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  1. In the later period of learning film and television, Wang's education is better.

    Is when choosing an educational institution, first of all, it depends on whether his main training business is a major you want to learn. You want a training institution with a main accounting to teach you the nonsense in the later period of film and television. Secondly, it depends on the teaching cases and student works of this training institution over the years. The style is abundant, the strength is not professional enough, and the learning guarantee model is comprehensive enough. Some small institutions in order to pull students, relying on flickering and false propaganda, it is easy to let beginners be deceived. Be sure to remember: Don't look at text promotion! Intersection The focus is on the accumulation of teaching cases, classroom videos, student works, and teaching aid services that have been accumulated during many years of training.

    The first -tier and second -tier cities training institutions are very miscellaneous, but because of their responsible attitude, they still need to choose more professional, senior, and more suitable for their own film and television post training institutions. Wang's Education is a 19 -year -old industry well -known film and television post -education brand. So far, it has a direct -operated campus in 13 first -tier and second -tier cities across the country. I want to know how strong the physical training of Wang's education is, and you will know when you go to the campus at the site. If you ca n’t take time for the time being, you can also learn more about the official website and online teachers. 】

    The advantages of Wang's education compared to similar training institutions: both founders and management are experts from film and television post -to -stage professional experts to understand the entire industry, demand, employment, seamless deep into the market, so as to achieve so as Investment education institutions cannot be meticulous. The development of Wang's education courses has always been the object of the industry's struggle to imitate. Each major is participated in the research and development and employment of the project director of the first -tier company, and the students seamlessly transport the corresponding enterprise. Students are all over the major film and television companies across the country.

    The teaching auxiliary R

  2. I watched it about
    The Iself I was doing the post -production of the film. In the eighth year of this year, I started a film and television production company and a training company to engage in the film for about three years.
    I can give you some help. I won't talk nonsense because I am doing training. Let the pit
    1 If you are interesting, it is recommended to study yourself. The most direct thing is to look at the ability of the teacher's lecture and the level of teachers of the training institution. If a training institution has a week of trial opportunities, dare not let you try it. Dialogue can better understand the professional content training institutions you want to learn, all of which have their own admissions departments, that is, what we call sales and sales, it is best not to believe because they just collect the money. Will say that if many people are not in charge, if you can communicate directly with your class teacher, this is the best. The best teacher has a certain degree of well -known institutions. What level of teachers are
    3 If you graduate 6,000, don't believe it. I have done it for so many years of rare rare corner. I think it ’s irresponsible. People in the industry understand that the industry is about to wait for my starting salary. Basically, 4000 to 4500 This is a more reasonable configuration for a newcomer in the workplace
    4 You must understand in detail. What is going on because many training institutions taught all the software through this, which causes you to do anything. For example, when we learn the training of the film later, tell you for a month of editing. Because editing at work is the dry editing model is that each major of the dry model takes several years. How can you use a few months? We are all convinced that we are a superman, but we really have an ordinary person's law of 10,000 hours. You have to master a professional skill and you need to train 10,000 hours. How much time is calculated
    5 It is recommended to go to the Internet to find some trial courses or QQ group stickers before choosing a training institution to find out a good preparation after all. There are a lot of expenses, I still have a lot of words, I haven't written the time relationship, what's right? Just ask me to send me a private message. I will do my own ability to help you help you

  3. Beijing's training institutions, but I still know more about Tianjin. There are also several training institutions in Tianjin Film and Television, and there are pioneers for a long time in the local area. In the past two years, several listed companies have settled in Tianjin. I think that learning knowledge focuses on falling into practice. It should be said that it is still the old local brand. You can choose a few better schools to check the audition on the spot according to your requirements. Choose a better teacher who suits you. Don't trust online promotion.
    Themids need to be learned more in the later stage, which generally includes: 1. Any design software in PS must learn PS. For the post -film software, PS is mainly used for some images to pick and cut
    2, PR In the late stage of learning film and television, you must edit it yourself. Synthetic fragments. PR is the most practical editing software. Many online steps on the Internet. The connection editing videos are packed in columns by
    3, AE in the column, and the special effects synthesis of film and television post -stage special effects synthesis They are all practical. You need to learn the use of three -dimensional software such as Maya. AE itself also needs to learn a lot of plug -in, such as Red Bull, etc., and the regulatory techniques of particle plug -in. In the later software of industrial -level, many large -scale industrial -level film and television special effects are completed with NUKE. His working mode is node type. Manageing large projects is more efficient and supports higher video resolution
    5. Master at least one The use of three -dimensional software, such as Maya, is very suitable for animation, 3DMAX, is great to make models, C4D, characteristics in column packaging and 3D animation synthesis

  4. In the late stage of film and television, it mainly uses pictures and video design software.
    The following is the Chinese Academy of Software: Design professional courses, you can refer to it!
    1 Learning PS, AI and other pictures
    2 Learning PR editing, AE dynamic design, C4D model design and other video software
    3 Interactive software
    4 Learning Original skills such as art, hand -drawn
    5 Learn different types of web design, including e -commerce web pages, user experience design
    not only can be engaged in the late film and television period, but also Internet designers, such as graphic design, web design, UI Design.
    I I wish you a success!

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