraphy do you have to introduce to people is the most authentic and most awesome calligraphy. First instill him a set of aesthetic identification theory, and then you seem to use your work to analyze it inadvertently, for example: "You see, this stroke is from Wang Xizhi." Or "You see, this line is not 500 years of effort. I ca n’t write it. ”So, you will brainwash him. In the future, he will feel that Lanting Xu will feel the standard you say, so you still write well. Really, don't believe it. In the future, you have to see someone who said that Wang Xizhi is not well written, and it is estimated that you have been washed the brain: (

    The cults are so brainwashed, so you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you If you want to flicker, that is to brainwash all the audience and audience, make them feel that you are the contemporary calligrapher, and the only calligrapher with fruit. Maybe he can help you apply for the legacy!

    This is an era of flicker. Whoever does not flicker, then you can only flickering!

    Sixth: To form a fan group

    ,即便是邦德也有强大的后援作为支撑。rnrn  书法家不仅要写的好,还要善于利用资源。怎么利用呢?这么说吧,你是全国会员,你如果几The second national exhibition. But do you think about what people in the calligraphy circle know what the Chinese Book Association is? It seems that I do n’t know what to know. Do you know what the national exhibition is? Can the people around you or your city know that you write well?

    Obviously, you can rely on your mouth to say it is not easy, you just shout on the road on the road all day. Not many people have heard it. Didn’t the ancients say that the ancients did not say ---- Zhongkou Gold, that means that the mouth is more effective. Now there is no famous saying --- "If you say too much, you will become a real drop. "Therefore, the" word of mouth transmission "in the MLM industry is very useful, otherwise why do even the old lady flickered like China?!

    First, you need to be more, you need to be more. Play with senior officials or people with high or prestige, and brainwash them first. They speak effectively and wave their arms: "Who writes so well, the world's first!" Who dares to believe this?

    It, you have to bring some students. The advantage is that the students and even the parents of the students have been washed, and they brag about and appear for you.

    third. Be a friend with the media , I often ask them to eat and send some your work to bribe. In this year, as long as the newspapers are in the newspaper, the professional circle of the pipeline is understandable, and the people still believe it. Why is it not good? Don't send you?!

    Remember, do n’t want to sell melon to boast, be good at using resources, good at using others ’mouths:)

    Seventh: It is best to have any other skills

    The calligraphers are similar to bookshearts, and they will write. In addition, it is not good. This is not good.
    It is a social person. No one wants to hide in the small building this year. Or you will say, "I am a calligrapher, I just take a cold bench to learn." If you have to say that, it is not social phobia or depth. Extremely large caused by inferiority.

    The calligrapher needs a lot of social or contact with people in society, then you only write brush characters, which can only be said that you have a technology In the eyes of ordinary people, you are the technology!) If you really want to put calligraphy calligraphy As a career status or to eat with this mixed rice, you must be armed and packaged yourself, making yourself a true calligrapher.

    The light writing seems to be bad. You ca n’t be fooled by others. You have to have something else to set off your person as a cattle. For example, you sing well, this is also useful! Don't believe it. If you sing really well, everyone will vibrate you orally ----- Some people not only write well, but also sing very well. In this way, it is much greater than those calligraphers who are not able to be mentioned in verbal.

    or you drink very well, then in China, a country that is a heroic hero, you will become a big brother even if you do not become a hero.

    or you will pull Erhu, this may be a celebrity.

    or you will pinch the sugar people.

    The purpose is to say that the purpose is to learn to use other things to write the two sons. If you do n’t see a certain official, do you write a brush word? Even Brother Putin can draw two oil paintings to make Russian girl Ulason dream? Intersection

    Mreasing a few samples.

    Anyway, you don't want to be a master, write less for a while, grab the empty and practice something else, and the effort is half the effort:

    R n
    since ancient times, we Chinese have liked single soldiers. In fact, this cannot play more advantages. To learn team operations, there must be a circle.

    . Even if people have a strong support for support, calligraphers also need to be relatives and friends. Jun did not see the current Yaji, that was all circles!

    What is the concept of the circle? There is no regional limitations. After all, transportation and communication are so developed. Local and foreign, a similar circle.

    What is the benefit?

    1. It is all about the brush of the brush. It is the so -called "touting each other and raising together".

    2. If your circle is large enough, there may be senior officials, judges and the like, how good do you say to you, right? It is more effective than there is a good teacher.

    3. At least everyone in this circle says you will not destroy you.

    4. You can do something occasionally together, always saving and impact than you.

    5.. Essence Essence

    In someone said, I will give you a crooked trick. depressed! Do you want to be a calligrapher, and I want to tell you how to write a brush word? That should be the task of school or your teacher. These things are not in the school, your teacher can't.

    The a few time ago, I wanted to write a flicker series "How to write the work beautifully". As a result, many calligraphers do not let me write, saying that others will do what we do? So I didn't write.

    : The sword walks forward

    The thanks everyone likes it, I will continue to edit.

    The calligraphy is really difficult to come out by the real writing. Lin Sanzhi did not have great leaders to lift love, to be honest, it is difficult to come out. Therefore, the calligrapher must deeply understand the subtext of the phrase "outside the word".

    Im I will talk about how to go to the edge of the sword ----

    The calligrapher can write a small article or go to the so-called academic reliance. Why do you say that? This year, academics can still be flickering. For example, the professor is very respected-don't care about whether he has a culture or not, it is the incarnation of knowledge. For example, scholars (now I don't know how the scholars are divided), such as "senior" and the like. Therefore, the calligrapher should be good at playing something, it seems to be academic, so that you can make the calligraphy of calligraphy, and it seems unusual.

    don't be afraid! Theory or academics is the most flickering thing. For example, your words are written well, and ordinary people may have a standard "whether it looks good", and academics cannot say. If you do n’t see these years, do you dare to write a brush word in your academic coat? Those so -called big theorists and even do not understand what the calligraphy is still talking about calligraphy on the podium. Don't be afraid, as long as you are shameless, despite the academic, you will never have a quality problem like milk!

    or finding a relationship, and a hats of a visiting professor with a university (secretly tell you, you will printed a business card in the future-a certain university guest professor, no one except the principal knows Are you?) So, you are different ---- Calligraphers guest professors.

    , or or. I find a way to go to a university for further studies and get a visiting scholar (later I know that the visiting scholars originally went to the university to study). Generally speaking What is a visiting scholar is very bluffing.

    NOT, or you will print a "Cambridge International Celebrity Art Center first -class artist", which is useful.

    The don't laugh, if Haier does an advertisement all day and says that you have received so many honors, you will buy it? Intersection Intersection

    It always want to talk to you well, but I have no seriousness when I raise my hand, I'm sorry:

  2. Calligrapher? This goal is still very big. It has its own characteristics to write well, otherwise it is better to copy. There are also professional knowledge. What is not enough is not enough.
    First of all, I practice characters, I don't know how much the foundation you have. Mainly the word "practice". This kind of self -cultivation should not be treated with impetuous mood, and don't rush to achieve success.
    Then professional knowledge, you need to read more books and posts. If you have a lot of enthusiasm, you can choose a major in art colleges.
    I wish you success! come on!

  3. Diligence and hard work, but the foundation is the doorway. Essence Essence It is the most important thing to accept formal education

  4. The calligrapher has voted several times, participated in a few more competitions, won some prizes, and the words are well written, but what celebrities sell words. Why not participate in the competition and write well, can you become a good calligrapher, what celebrity, blasphemy art

  5. First, the font of writing has been formed and can be changed:
    The comrades believe that: writing has taken shape, the age is getting bigger, and it cannot be changed ... This view is wrong.
    News, writing good words is not difficult, nor is it unattainable, but extremely easy to learn.
    It specifically, when writing, you must write the posture and writing method of writing. This is the first condition.
    It now list two examples of ancestors, and now combined with their own experience and talk about this problem.
    The everyone knows that the Chinese book saints Wang Zhi, he first learned from Wei Yi's book, and then he was famous for his first -class famous master Zhong Yan, and then changed his first school.
    The is him. After the past, turning the quaint book into a beautiful and smooth body, has a creative contribution to Kai, Xing, and Cursive script. This is Wang Xizhi's historical achievements in the history of Chinese calligraphy.
    my Yan Zhenqing, he first learned Chu Suiliang, and then he got the Fa from Zhang Xu.
    . He acted in the intention of the script and wrote the dignified and majestic regular script.
    is the new style of the second king.
    The first method of writing from Zhong Shaojing's regular script, and then from Ouyang Xun and Huang Ziyuan's regular script, and chasing Huang Ruizhou's brushwork in the script.
    but no matter how many years you write, you can change it.
    Is comrades proposed: Do you write a pen character and imitate the woolen pen.
    The practice proves that it is possible, the effect is the same.
    This pen and brush characters, regardless of age, whether the writing is formed, as long as the word is the first, determined to realize that it has the importance to the future. of.
    although the start can still be chased late, there are many famous teachers who have become talented since ancient times.
    The Liang Yan of the Song Dynasty was admitted to Jinshi at the age of eighty -two. He chanted: "I also know that the teenager ascended to Koko and competed for the leader. It was fifty -four years old. His name "Burning Book" and "Collection" were completed at the age of 64 and 73.
    The achievement is not the age, the key is aspirations and perseverance.
    . Where should I learn from where should I write:
    In the Ideal posts, and consider whether it is approximately written. The law.
    This is called "the word first", and then the transparent white paper is described first, then copy, and remember the key parts of each word.
    The specific steps are divided into as follows:
    The posture of writing and writing
    (1) Sitting should be positive, shoulder should be flat, the back should be straight, the body and head cannot be crooked, let alone low;
    The eyes are about one foot from the desktop, and the front chest is about three inches along the table.
    (2) The pen should be positive, the nib should be straight, and the nib should not be obliquely.
    This pen is not positive or the pen tip is inclined inward, so it is not good to write, the writing is not good, the writing is not good, it is difficult to handle it, and even if you write a stroke, you have to move your right hand.
    At the same time, the lines written are not bone, and there is no rhythm, and the glyphs cannot be talked about.
    (3) The slope of the pen, write a large character with a pen, the slope of the pen should be slightly larger, write a small word down, and the slope of the pen is slightly smaller.
    The general slope should be tilted at the index finger joint, exceeding this part, and the strokes written are either stubborn or rigid.
    This string slope is not appropriate, the pen speed is limited, and it is impossible to write the glyphs of fluttering and charm, so you should not tilt the "tiger mouth".
    (4) The pen should be relaxed, and the pen is free;
    is too tightly held, and the words written cannot be broad and generous.
    In the lectures in middle schools, in a class with fifty people, forty -five people were incorrect or oblique in the pen tip, and the same is true in the university. Words, hooks do not look like hooks, do not look like 捺, strokes are all flat towed.
    has said before, writing is good or bad, and there is an absolute relationship between posture and writing.
    It, like a woodworking sawwood, if the posture is incorrect, even if the "line" is painted straight, it must be sawn.
    This is the same as writing good words.
    . The steps of learning calligraphy:
    This start with the basic strokes of the regular script, that is, the point, horizontal, vertical, skimming, 捺, raising, hook, and folding eight.
    one word is better than a machine. Basic pen drawing is good, which is equivalent to processing the "parts";
    Thisy is as good as starting "assembly"; It is equivalent to entering the "always installation".
    It is to learn "decomposition" first, and then learn "coherent".
    So regular script is the foundation, and basic strokes are the foundation.
    In the basic strokes of writing, you need to classify it.
    If of the practice of ",", practice,, 丿,,,, 丨, etc., practice separately, and then write "coherent" to combine.
    general rules: practice the basic strokes first;
    ther to practice the order of strokes;
    three training parts;
    four practice glyph structure;
    five training branches layout.
    The "point" of Chinese characters should be aggravated when drawing, such as stone falling to the ground.
    What kind of parts need to be "intended to write first".
    The points on the top of "上" are written according to Zhong Shaojing and Ouyang Xun. It is more powerful to write with a short vertical power.

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