"Giant Call" turned out to be a film that taught you a scam. Is it worthy of this evaluation in Volkswagen's word -of -mouth?

5 thoughts on “"Giant Call" turned out to be a film that taught you a scam. Is it worthy of this evaluation in Volkswagen's word -of -mouth?”

  1. The first domestic anti -telecommunications fraud theme film is very educational.
    The anti -fraud theme of huge calls is very novel and educated. There is no special dog blood bridge. Instead, it is very grounded. Suitable for bloody youths, showing bright performance. It is recommended to watch with parents. The elderly need this kind of anti -fraud knowledge. The old man is too easy to be fooled, hoping that many cases in the movie can shock them. The script comes from life. The details of the case are better than expected and the rhythm is reasonable. Although there are small flaws in acting, I really did not expect Gui Lunmei to surprise me. Her performance is the first in the three starring actors. Secondly, Chen Xuedong has a breakthrough. Peng Shun or the director who really sees his plastic place. He did not give Chen Shanghou powder and exposed, but for the first time to show him his heroic spirit. We originally had no hope for Chen Xuedong, so there were surprises. Zhang Xiaoquan's performance is quite satisfactory, and there will be no possibility of dragging hind legs. Therefore, this film is better than expected. As a Cantonese who is troubled by telecommunications fraud and hurts the deepest damage, I support this movie. It's not that it is perfect, but to be deeply disgusted with scammers, and I am looking forward to filming well to educate everyone.
    has a certain sense of reality and has a good practical significance. Chen Xuedong is not unreasonable. It is a particularly good thing. Gui Lunmei is unprecedented.

  2. After watching the first domestic movie "huge call" about the theme of telecommunications fraud, I have to say that the original intention of the director and screenwriter is good. Moreover, the cast of this film is strong, with several old drama bones in Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as the new generation of small fresh meat Chen Xuedong.
    In this lineup, the film's evaluation should be good, but the score seen on Douban in Douban has no six points, and the bad review is like a tide. After analyzing, there may be these reasons:
    . The structure of the movie is not good

    This just started to open the film with the suicide of a rural teacher, If you have not seen the preview, you may be a bit confused at first, thinking that this is a suspense detective movie. Therefore, the viewing experience at the beginning of some audiences is not very good. After the plot, the police played by the police played by Chen Xuedong can participate in this case just because the director of the police station said that he was a high student who graduated from the police academy, so he just said that he was a high school student graduated from the police school, so The director approved the participation of the task force, which made many audiences vomit, and high school students may not be proficient in telecommunications fraud!
    . The plot settings are unreasonable
    In the movie, the priest criminals were called Hai Ge. Hai Ge participated in a meeting similar to entrepreneurs to do business and make money. Full, why can a criminal can attend such a meeting? This has caused a lot of controversy! Indeed, in the play, let the scammer's conspiracy to attend such a meeting is indeed the negligence of the screenwriter. They did not consider Zhou Quan.
    . Chen Xuedong's acting skills are highly vomited

    of course, Chen Xuedong's acting skills in the play.
    looking at Chen Xuedong's work, his acting skills in each movie are embarrassing, whether it is limb or expression, it looks stiff. In this movie, he also has the same problem: incompatible with the role of participating. As a high -student policeman, it should be smart and heroic, but Chen Xuedong did not show two points.
    . Gui Lunmei acting is online. However, it is difficult for one to pick the beam
    The acting skills of Gui Lunmei in this movie are really bursting. At the beginning, people feel that she is a big gangster sister, and she is doing things steadily. Later, she and Hai Ge became a little woman because of suspicion of doubt, and when she quarreled, she always believed that Hai Ge bought her house in Hong Kong.
    , when she eventually went, the owner of the house was not her at all. At this time, Gui Lunmei's acting skills were highlighted. The audience can deeply understand the despair, helplessness, helplessness, and helplessness. So in the movie I think that Gui Lunmei picked the beam!
    , only one person picks up the beam, obviously the audience who cannot restore this show.
    Stime after watching this movie and netizens, I feel the same as many netizens. There are many loopholes in the play that is not explained clearly. For example, after calling boss Huang It should be played again, but it has been played many times in the play, which is not right.
    But in general, the theme of this movie is very novel. Only the script and actor did not find a good script and actor, so that the score of this drama was a bit low, and the netizens' comments on the Internet were not very good. But I still hope that this kind of movie can be made better in the future and won praise from the audience.

  3. Although the theme is attractive, the actual evaluation of the movie is not good.
    This themes of the subject matter of the subject matter are a hot topic of "huge calls", but unfortunately the movie has not been able to use this quite novel realist theme. The wisdom fighting into a vulnerability has a scene with scene action movies. At the same time, the film is on the actor. Chen Xuedong's embarrassing lines and pale acting skills are even more different from the villain played by Gui Lunmei.
    The on specifically, "huge calls" actually had a good opening at first, and it was fascinating with realistic fraud in a short period of time. The scam knowledge has made a certain publicity, but it is particularly regrettable that the movie has a good start in a good start, but it becomes more and more unspoctically.
    This director Peng Shun from Hong Kong has no reasonable control of a fraud theme. He does not pay attention to logical action filling at all. The molecules are more powerful. The self -bursting action scene only destroys the realistic style once. At the same time, the movie hopes to shape the villain Liu Lifang played by Gui Lunmei as a sad person, but the literary Hennessy is like this in this way A realistic movie is not good at all, but it seems particularly obtrusive. The movie on the characters is also the same as it is.
    This patchwork, although "huge call" has a very good theme, it eventually makes people not see how much the real thing belongs to this subject. Text/Mengli Poetry Book

  4. "Huge calls" recommend everyone to take a look. Those who are scamming on the phone are shocking. Also warned everyone to be cautious, the world will not fall off the pie, it will only fall into a trap. The movie reflects the real case. Do you see that female college student? I think this is despair, right? In the end, the heroine was also distressed, and the man was really a big trotter.
    In addition to the superb fraud techniques in the movie "Teacher Call", it is also moved by Ah Hai and Afang's love story, even if Afang has transferred one million away, A Hai has never let go of Afang's hand. Every sentence "Fang" made me cry. Afang has always loved Ahai, and she is thinking about Hennessy Road in Hong Kong. She hopes that she can return there with Ahai. The last wish of her is "looking at Hennessy Road".
    , but A Hai said to A Fang, "I bought you a unit on Hennessy Road, Hong Kong, Building 17", and at the end of the movie, I found that A Hai cheated Afang. After Afang knew the truth, Afang knew the truth. Choose the black cloth cover to leave her favorite Hennessy Road ... Love her, but deceive her, is this contradiction?
    Chen Xuedong in the movie "Giant Call" in the movie "The huge call", personally, I feel that he is not a small fresh meat, and the second will not be able to perform the image of the police tough guy. Some netizens teased: The real fraud is that Chen Xuedong made himself makeup into Li Chen. The second is that the plot is not too compact. All in all, I think the last detail of the camera is particularly good. On the one hand, because Afang did not find A Hai's promise to her house, it was sad.
    . She cheated others' money, and A Hai cheated her feelings, so she wanted to cry, but she didn't want to be seen by others. Looking closely at Afang's lens, you can see that she is crying on the black cloth. On the other hand, in order to maintain their self -esteem, everyone has self -esteem. She gave up the root of being a person for love. Finally, she knew that she had been deceived and felt that she had to be self -confident. Essence It is sighing.
    "Great Calling" recommends everyone to take a look. Regarding telephone fraud, it is shocking. Also warned everyone to be cautious, the world will not fall off the pie, it will only fall into a trap.

  5. Those who have seen this movie should know that this is a telecommunications fraud adapted from recent years. As a relatively good criminal movie movie, I personally think that this movie can always be said to the past, and in Douban The score on the top is also quite high.
    Ip I prefer the female lead Gui Lunmei, not only online, but more importantly, her acting skills are also quite good. The gangster heroine she plays can be said to be vivid as soon as she comes on the stage, attracting the audience's attention. The educational movie is manifested in the eyes of the audience. Although it is a negative movie, it satirizes the telecommunications fraud behavior of today's society and illegal fund -raising. We warn us in the era of the Internet. The temptation is at the same time warning those who are telecommunications fraud. Can their conscience really pass? This kind of person is simply a scum of society and corrupted the social style. This is also the most important point for this film to attract the audience.
    but there are many shortcomings in this movie. For example, the male lead Chen Xuedong, I feel that he has no acting skills at all. In the whole movie, he feels that he is perfunctory with the audience. The image of the male lead is hard to imagine

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