4 thoughts on “How much is the Hong Kong iPad ARI2 generation?”

  1. Please see the picture above, this is the price of Apple's official website. The exchange rate of RMB 2014.10.18 is now 0.7895.
    wifi version: 16GB HK $ 3888 = ¥ 3069.58;
    64GB HK $ 4688 = ¥ 3701.18; n 64GB HK $ 5688 = ¥ 4490.68;
    128GB HK $ 6488 = ¥ 5122.28.

  2. Apple iPad Air2-WIFI Hong Kong Edition 2790 yuan

    The introduction:

    Apple updates the iPad series product line, launching a thinner, higher-definition iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 Essence The appearance design of the iPad Air 2 tablet has not changed significantly. The screen is still 9.7 inches, 2048x1536 resolution, but the body is thinner, the thickness is only 6.1 mm, which is 18%thinner than the previous generation. The thinnest thickness tablet in the world.

  3. Hong Kong iPad Air2 quotation for you for reference
    WIFI version

    16g 3888hkd
    64g 4688hkd
    128G 5488hkd
    wifi cellular version
    16g 4888hkd n64g 5688hkd 5688hkd n128G 6488hkd
    The exchange rate of RMB and Hong Kong version is about 100HKD = 80 yuan

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