5 thoughts on “How to realize the WeChat group QQ group?”

  1. You can get some rebate products to recommend to download a Taobao alliance. There are many coupons in it, as well as rebate activities. We can use that thing to recommend it to others. Number of commission.

  2. WeChat group is a must -have tool for WeChat marketing. If you use it, it is a weapon that helps you to control the source and implement the rapid growth of marketing volume. If you do n’t use it, it is a pool of dead water. If you want to activate the deadly WeChat group, to make dozens of hundreds of friends, you can continue to bring you benefits and increase the conversion rate, you must have a regular and purposeful "raising group". "Nourishing the group" is the "nutrition" of our group, team, organization, culture, value proposition, and group purpose. In the end, all the forces that can be united, maximize resource integration, and carry out various marketing activities. Therefore, how to build a WeChat group is not important, what is important is how to raise WeChat groups. Raising a group is equivalent to planting cash cowings, which is equivalent to having a resource pool that can be realized at any time.

  3. You can share some shopping links in the WeChat group, and then guide people in WeChat groups to buy, so that you can get money, friends get benefits. For some voting, you can pick up some voting tasks, and then put it in the group with time to vote and make some money.

  4. For groups, as the name suggests, you exchange you with others. For example, Zhang San has 10 groups, Li Si has 10 groups, and two people have 20 groups after the exchange. Looking for another 20 groups, there are 40 groups in that three. Theoretically, the number of groups in your hand will increase the number of groups in your hand.

  5. You can pick up some tasks, just buy it in the group and then buy it directly. Selling products, you can sell some of your own local products, but the quality is good, then put it in the group, and you have to introduce it yourself.

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