1 thought on “Why can funds such as TR foreign exchange be supported for a few years without collapse?”

  1. How long can the TR foreign exchange platform persist, but the collapse is the final ending of each fund.
    If foreign exchange on TR, if you have to make a profit, you must make a profit three times in a row. According to investor feedback, it takes about a month to meet the requirements. In other words, no matter how much money in your account is, it is just a number, so you will not let you make money. In case the platform can't play anymore, one month is enough to run!
    The negative news of TR foreign exchange currently has a lot of negative news. Everyone starts to get gold after realizing that it is the fund disk platform. The income will not be able to pay. At this time, the capital platform often runs away with models, and investors are often swept out.
    Therefore, once the TR foreign exchange persists, maybe you do n’t have to wait until tomorrow, it will collapse that night, and then the platform disappears.
    TR's main mode is hedge mode. In fact, the hedge mode is different from the traditional model. The traditional model only does one direction at a time, and the hedge mode will have two warehouses. Among them, the A warehouse faces the international bank's foreign exchange market, and the B is the insurance reserve warehouse.
    If the investor's US $ 150,000 to TR foreign exchange, then warehouse A will be allocated to $ 100,000, and warehouse B will be assigned to 50,000 US dollars. The loss point is set at 50%. Here we need to explain that warehouse B exists as insurance compensation, so you cannot pay any money from the moment you enter the gold.
    The algorithm given by the official TR foreign exchange: If warehouse A is profitable, the profit is US $ 7,250, plus the principal of the principal, a total of 17,250 US dollars, and the 5,000 US dollars in warehouse B to the company's insurance fund pool.
    The profit is 2250 US dollars; if warehouse A loses money, the loss is $ 5,000. At this time, the insurance funds of warehouse B will pay for warehouse A, restore a state of $ 10,000, and restart the transaction.
    It, if warehouse A is profitable, then the 50,000 US dollars in warehouse B will settle into the platform. Warehouse A's principal and profit of $ 17,250 will of course be extracted only 2250 US dollars. If warehouse B is profitable, the compensation of warehouse A will restore its original amount.
    But whether it is a profit of the A or the profit of the B, investors need to pay the transaction fee to the platform, which is the difference. The TR foreign exchange platform has obtained 3 differences per hand.
    Oshi how to stay away from the fund disk:
    The as a college student, we must study hard in daily life. Only in this way can we find better jobs Being able to win steadily, you must not be in a hurry, and at the same time, try to invest in banks as much as possible when investing.

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