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  1. 1. Look at the pattern cycle. The length of the cycle is to see if a plate is long -term: a long time: one round one round can live up to 1 month, and many dividend categories generally live for a month. 5 days-7 days a round of the wheel can live for a maximum of half a year, and if the disk is not controlled, it is up to three months. 10 days _15 days a round of control disks usually live for more than 10 months.
    2. Looking at the flow of funds, all the funds that are not matched with the company in the hands of members cannot be done. The funds flow in the hands of the players and the player. It is relatively stable. If you enter early, you can return earlier in the early stage, but do n’t look at others to make money and then vote. The more people, the larger the foam. Do not follow the trend.
    3, how long the general capital disk can be played is not sure. Whether the development time of the capital disk mainly depends on four aspects: the team of traders, servers, policy systems, and docking. A good server is the fundamental to support the long -term development of the capital disk, but if the trader's pattern, capital strength, technical strength, and control experience are very good, it will have a good effect on the development of the capital disk.
    The expansion information:
    . The domestic funds have traveled the stock market and banks. None of them are legal, the stock market is unstable, and the bank does not have much profit. Anyone who says that I am legally gallous, saying that those who have the strength and background cannot be done. Such a funding plate continues short time and cannot be done.
    If Note:
    1. Analysis of the funding disk should keep your mind sober, try not to add the learning group to make people take turns brainwashing. Everyone feels that they are clever, but they must have a problem after a long time. Sober minds and a superior who understands things can avoid great risks.
    2, the growth of foam is the reason for the mutual aid funds to die. Buffett's book "Snowball" states that the greater the funds and the greater the power, but if the gap in funds is getting bigger and bigger Then the power is huge, so it must be rational.

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