How can we quickly and effectively promote the WeChat public account?

How can we quickly and effectively promote the WeChat public account? Pay attention to fast and effective, and develop reliable users. Don't answer the way of brushing zombie powder!

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  1. The method of rapid and effective promotion of the WeChat public account is as follows:
    This promotion through open social APPs, such as: Weibo, blog, Zhihu and Post Bar. They are targeted.
    It QQ and WeChat circle of friends, this effect is much better than the first way, but it is also effective.
    I answers the question and answer in Goku and Zhihu in today's headlines, and finally add business cards of his public account.
    In reputation, this transmission speed should be the fastest and the effect is very good.
    This public account (new media) is an industry that seems far away and is actually very close to everyone. It is also the industry with the fastest development and the widest prospects in recent years.
    The so -called new media refers to the overall environment of traditional media (television, newspapers, magazines), including all digital media and other emerging forms of media.

  2. In fact, analyzing it carefully, nothing more than these methods: pull people around you, Weibo drives WeChat, large recommendations, media recommendations, software push (such as registering a large number of personal robot accounts frequently, frequently drift bottle), Bittering online promotion methods (Douban, Post Bar, Renren and other SNS communities posting), WeChat navigation website and other websites recommendation ...
    Calmous, I have the energy to go to Douban, post bar, everyone and other SNS communities to post, and the people around you are paying attention every day;
    either there are resources, the recommendations of large, and media;
    Various software and plug -ins, provided that you have strong psychological tolerance, and you are not worried about being blocked by WeChat that day!
    It WeChat's future marketing is delivery, unlike the wide cloth type of Weibo, so WeChat needs real fans more and produce real feedback. Therefore, after registering the WeChat public account, we carried out the initial positioning of the WeChat audience, and then made the subsequent content output for the targeted accurate people.

  3. 1. Use QQ group to promote WeChat public account
    register a few QQ numbers in multiple more. I have a dozen QQs myself. Each QQ adds dozens of groups. Introduction, at the same time, send some free resources according to your own industry, so as not to cause the resentment of the people in the group. Next, the average of 10 QQs, each QQ added 50 groups, 50 people in each group = 25,000 people.
    If there are more QQ and the group is more, the large group is added, and the number of people in each group is better. Even if you exclude QQ users who are not online, the effect cannot be underestimated. In addition, you can send emails in the QQ group. For example, you can recommend the exciting content on your WeChat public account in the email.
    2, use personal WeChat as WeChat public account promotion
    operating the WeChat public account. First of all, the little friends need to ignore the role of personal WeChat signal. Personal WeChat can add 5000 friends. Individuals are in the circle of friends in the circle of friends. The constant updates may be seen by these thousands of friends, which will generate interaction and attention. For example, personal WeChat has functions such as nearby people, shaking, card vouchers, adding mobile QQ friends, and mobile phone contacts. In the end, the user was attracted to his own public account.
    3, use your personal business card to promote the WeChat account
    While your career determines whether you need a business card. Since you are determined to make a public account, then you can choose to make a good business card Come to promote, the business card must be designed with novel personality, especially the size and location of the QR code of your own public account. Be sure to design
    and then how to post business cards. Where are your potential customers, where you go, you will go where you are, and introduce your own WeChat public account when you hand in business cards, and the other party can scan and pay attention by the way.
    4, picture watermark promotion method
    produced and shared exquisite pictures, including good desktop wallpapers, posters, graphic design drawings, especially good GIF dynamic pictures and emoji pictures, share more, share more, share more, share more, share more, share more, share more. It is also conducive to Baidu search engine. Everyone knows that the pictures and emoticons of the runaway comics will be known.
    5, mobile phone Momo message board, nearby people promoted
    The people playing WeChat, many people playing Momo. Although Momo is called a certain artifact, we can actually use it to generate better value. People near Momo, we can pay attention and say hello. Like Momo's message board, we can publish messages or commented to them, and the effects are very good. Of course, our Momo information also guides users to pay attention to our public account.
    6. Use videos to promote WeChat public account
    everyone can shoot some videos to upload to Youku, iQiyi, Tencent Video and other video platforms, insert it in the video and prompt the viewer to scan the QR code to add to add Pay attention to our public account, the content is as good as possible, and the topic is very technical.

  4. If you want to be fast, you have to have silver. Find a few large platforms to cooperate, let them help forward, and then make some interactive games. Friends ask friends to participate in the game interaction like Wufu. Red envelopes can only participate in the public platform. In this way, the effect of raising seeds and making a few more activity fission will become greater and greater. It will be difficult and slow without spending silver.

  5. 1. Participate in local merchant activities
    . Do offline activities for your fans (small gifts or offline shopping preferential policies)
    . If you have your own products As mentioned upstairs, active fans
    . Following some high -quality articles for their own service objects
    . Give Xiao En Xiaohui, this is necessary
    . We are operating a number [Wuling Wuling Mountain Goods Mall] It is also difficult to promote, but persistence is victory.
    Is you can succeed and communicate more!

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