Will the mining electricity of the computer room be found?

Will the mining electricity of the computer room be found?

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  1. The electricity fee will not be checked on time. Users download software with personal computers and then run specific algorithms. After communicating with the distant server, they can get the corresponding Bitcoin. It is one of the ways to get Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a virtual currency. The Bitcoin mining system is to carry out mathematical operations for Bitcoin network through computer hardware. Miners who provide services can get a reward. The competition of this mining is very fierce.
    The expansion information:
    1. Industrial power refers to the power consumption of enterprises mainly engaged in the large -scale production and processing industry. Three -phase 380V power supply, or direct high -voltage wires enter the household. In September 2018, the Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the “Notice on Further Reduce the Matters Related to General Industrial and Commercial Electricity Prices”. From July 1, 2018, the electricity price price of Jiangxi Power Grid’s general industrial and commercial directory electricity price is 4.64 points per kilowatt -hour.
    2. The difference between industrial electricity and residential power: Most industrial electricity uses three -phase voltage, and civilian electricity uses single -phase 220VAC to supply power on residents. In the period, the power failure is often caused by excessive load, and the voltage of industrial electricity is often higher than that of residential electricity. It is also easy to burn the electrical appliances in the home, and there are great safety hazards. In addition, it is difficult to restore power supply in a long period of time after power off
    3, and the State Grid Corporation of China divides them into four categories: residents’ living electricity; general industrial and commercial power consumption; large industrial electricity consumption; ; Agricultural production electricity.
    4. Some cities also divide the category of non -residential lighting, and there are also separate division of agricultural discharge irrigation. There are more detailed divisions in all categories. They all have different electricity prices, and some categories also have preferential electricity prices. The power consumption of the same level of voltage is different, and the type of ownership is different, and the electricity price is different. For example, 220V voltage electricity is also used for residential lighting, which is residential electricity, and for the hairdressing hall, it can only be counted as commercial electricity, and its electricity price should be 10 % higher. The different division of residents’ electricity and industrial electricity is based on their different power properties, not different according to the voltage.

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