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  1. Of course, there are sales. The market has a large demand for mechanical charcoal. If there is no sales, you can find the Gongyi City Tongli Machinery Manufacturing Factory
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  2. The mechanical charcoal industry is not everyone can do it. Carefully compared the following five friends, at least 80 % of friends. Friends who do not have the conditions do not hover at the door of this industry. There are many industries that make money. Why should you cast money here? Intersection

    . The ideal raw material for charcoal of the raw material production mechanism is hardwood or bamboo sawdust. The use of straw and other crop waste processing mechanisms for charcoal have high technical requirements, and the quality of the finished product will not be too good, and the market space is small. But it is not unmatched, mainly depending on your actual situation. I have a special discussion on the issue of raw materials. Please refer to it. Everyone must compare it carefully. The raw material is the premise of charcoal of the production mechanism. Friends who do not have the conditions should not invest the funds here.

    The two funds (take a carbon factory with a Nissan as an example) 1. Investment in the main equipment (molding machine and dryer) should not be less than 38,000. This number is the bottom limit. If the number given by any manufacturer on the device is lower than this, it means that the device must have a problem. 2. Auxiliary device. Including the welding machine sand wheel machine, 1500 yuan. Some friends may think of getting damaged parts to the repair shop for repair, which can save this comparison overhead. In fact, the repairs of damaged parts are one of the core technologies of charcoal, and the repair frequency is very high. If you rely on a repair plant to do this, the fee paid to others in three months is enough to offset the original original. As a result, as a factory, the core technology is a great hidden danger in the hands of others, and it must be uncomfortable by the taste of human beings. 3. Factory. Whether it is self -built or leasing, it is not much to prepare 10,000 yuan in this item. 4. Although the cost of building kiln. Although the cost of building a soil kiln is low, the cycle is also long. A kiln production cycle with one -ton kiln is at least 8 days. The construction cost is one thousand, and this investment is 8,000 yuan. 5. Dynamic electricity. If there is a transformer with a large capacitor near the factory, this part of the investment will be relatively small, but the cost of simple line equipment is almost 2000 yuan. But if there is no such convenient condition, if you want to get an independent transformer, and distribute it alone, it will definitely be unbearable without 20,000 yuan. Therefore, it is recommended that you also focus on the problem of power electricity when looking for the plant. I am only calculated by the power electricity. 6. Flowing funds. First of all, packaging and fuel. The usual packaging method is carton packaging. The price of a carton that can load twenty pounds of charcoal is generally around 1.5 yuan (provided that the number you order is enough). The packaging of ten tons of charcoal was reasonable at first, and the price was 1,500 yuan. The storage volume of the initial coal should also be maintained at least ten days of production. Based on 400 yuan per ton, the price of 4 tons is 1,600 yuan. Followed by the initial storage of raw materials, the cost of raw materials per ton of charcoal should be around 700 yuan, and the price of raw materials for 5 tons of charcoal is 3500. Secondly, the carbon produced on the day may not be found to be found on the same day. This is a normal situation, especially for those charcoal factories that have just been established. Experienced manufacturers know that it is best not to sell it immediately for charcoal, because the weight will increase after a period of time. Under normal climatic conditions, it can be stored for a month. Essence Of course, it is not required to store it for so long. Considering the factors in sales, let everyone store it for three days. It takes at least 4,000 yuan. 7. Last item, take the money based on money. Different policies are different, but I think the three items of business licenses, tax registration, and environmental protection are necessary. I spent 1,000 yuan. After the above summaries, I only take one integer: a total of 70,000 yuan is required.

    The area of ​​the three venues for the workshop for placing equipment is not less than 100 square meters. The house rack must be higher than three meters, and it is best to reach more than 3.5 meters, because no matter whether it is drying or formed, there will be more or less smoke in the workshop during the entire production process. People will feel uncomfortable after a long time. House -raising houses can improve the working environment of workers. It also has certain benefits for fire prevention. The warehouse is mainly used for finished products. There are not many requirements. There is no hidden fire hazard. For outdoor, there must be enough venues to stack raw materials, as well as venues in front of the kiln and kiln. At least it takes at least 500 square meters. Another important thing is the emission of flue gas. The charcoal factory is best to choose to stay away from the crowd, so that the pressure on environmental protection will be less. It also avoids the impact on the lives of surrounding residents.

    . The technology mainly includes two aspects, one is the technology in forming, and the other is the technology of carbonization. As for the former, if the right device manufacturer is selected, they should be responsible for the church until you until you until you until you until you until you until you until you until you until you until you until you go. Can be operated independently. After that, the problem that the manufacturer should not be able to solve the fact that the manufacturer should also come to guide. This is called after -sales service. The equipment belongs to the production data product. The state clearly stipulates that after the sale of such products, the manufacturer must be warranty for at least one year. I do n’t know where to come to so many scammers, they even twisted the market like this. Those friends who are anxious to go out to learn the rod technology must have been fooled by these scammers. The normal situation should be: Choosing the right device manufacturer, the technology of making sticks does not need to learn in this regard, you do not master the responsibility of the manufacturer. It has nothing to do with equipment manufacturers (except for manufacturers of carbonization furnaces), because people do not sell your kiln, and naturally do not care about burning kiln. Therefore, if you want to burn the charcoal, you must find a good master for yourself and follow it. In fact, the burning kiln is not complicated. As long as you want to learn, you can learn. Generally, the price of the fire kiln at the door is around 4,000 yuan.

    The personal ability of five investors. A qualified charcoal factory owner must have the following two aspects. The first is social, because it is often necessary to deal with the industrial and commercial tax and environmental protection, and the cost of exchanges will definitely be reduced. It is also possible to stiff the relationship between them to close your factory. In addition, good at exchanges is also conducive to the fast opening of market sales, while maintaining good cooperative relationships with customers and maintaining their sales channels. The second is the ability to overcome difficulties. At the beginning of the factory, you must have encountered some issues that you can't think of, raw materials, technology, sales, and cannot be smooth sailing. The key is to persevere. If you see the future of this industry, you must stick to it. It's ok.

  3. The mechanical charcoal sales road is very good. This is the truth, but the quality must be good. You must not sell the price of the common straw mechanism charcoal. The sales of the so -called mechanism of charcoal manufacturers are flickering. The sales radius of the mechanical charcoal has an advantage within 200 kilometers, so you need to understand the status quo of the local mechanism charcoal market before putting into production, including competitors and market prices. To eliminate this industry, in short, no matter what the industry is doing, the quality is the most important. As long as the quality is good, it is no problem. If you can't sell it, you will tell me to sell it for you, haha.

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