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  1. How to obtain Gedo Give Ground Mobile Games

    1. Store revenue (most important): The most important source of G coins is also one of the core contents of the game. Buying land in major regions to build stores generate income.

    2, capital increase (important): The company increases capital through personal wealth and increases G coins. Personal wealth can be obtained through the dividend of the company, and it can also be given to each other until the establishment or joining the chamber of commerce. Hurry up to establish a chamber of commerce to raise small honey, or be a small honey!

    3, investment dividend (secondary important): Boss can freely buy the shares of other players in the financing center, when they perform dividend operations At this time, you can get the corresponding dividend and get a lot of G coins.

    4, Chamber of Commerce (secondary):

    Changhai negotiations: A total of 90 levels are set up, players can challenge 10 times a day. The richer G coins. Daily must be completed!

    Elite negotiations: Activities are similar to Shanghai negotiations. There are 10 levels. Players can challenge 3 times a day. After the customs clearance, they can get G coin rewards. The daily must be completed!

    5, area rewards (secondary): The pre -income revenue reward in the Chamber of Commerce, the higher the ranking, the more G coins. I hope everyone planned a good plan for the Chamber of Commerce. This is everyone's home and a strong foundation for the Chamber of Commerce.

    6, daily task (secondary): complete daily tasks and get G coins. When G coins are sufficient, you can complete the research drawings and tasks. There is no need to force money.

    7, the procurement center (the previous period): By investing in various store suppliers at the procurement center, the corresponding G coins are red. If you have the remaining funds every day to invest, it is best to choose the retail industry because of the most dividends.

    8, trade (important): Through navigation trade, buy and sell goods, earn differences from them. You must do it every day! Players can find the route by opening the trumpet to see which route is the most profitable. Generally, the port profit with heavy metals is the highest. There is a tip here. After buying heavy metals, no city does not show HOT, so these cities have sold heavy metals. It is best to send a trumpet to see, where the heavy metal is the cheapest. If there is a port that sells smuggling heavy metals, it is even better, and then find the Hong Kong exit with the lowest smuggling check rate, and then you can open a large number to make money!

    9, stock (important): Through it Sale stocks get G coins income. Local tyrants can increase the number of stocks of stocks, the maximum upper limit of 7500 hands, the more beneficial to the early stage! Pulling away your distance from other players!

    10, grab money (important): By setting up other players as competitors, The more you can carry out ten -money operation, the higher the pre -income income, the more G coins can be robbed. When grabbing money, pay attention to whether your opponent is in the highest state, so as much as possible; if the other party's store inventory is consumed, there is no pre -collection, at which time the money grabbing earning is the lowest.

    11, bank loan (important): You can get G coins through bank credit loans and mortgage loans. The store maintenance fee, bank interest, and employee salary are calculated every day, so please guarantee that you will loan your loan on the premise of repayment the next day, otherwise the interest rate is too high.

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