How do I want to join Meituan takeaway in the restaurant?

I want to join the restaurant to join Meituan takeaway, how do you want to add more good intentions?

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  1. 1. First of all, we open the Meituan APP and then click on the lower right corner.
    2. Then we will enter the personal information list, and then we slide down.
    3. After being drawn below, we click I want to cooperate.
    4. After entering, we have two options. You can make takeaway foods and can make shop food alone.
    5. After clicking in, download
    6 according to the prompts. Click on the shop Bao APP and upload the business license and ID card.

  2. Hello! If you are an offline merchant, I hope to open a store on the Meituan takeaway platform, just get the following steps to get it ~
    [1] Preparation of the preliminary preparation n before opening the store, please prepare the following equipment and required information r
    Apple or Android system mobile phone
    The shop is normal operation
    The shop door face photo (including the door signs)
    The large -scale environmental photo
    Food business license/ catering service license/ food circulation license/ pharmaceutical business license (limited pharmaceutical shop) or other
    business license legal representatives/ operators hold ID card
    bank card information (recommended use of industrial and commercial Bank/ Agricultural Bank/ Construction Bank/ Bank of China)
    The data is ready, and then register to open a store!
    [Two] Register to open the store (with mobile phone registration as an operating demonstration)
    1. In the major mobile phone app application market, search and download the US -Tuan takeaway merchant version of the app to download and install.
    2. Open the Meituan takeaway merchant version of APP, click on the upper right corner#Open the store for basic registration, fill in your mobile phone number and set the login account information, automatically jump to Meituan takeaway after the basic registration is completed, After reading the detailed page prompt, click the bottom#I ready#; if you have already created the basic registration, you can log in and log in after logging in to the bottom#new shop#.
    3. Before uploading information, fill in the store name and real business category. Meituan takeaway covers a variety of categories. After confirming, click#to open the store#.
    4. According to the page prompts, upload photos required by the Meituan takeaway store.
    ① Store information — 质 Qualification Information —— ③ Collection Information — Real -name Certification
    ① The pictures required must be taken as required to avoid review and rejection due to picture issues.
    ② Prefer the original photos. If it is a copy, the official seal must be stamped; the text information on all documents must be clearly visible, and the ID photo needs to take the face and arm of the licensee.
    ③ Both takeaway cooperatives with Meituan need to complete real -name certification, and enjoy the benefits of priority review, priority service, and store opening after certification.
    5. After completing the information submission and real-name authentication, Meituan staff will be reviewed within 1-3 working days. As a result, it will be sent to the contact mobile phone in the form of a SMS. Pay attention to the check. When your store passes the review, you will receive a signing text message. You can log in to open the store to complete the online signing according to the SMS prompt!
    [3] Meituan takeaway reminder
    1. The documents provided must be true and effective, special circumstances can provide franchise documents, refer to local standard permits;
    2. Prepare the corresponding food business license in advance Certificate/catering service license/food circulation license/drug business license (pharmacy merchant);
    3. After the review is approved, you can contact your customer manager and pay attention to check the text message.
    last! You are welcome to join Meituan takeaway, and start your online way of making money! thanks.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. First, find the "Meituan Takeaway APP" on your mobile phone and click on. 2. Then, click the "My" option in Meituan takeaway, click to open. 3. Then, click the "Merchant Entering" option in "My", click on. 4, then click "Open the store immediately" in the window, click to open. 5, then enter the following information on your mobile phone. 6, and then continue to enter information on your mobile phone. 7, finally, click the next step to wait for the review, the problem is solved.nOpen Meituan on the mobile phone, click me, click [Cooperation/Recruitment] in the recommendation tool.nAt the restaurant in the cooperation/recruitment page, the Meituan Service Office click [Set in Meituan Takeaway].nClick [Apply and fill in information] at the bottom of the Meituan takeaway merchant to enter the relevant application information.n6 morenBleak

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer your questions. Please wait for me for a few minutes. I am finishing the answer for you ~ nAsk questionsnAnswer, please wait for me for a while. There are a lot of steps. You need to wait patiently here. Please forgive me. I will answer you as soon as possible. [比]] [Biche]nQuestion [OK]nAnswer a total of 11 steps here. I will explain it in the form of text ➕ pictures to facilitate the operation. [Happy] [Happy] The specific operation steps are as follows:n1. First, find and log in to the Meituan on your mobile phone, click "My" on the right side of the bottom, and find "I want to cooperate" and click to enter. As shown below:n3. Settling in three steps, the first step is to register an evaluation steward. Enter the mobile phone number in the pop -up interface, and then click to get the verification code, fill in the verification number in the received text message, then enter the login password, click immediately to register immediately Essence As shown below:n4. Next, follow the prompts, download and install the steward and install it. Open it after installation, click to settle immediately. As shown below:n7. Next, choose a store, you can enter the name of your store in the search box for search, or you can slide up the interface to find your own store name. After finding, click "Selection" on the right. As shown below:nHere we will also summarize for you: 1. Open Meituan and switch to my interface; 2. Find a recommendation tool and click Recruitment and cooperation; 3. Find the business settlement and choose to enter the type; Merchants, choose to click on self -service cooperation; 5. Download the shop and open it after the installation is completed; 6. Click to register and select the registration business; 7. Click the next step to fill in the relevant information.nMore 19 morenBleak

  5. Hello, if you want to join Meituan Takeaway, you can pass the following steps:
    . Preparation:
    Pevant before joining Meituan takeaway, you need to check whether you have the following devices and information:
    Is smartphones/ Computer
    The store in business
    The shop door face map
    dining environment map
    business license/franchise document
    food business license/catering service license/food circulation permit permit /Drug Operation License (Limited Pharmaceutical Store) or other
    The representative of business license legal representatives/operators holding ID card
    bank cards (preferably: ICBC, Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank, Bank of China) r) r) r) r) r)
    After all of these are ready, let's start applying for opening a store ~~
    . Operation steps:
    1, first, open the browser on the computer to search for "Meituan takeaway store", click "Meituan" Takeaway -Store Application -Join Meituan Takeaway -Merchants Settled ". /Or download the "Meituan Takeaway Merchants Duan" to settle in
    2, click "I want to join"
    3 in the page, new users need to complete the account registration according to the page prompts, users who have registered accounts can log in directly to log in
    4, complete registration! After logging in, enter the information page you need to prepare. After reading the information you need to prepare, pull the page to the bottom and click "Preparation" to start filling in the next information; The horn "new shop" can continue to be built for new applications)
    5. Fill in the required information according to the prompts. It only takes four steps to simply settle in:
    Store information -Qualification information -bank information -real -name certification -real -name certification -real -name authentication -real -name authentication
    (1) Store information: The door face map and the inner environment of the store should be taken during business, and they need to be taken according to the requirements of the picture; preventing the subsequent rejection will be re -modified.
    (2) Qualification information: Meituan takeaway requirements have dual certificates (business licenses and catering service licenses), business license legal person/operators holding ID cards; business licenses and licenses pay attention to take the borders to take the borders In full, the text information on the document should be clearly recognized by the naked eye, and the original request is provided first. If it is a copy, there must be an official seal; if you hold the ID card, you should not only take the ID card, expose the face, arms, and and and. Ensure that the text on the ID card needs to be seen clearly; avoiding the application will be returned to modify and wastes time.
    (3) Bank information: In order to facilitate the smooth payment after cooperation, it is best to choose four major banks (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank, Bank of China) bank card number; After cooperating with your cooperation;
    (4) Real -name authentication: The last step is the real -name authentication operation of the contractor (Meituan has fully implemented electronic contracts. Electronic contract signing provides the foundation), and strongly recommends completing real -name authentication before settlement! If the certification session really encounters difficulties, you can submit the subsequent reciprocal recording, but it will affect your time limit ~
    6, after filling in all the information, click to submit, you will see that the following prompts have applied for your application. Successful, wait for the audit of Meituan; you can go online after approval. Are you looking forward to it ~
    . The things you need to pay attention to:
    You can recognize it; otherwise, it will be rejected by the auditors of the Meituan and experienced themselves. The time to handle the processing after rejection is particularly particularly long; Standard permits), you need to prepare the corresponding food business license/catering service license/food circulation license/drug business license (pharmacy merchant);
    Welcome to join the Meituan takeaway and start your money to make money the road!

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