2 thoughts on “How to get G coins?”

  1. Earn GB method: Hello, participating in the community guess the fastest GB. After entering the homeland, I chose to guess. (Masters can earn tens of millions a day.) Other
    The method of getting G coins:
    1, community forum post plus fine author gets 200g coins
    3, participate in every day [home split treasure], [forum leadership] Red envelopes] and [Family Sharing Wealth] activities will have the opportunity to get different amounts of G coin rewards. Introduction: The homeland is divided into treasure, a little bit, G coins are brought (will be divided into more treasures after December 14); after joining the family, you can also participate in the family homepage; the society;
    4, participate in community music The theme activities organized by products such as pets will also receive appropriate additional G coin rewards. 6.
    The pet dogs in community, pet dogs in love, can get GB. In addition, the application of the homeland has a Jingwutang game. You can also get coins
    every day.
    Special reminder: After December 14, the system will increase the opportunity and number of friends to get red envelopes, and try to ensure that everyone can receive the G coins given by the system every day.

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