5 thoughts on “Which blind date websites in Beijing are more reliable?”

  1. In fact, you can go to Zhenai.com, because the well -known TV show "If You Are the One" is invited from his website. If you go there to sign up, you still have the opportunity to get on the right.

  2. If you are on the Internet, the woman of the blind date invites you to meet, the location of the meeting is selected under the Beijing Metro East Bridge, and met near Sanlitun (worker). 99%are scammers. Case: I was in SOHO Shangdu yesterday night A bar, a girl who claims to be Tian Haoyan to take me to the bar for consumption on the grounds of making friends. All kinds of high consumption is actually the bar of the bar! There are similar invitations to pay attention. They take the brushes that the best way to prevent them from being deceived is to bring money without money, or take dozens of dollars!

  3. You can try again. Strangers make friends. After filling in the information, you will be randomly matched to people. After 20 sentences, you can unlock each other's avatar dynamics. It is not embarrassing to talk about it. You can decide whether to talk further. You can also look at dynamic or something, more authentic and reliable

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