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    The promotion of chess and card games is usually a combination of online and offline. Online channels should be able to use a variety of publicity methods at the same time to achieve better brand promotion results. This article briefly introduces traditional chess and card game promotion channels.

    The concept of promoting chess and card games online is very simple, that is, publish advertisements or soft texts on various online platforms to see as many target users see it. For most low -cost game operators, especially local chess and card game investors, promoting through network channels is a good choice. The cost is low, but the effect is not necessarily very significant.

  2. 1. Self -media platform: Baijia, Big Fish, Sohu, etc.
    . The forum platform: Post Bar, Comprehensive Forum, Local Forum, etc. 3. Questions and Answers Platform: Baidu Know, 360 Questions and Answers, etc.

  3. The basic "drainage" method is to advertise through online platform groups such as WeChat group, Weibo, Tieba forum, and self -media account. It is gathered by online chess and card players such as chess and card rooms, lottery stations, Internet cafes, and foot therapy centers.

  4. In recent years, a large number of chess and card APPs have appeared in the Internet and mobile application markets. Related promotion information has appeared in various types of network platforms such as WeChat circle of friends, QQ groups, and Tieba forums.
    The reporter found in the interview that the seemingly ordinary chess and card game, but behind the hidden mystery, a large number of chess and card player groups and APP promotion group support a gray industry chain.
    This APP fission promotion
    If in the development mode of chess and card, agency promotion is the key.
    Under the recommendation and introduction of friends, Guo Xiong became a chess and card app agent. He regards agents as "a business with a weekly income of 50,000 to 100,000 yuan."
    The market customer service of this chess and card app said: "The agent adopts zero investment and zero technology unlimited generation model. The more agents, the more members, the more the difference, and the commission to multiply Persevere, earn a million monthly. "
    . Another customer service staff described the agent's income prospect to reporters:" Persist in one month, develop 150 people, and earn 5,000 to 10,000 yuan; Develop 400 people, with a weekly income of 50,000 yuan. "
    To Guo Xiong was attracted by zero threshold and high income, and firmly believed that this chess and card app is a reliable platform.
    It is understood that this chess and card app was launched on March 3, 2018, and it was only running for 6 months.
    "All live players, strong systems and rich games, including games such as landlords, Niu Niu, Zhajinhua, Baccarat, etc., will also launch Mahjong and lottery tickets." Guo Xiong told reporters.

  5. I have found many channels and have tried many channels, but still can't touch true love powder? Not only will PC's chess and card games encounter such an embarrassing situation, the same is true of mobile games.

    The money but nowhere to be grouped, trial and error little by little, time -consuming and labor -intensive, and being dragged to death. And in the end, the channel always says: You are not easy to push the game on the PC side, or you, your mobile game is too creative, players do not like it.

    But why not say between the launch? This is the uniform routine of the channels!

    is right, this is most of the chess and card entrepreneurs. The chess and card agent is the most authentic portrayal when promoting channel promotion. The pain of entrepreneurship.

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