La Liga: Real Sociedad 3-2 Barcelona, what's the score?

What's the result of Real Sociedad's 3-2 Barcelona? For those who want to understand the game, this question may be difficult to answer.

1: Real Sociedad 3-2 Barcelona

Real Sociedad are not doing well in La Liga, but they can still beat Barcelona. Neither team scored in this match. Real Sociedad led Barcelona 1-0 after half-time. Real Sociedad had two penalty chances early in the second half. This is the German Bundesliga. Real Sociedad then won 2-0. The win took Real Sociedad to third place in La Liga this season, with Barcelona in fourth. The gap between Real Sociedad and Barcelona remains wide. Although they are in first and second place, they will have to work harder if they want to return to the championship.

2: What's the score?

Real Sociedad's 3-2 Barcelona result was 1-0 with four goals and seven shots on goal. The home side Barcelona are fourth in La Liga and the game is an important step on their way to reaching the Champions League. Real Sociedad ended the La Liga season with a resounding 1-0 win over Barcelona. Barcelona have suffered their last two defeats in Europe, against St Petersburg and Lyon. However, Barcelona are still very strong and the team will remain competitive after winning.

All in all, if you want to see a good match in La Liga, then Real Sociedad should not be missed.

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