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004 Portuguese Super League 22:00 Maritimo v Porto
Maridimo are currently in poor form in the Portuguese Super League with 13 points, and their recent form has been somewhat up and down. According to the Football analysis App, although they have won two home games in a row, they have only won by a single goal, especially since they have been weak up front this season. Currently, the average goal per game has not broken a goal, although this time occupied the home advantage but the advantage is not big.

This season, Porto in excellent condition in the Portuguese Super League, the team collected 39 points to get the third position in the table, if this game can win three points away from Braga to get the second position in the Portuguese Super League, the team will not doubt, at the same time, the recent state of the team is also very good, so far in the last 9 rounds of matches have made 8 wins and 1 draw unbeaten record. Away games are also more than zero - seal the opponent's performance.

Both teams are competing in the Portuguese Super League this season, but the state of the two teams in the league is different, relatively speaking Porto's state is better, and Porto away from the same can not be underestimated, this round I think Porto is still worthy of trust.

Recommended score: 0-2, 0-3

006 Manchester United v Nottingham, FA Cup 22:00
United have been in the doldrums this season under Tenhaag. Although they had failed to pick up points away from home in the Premier League in talks with leaders Arsenal, they were back on track with quick wins at Nottingham and Reading. They are three points clear of Tottenham with a game in hand and in charge of the Champions League. After the off-season return, United's state is also very solid, the departure of Ronaldo, activated Rashford. At the same time, Casemiro's arrival, also for United's defensive stability played a great role.

Nottingham have done well as promoted clubs, sitting 13th in the league and only four points clear of the relegation zone, although the pressure is not too great. Nottingham's league form has improved recently, but they still have problems in attack, with 16 goals only better than Everton in the relegation zone and second from bottom. At the same time, Nottingham is also a more serious wave of injuries, which makes the depth of the squad is not deep Nottingham, strength has been greatly weakened.

Summary: This is a historic clash between the two sides, with Manchester United dominating the first leg of the UEFA Cup. Manchester United also scored three goals against Nottingham. United currently hold a three-goal advantage, but with a number of key players missing due to injury and facing a third or even a fourth line, it is likely that the main team will be rotated. Nottingham, who have worked hard to get to the semi-finals, will not give up too easily. So this game Ajay thinks United will not play too hard.

Recommended score: 2-1, 3-0

008 Betis v Barcelona in La Liga 22:00
Betis beat Getafe 1-0 away from home in the last league game. Since then, Betis have won 2, drawn 1 and lost 1 since the restart of the season, the overall performance is relatively good. The team's offensive output still needs to be strengthened, and its defensive performance is still stable. So far this season, it has only lost 1 home game, but the record of nearly 3 home games, 2 draws and 1 losses is obviously not satisfactory.

Barca are top of the league with 47 points after winning eight, drawing one and going unbeaten in nine games following a 1-0 away win at Girona. The team's recent offensive output has not been strong, but fortunately stable, defensive end is still solid, league so far on the road record of 8-1, the guest performance is very strong.

To sum up: Both teams have a certain strength in the Spanish League, this season Barcelona and Betis in the semifinals of the Western Super Cup has had a duel, the two sides through the penalty shootout to compete, the final Barcelona in the penalty shootout with the score of 4-2 to the last, the last ten encounters, Betis two wins, a draw and seven losses, is still in the underdog, I believe that as long as Barcelona play normally, I'm gonna take them down.

Match recommendation: Draw score recommendation: 1-1 1-2

010 Montpellier v Paris Saint-Main 22:00 Ligue 1
Montpellier in recent seasons has been in the middle and lower level of the league, this season is still so no improvement, at present in the league achieved 6 wins, 2 draws 12 losses ranking the league 14th, there is still a certain gap from the relegation zone, there is no relegation pressure for the time being, the last game in the away battle, Eucel won 2-0 successfully, the end of the previous four rounds of defeat, Found a certain momentum, the team has a big problem at the defensive end, every game seriously lost the ball, the offense is also lack of a certain momentum. At home, the team has won three, drawn one and lost six, the main game ability is relatively ordinary, this game is at home to challenge the French league's strong team Paris Saint-Main, want to grab points is also difficult.

Paris Saint-Main for several consecutive seasons to occupy the top of the French league, this season is still so, the current team made 15 wins 3 draws 2 negative results, still ranked first, leading the second Lancs three points difference, want to secure the top of the list, this game is not careless, is bound to win, in order to continue to stabilize the current position, the team inn ability is superior, At present, 7 wins 1 draw two pay, with strong scoring ability, the game in time away from home, in the face of Ruoli believe that the team will seize the current opportunity to stabilize the top.

Summary: There is a big gap in the strength of the two teams, the past two teams nearly ten times, Paris Saint Main achieved 7 wins 1 draw 1 record occupy the obvious upper hand, strength is not in a level, Paris attack excellent, defense also do quite steady, this game Ah Jie optimistic Paris Saint Main continue to win three points on the road, hold the top spot.

Recommendation: Draw and lose score: 1-3, 1-4

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