berricle sarda wholesale jewelry What is the cost of fuel for technology?

berricle sarda wholesale jewelry

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  1. wholesale stainless steel jewelry manufacturer The cost of fuel for process is direct production costs.
    Direct costs: refers to the cost cost of a certain type and a certain amount of products for the company. Including direct material costs and direct labor costs.
    Direct materials: refers to the raw materials, main materials, semi -finished products, and auxiliary materials and other direct materials that constitute product entities, main materials, semi -finished products, and helping products.
    Direct labor costs: refers to the wages of workers who directly participate in product production and the employee benefit fee extracted based on the total salary and prescribed proportion of the production workers.

    Direct expenses Category:
    The direct materials including enterprise production products and provided labor services, direct labor, commodity entry price and other direct expenses. In manufacturing companies, direct expenses include direct materials, direct wages and other direct expenditures.
    Call -direct materials include raw materials, auxiliary materials, spare parts, semi -finished products, fuels, power, packaging and other direct expenditures in the production and operation of the enterprise production and operation process. , Bonus, allowance and subsidy.
    It other direct expenditures include salary, bonuses, allowances and subsidies of personnel directly engaged in product production. In the commodity circulation enterprise, direct expenses refer to the entry price of the enterprise purchased by the goods, and the purchase costs incurred by the purchase of goods are not calculated as direct expenses.
    The direct expenses incurred in this period should be confirmed that in the current expenses, it should be judged and handled in accordance with the requirements of the principle of power and responsibility. Rather than whether the payment is paid.
    The direct expenses that should belong to the current period within a certain period of time, regardless of whether the payment is paid, it should be confirmed as the current expenses; all direct expenses that are not in the current period, even if the payment is paid in the current period, should not be used as a period of time. The current fee is confirmed.

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