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  1. How to distinguish the authenticity of the renminbi?
    The authentic identification methods of RMB are still more. As for the appraisal method, there are also very many methods. I can say that it is more simple to say that the more practical RMB appraisal method.

    The first type, with the help of fluorescent lights to identify, this is better to understand, because each banknote has a special fluorescent screen. As long as you watch the fluorescent ink under the fluorescent lamp At present, it is the most effective one, but many people do not necessarily have fluorescent lights.

    The second type, watermark appraisal method, banknotes have watermarks, and the watermark of counterfeit coins floats on the surface, not formed in the middle of the banknotes.

    The third type, the feel, the current banknotes are basically a concave printing process, and there will be uneven feel on the surface. As long as you gently pass through with your nails, you can feel it. Fake coins can't achieve this printing effect at all, and the feeling of feeling is flat, and there will be no uneven feeling.

    The type 4, check the light ink, this method is best used in the 2015 version of 100 yuan coupon and the RMB issued after 2019. This method can be used. The first three methods are identified.

    In general, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to see counterfeit currency on the market. This is also due to our opportunity to use real currency. Technology is already very high, and it is impossible to have such a fake level in the next 10 years.

  2. "At first glance": First, look at the watermark and take a look at the RMB. The RMB above 10 yuan can be seen at the watermark window. The second is to look at the safety line. The fourth set of RMB 1990 version 50
    yuan and 100 yuan banknotes have a clear straight line on the right side of the currency surface. The "safety line" of counterfeit coins is made of light ink print
    , which is blurred, or hand -clamped a silver plastic line, which is easy to find unbar silver white
    The header. The fifth set of RMB has a minimum text on the security line. The text made of counterfeit currency is unclear, and the lines are easy to draw.
    It is to see if the color of the banknote surface is clear, whether the lines are clear, whether the wiring is well -do, no white or gap.

    "Two touch": Because the renminbi of more than 5 yuan is printed, the lines form a protruding paper ink road,
    especially at the acceleration point, the word "People's Bank of China", the word "People's Bank of China", and the word "People's Bank of China", the word "People's Bank of China", and the words "People's Bank of China", and The fifth set of RMB portraits and so on. Touch these
    places with fingers, there is a distinctive sense of unevenness. The fingers pass by the new banknote are obviously resistant. The currently collected fake coins are printed in
    , smooth, no convex.

    "Three Listenings": Renminbi paper is special paper, strong and sturdy. Compared with the new banknotes, the fingers will make a crisp loud sound
    sound. Fake coins are soft, thin, their sounds are stuffy, and they are not resistant to rubbing.

    "Four Tests": Use simple instruments for fluorescence testing. First, testing paper is not fluorescent reflected, RMB paper is not
    Essence Fake coins are bleached by bleaching, and there are
    in the fluorescent lights, which are obviously reflected in the fluorescence, and the paper is white. The second is that the RMB has one or two fluorescent text, which is pale yellow, and the fluorescent text of the fake RMB
    is not right and white.

  3. First, watermark. Looking at the side light, the real coin has obvious President Mao's avatar watermark. Fake coins are not or unclear

    2. Silver bar. There are silver bars, and the silver bar will show the face value of the coin. The bank currency with a face value of 100 rounds shows "100". There are also silver bar fake coins, but there will be no face value on the silver bar.
    three, real coins have obvious bumps in this place: the face value figure below the word of the People's Bank of China and the collar of Chairman Mao in the lower right corner. Real coins are printed with concave, and fake coins are printed, smooth and non -convex.

    . The manufacturing of banknotes. Real coins are made of special paper: cotton cotton is cooked under high temperature and high pressure, ensuring that the paper's paper is tough and smooth, and other anti -counterfeiting technologies are added during the paper manufacturing process. To tear up the real currency banknotes, you will find that the fault is colorful, and it is a bit laborious during the tearing process. Fake coins are easy to tear away. The fault is the same as ordinary paper, white. Nowadays at some local cities and county -level long -distance passenger stations and hawkers often adopt this method. Fast. However, it is not recommended for this kind of banknote test to damage the country's currency violations!
    Five, sound: The sound of real coins shake sounds crisp, fake coins are soft, thin, and dull.
    If 6. Under 100 words in the upper right corner of the real currency, there is a bump pattern. Looking at the side, the contour shows the face value of the banknote. As shown below.

    In daily life, the above six points are achieved, and fake coins will not be received. Anyway, I haven't received fake coins so far. For the large transaction amount, use the banknote check machine.

  4. At first glance:
    This Watermark: The fixed watermark of the fifth set of renminbi coupons is located on the blank space on the left side of the front of each bill of bank currency.
    The safety line: The fifth set of RMB banknotes is left to the middle of the front of each ticket, and there is a safety line.
    The two touch:
    This portrait, blind text point, the People's Bank of China, whether there is a sense of bumps.
    In three listening:
    Me a sound by shaking banknotes to distinguish the authenticity of the renminbi according to the sound. The paper of the RMB has the characteristics of stiff, folding, and not easy to tear. Holding banknotes shake hard, fingers lightly, or two -handed and one -handed gently, you can hear a crisp and loud sound.
    four tests:
    Misoned tools and dedicated instruments to distinguish the authenticity of the renminbi. If you can observe the definition of lines, glue, concave printing text, etc. with the help of a magnifying glass; to illuminate the ticket surface with ultraviolet lights, you can observe the fluorescent reflection of the banknote paper and ink; the magnetic detector can detect the magneticity of the black horizontal number.

  5. Take the fifth set of RMB 2019 as an example:

    1, glorious light variable noodle number: The new version of the fifth set of RMB paper tickets is printed with glorious light variable noodles in the middle. The color will also change, and a light band can be seen up and down. The transformation color of the noodles "10" is green and blue, the transformation color of "20" is gold and green, and the transformation color of "50" is green and blue.

    2, light -changing hollow window opening safety line: Light -changing hollow window opening safety line is a more commonly used way of identification. 20 yuan and 10 yuan banknotes use light transformation hollow window opening safety lines, 50 yuan banknotes use dynamic light transformation hollow open windows safety lines. The safety line is located on the front of the ticket surface. The color changes between red and green. At the same time Magnetic opening window safety line.

    3, watermark: The fifth set of RMB improves the clarity and hierarchical effect of the watermark. For example, 20 yuan RMB adjusts the brightness, level, location and size of the character's avatar, and cancel the invisible number of the concave hand -sensing lines, the cavant line pattern, and the invisible surface of the concave. Observation observation, you can see the character's avatar watermark and flower pattern watermark on the left side of the ticket surface. The lower left corner and the lower right corner of the back form a complete amount number. The new version of 1 yuan banknotes also added white watermarks.
    4, horizontal and vertical dual number: The fifth set of RMB tickets are added to the right side of the front side of the RMB ticket, and the crown characters and numbers are blue.

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