Parents from Shanghai students in Shanghai will compete for their resumes when they are campaign in WeChat group campaign committees

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  1. I saw these pictures in the QQ group early in the morning, and moved to their son's class group as soon as possible, and everyone immediately started discussing.

    First of all, everyone immediately dug out Puwai to take a look.

    The primary school in Puwai, Puwai's full name is Pudong Branch of Middle School affiliated to Shanghai Foreign Studies University. This school belongs to a very special existence in Shanghai. Foreign languages ​​are characterized by foreign languages. There are junior and high schools. The students in high schools are all from their heads of junior high school. They do not accept middle school candidates.

    The foreign language textbooks for their schools are more difficult than Shanghai. The Shanghai college entrance examination English is already equivalent to the level 4 or 6 of university English, and it is more difficult to school. Half of the children in this school will go abroad in the future, and the other half is for heating to school. There are some places for foreign language majors to be delivered to the top or other outstanding universities in the senior high school.

    So the students of this school must not be low in income level, or they can educate their children.

    In Nanjing, this school is equivalent to existing in Nanwai and Tree people.

    It this society, after all, there are still many ordinary people. Such a school does not wait for the universal state of all school parents.

    The response is very interesting.

    The ones are spitting, there are thumbs, and after seeing it, parents are even more cold, and they are generally scared! Just call, you are sure that this is the campaign committee, not the chairman of the campaign!

    The parents have said that after seeing the resumes of the hometown of the campaign of the family committee, they can only choose to exit silently. In addition, I was going to apply for a PhD in his dad directly, and even some netizens said that they did not dare to give birth to a child after reading it.

    The parents of elementary school students and "parents who can only exit silently". In fact, we have no qualifications for "exit". Because our children are not qualified to enter such schools, they have not worked hard in the kindergarten stage.

    It has no chance to fight resume, but it does not mean that our children have no chance.

    For example, a netizen said that

    The elementary school was admitted to the primary school through his own resume selection test, and then unlike most people, he was up to the world. Once again passed his resume selection test, he was admitted to Huayu Middle School, and then unlike most people, he participated in independent admissions to the Second High School of the University of China.

    This experience is somewhat similar to our husband and wife themselves. Our parents' typical rural people, the attitude towards the tutoring information was that you can learn the teacher's teaching. What kind of extra -curricular books do you buy? Not to mention the resumes, they do n’t even know what resumes are.

    But we can still come out step by step through the junior junior junior junior junior junior, middle school entrance examination, and college entrance examination. Although they can't reach their resume, they are always higher than their parents.

    is more important. This is a society looking at resumes, but at the same time, it also gives many parents who do not have resumes in their parents, leaving a lot of opportunities.

    We why did we have no good resumes that year, no extra -curricular tutoring, and no tutoring classes, but can I win in that group of people?

    one of the motivation that can drive people's progress is fear. Every weekend, it is bound to be assigned to a labor tool and work! Every time there are additional expenses, my father will inevitably take me to find additional income. I still remember that in order to match glasses, I still remember that in the market to sell agricultural products, I still remember that in September of the lunar calendar, the deep dew in the cotton bush, walking across the line, it is bound to get rid of clothes.

    The child has no such fear today.

    The ons to fight for resumes, as long as we are based on our own, push the child forward a big step forward. Perhaps there is still no chance to fight with them in the future, but we are finally improving.

    Speaking of this, thinking of "The Heroes of the Eagle", Guo Jing is not the popular counterattack of the general public!

    To Guo Jing's mother's standard housewives have no culture, no status, and suffering from family changes, but she does not succumb to fate, and she is not self -evident. , Independence, dissatisfaction, recognition of death, telling faith, responsibility, and national righteousness.

    To Guo Jing, he is a single child, in his life, Tiemu Zhen, Zhebei, Jiangnan Seven Monsters, Ma Yu all played the role of a temporary father, and these people have a common characteristic --down to earth.

    Is we can't give the child a beautiful resume, so we strive to do my parents!

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