What are the applications of GPS in the port industry?

For example, what is the current status of technical application status of technical application in port control measurement, monitoring and scheduling, mechanical control? What are the main manufacturers?

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  1. Port operation monitoring and visual management system

    It Beijing Hezhong Si Zhuang Technology Co., Ltd. took the lead in developing container terminal tire hanging AGSS/PDS systems in 2000. Two -dimensional simulation technology, wireless communication technology, data warehouse and many other technologies provide a set of work monitoring and auxiliary decision -making solutions for container ports. It has been applied to Hong Kong MTL/ATT, the United States Long Beach, Oman, Dubai, Sri Lanka SLPA port, Shanghai The first phase of Waigaoqiao and the third phase of Shanghai Yangshan Shenshui Port. The application of the system in the port industry can effectively improve the efficiency of container dock operations, ensure operational safety, reduce production costs, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive competitiveness of ports.
    The port GPS system solution, as an important strategic direction of the company's business, gather all aspects of forces, and seek high -level partners to work together to create a dock operating system that is suitable for modern port pier and industry.

    The main functions of the system:
    ) Real -time monitoring of operation:
    ● Two -three -dimensional dock cutting at the forefront of the frontier dynamic display
    ● Dynamic monitoring of two -dimensional multi -angle dynamic monitoring of the stacking yard
    ● QC, RTG, Card, Heaping Machinery, front hanging and other dock mechanical equipment locations and operating processes are monitored in real time
    ● operation machinery safety protection, RTG anti -running offset, anti -"barantion", prevention of prevention, prevention of prevention Cumping warning and control
    ● Mechanical and equipment status monitoring and fault alarm
    ) Auxiliary decision management:
    ● History operation data automatic record, query, playback
    ● Analysis of the rational analysis of operation scheduling And prompt
    ● Operation efficiency statistics, bottleneck analysis
    ● Data mining, providing scientific decision -making support
    ● Operation scheduling plan visual simulation and optimization

    The main composition of the system:
    ) PDS container box position detection system
    The system can automatically realize the detection of container position and location data. After using the system, the driver can know the position of the currently shed in the block map of Block, Stack, and Lane, and quickly confirm it. At the same time, the system transmits the tires to the control center in real time through the wireless data system.
    ) The automatic correction system of AGSS tire hanging
    The system implements the function of automatic walking along the benchmark line on the benchmark line, thereby reducing the driver's labor intensity and avoiding accidents. At the same time, the system will automatically detect whether the tire hanging trajectory exceeds the alert scope and quickly gives the sound and light prompts, so as to maximize the occurrence of accidents.
    3) TPS set card scheduling system
    Mooth cards that run under the bridge crane and the yard due to the obstruction of the container, bridge hanging, and tire cranes. Functions can be used at the same time to use a combination of gyroscope, active RFID and other combinations to achieve high -reliability positioning monitoring. Through the intelligent scheduling of the dynamics of the card collection card, it greatly reduces the running rate of the stacking box and the running distance of the empty vehicle, improves the transportation efficiency and waiting time of the set card, and reduces energy consumption.
    4) Two and three -dimensional operation monitoring and auxiliary decision -making management software
    The GIS engine with independent property rights after many years of research and development, while supporting the two -dimensional and three -dimensional display of the pier stacking and operation equipment, etc. Operation, support scene roaming, users can change the observation angle at 360 × 360 degrees at arbitrarily. Has the following functions:
    ● The dynamic display of the dock berth
    ● Bridge hanging dynamic display
    ● Visual management and monitoring of the field operation equipment
    ● Container operation process monitoring
    ● Operations operation Data archives, query, playback, statistics, analysis
    ● Operation efficiency statistics and optimization
    ● Prior to deduction and scheduling plan

    Beijing Hezhong Sizhuang Technology Co., Ltd. Enterprises, technologies cover GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and multi -system portfolio navigation positioning. They use GIS collection, high -precision measurement, system engineering, automobile navigation, automotive information technology, and aviation electronics cluster to serve more than 40 national economic basic fields , Sales has ranked first in the industry for more than ten consecutive years, leading the Chinese satellite navigation positioning industry, and is committed to becoming a "world -leading enterprise in the field of satellite navigation positioning."

    During the development process, the company continued to absorb the advanced technologies of world -renowned companies such as Garmin, Javad, Navcom, Thales, and other well -known companies, and successively launched various satellite navigation positioning products to create many domestic first in China. Relying on the world's leading technologies and product resources, all the minds are involved in the application areas related to satellite navigation positioning, forming a large -span and comprehensive product pattern. The six major business clusters are in a leading position in the market segment. Among them, in terms of GIS collection, the "Treasure Bao" series of products has maintained an absolute leading advantage for 10 consecutive years, with a market share of 70%; in terms of high -precision measurement, domestic self -owned brands are "easy to test". The advantages of high cost performance won the 2004 National Innovation Product Award.

    The comprehensive industry application schemes such as port positioning information management, bridge health status monitoring, landslide monitoring, power equipment inspection management, etc. with strong technical strength and rich engineering experience. In the bidding of large -scale engineering projects, the bidding bidding helps Heavy Industry Group, AVIC, Aerospace Science and Telecom, Telecom Group and other enterprises to obtain higher efficiency and capabilities, showing the good brand reputation and corporate image. The continuous emergence of hundreds of innovative products, the successful implementation of more than a hundred large -scale engineering projects has established the leading position of all satellite navigation positioning in the field of domestic satellite navigation.

  2. There is an article on Shanghai International Maritime Information and Literature Network, "The Application of Comprehensive Visual GPS Control System in Large Container Port", which is introduced in this regard.

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