3 thoughts on “Is the advertising effect of doing the WeChat circle of friends in the education industry?”

  1. For the crowd, there are still very good results. Now basically advertising is burned. In addition to the gray industry, free advertisements can be played. Normally, the guilds are basically competitive. Burning money is basically no effect.

  2. The effect is okay. As a platform that focuses on the media industry and advertising, I will analyze the reasons for you:
    The user group of WeChat, almost covers most of China's crowds, and such people Most of them are young and middle -aged groups. In the current situation, the young and middle -aged groups are either parents or students;
    The education industry can currently be launched in WeChat advertising. You can set accurately to users accurately in accordance with the region, age section, gender, equipment, etc.;
    The WeChat is still one of the main domestic social software, and the number of users is currently the most. According to the lives and life and of domestic people Social habits, WeChat friends circle advertisements are one of the more suitable channels;
    The as far as possible (click unit price, conversion cost, etc.), compared to other channels at a moderate level;
    At the same time, you can also increase user attention to the public account, or let previous students pay attention to, and later graphic publicity messages can get more fan interaction.
    In fact, not only the circle of friends in WeChat, it is also possible to make more self -media advertisements in terms of increasing the brand and other data propaganda surfaces, as well as the aspect of enrollment advertising. Try to put more points more may it work better?

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