How to make money at zero percentage on the Internet

I just want to make money by using the computer and not investing by the computer. For example, how to make a shopping guide on Taobao?

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  1. If you want to make money at zero -cost, you can make money through pictures, write articles to make money, play games on behalf of the public account, or shoot videos, etc. The specific content is as follows:
    1, picture design
    this. Visual marketing is very important now. For example, the (3D rendering) taken by the Anker website of the Anker website is the same as shooting. It seems that the picture processing is very good, which greatly deepen the impression. Many companies outsourced this outsourcing to others.
    2. Writing articles to make money
    We know that it is an era of content bang. It is actually difficult to find a professional and deep writer, including saying that many business people, marketing planning companies, many of them are employment documents Writer to write.
    The work area of ​​the writer, write books, write press releases, write blogs, write articles, and write e -books.
    It can also write articles to major public accounts, such as ten o'clock reading, books, Franklin reading clubs, etc.
    3, play the game
    If you are usually a fanatical online game player, or 1-2 games you are good at and familiar with, you can go to a large online game platform to practice games, brush equipment for others, brush, brush Levels, or gold coins, etc., playing games is no longer a waste of time. While playing happily, I also earn money.
    4, do public account task
    simple easy to get started, and the income is very stable. Now there are many public account platforms that can make money to make money through mobile phones. The difficulty of task is high and low. The price is naturally more or less. This depends entirely on the difficulty of the mission. The normal unit price is not less than 10 yuan.
    The platforms have a lot of platforms. Just pay attention to the public account and you can pick up the task normally. They do not collect money. Spend 2-3 hours a day to do it. Earn 2000-3000 a month or still. Very practical.
    5, shooting video
    fast hands, vibrato, micro vision, volcano, watermelon, Bilibili, etc. Too many platforms, you can do one in the early stage. Take the headline, you can write articles and videos, first make a precise positioning and make vertical content.
    think about what advantages you have. If you can be funny, find a few colleagues to shoot funny videos. If you can have a skill, you can share this skill.
    On the media platform, it mainly plays a role in promoting and established its own personal brand. With personal brands and fan foundations, some back -end courses or other products can be developed. It is a little longer, but this does this, make more money in the later period, and is very stable, you can quickly improve your ability!
    If Note:
    1. No matter which one is done, you must stick to it, because the items listed above may not make money, or the money is rarely made, but all are less successful. many.
    2. In fact, there are many channels for making money, but remember not to do those illegal acts, so before starting the project, we must measure the rationality of the project first.

  2. Little A has been working in a cheongsam store for 6 years. In the fourth year, he was upgraded to the store manager with a monthly salary of more than 6,000.
    Stobic A is stinky. When there is no guest, you like to wear the cheongsam in the shop to be addicted. By the way, let the younger sisters take a few photos and take a few cats to shoot a small video.
    Is shared the photos in her QQ space, and there was a WeChat circle of friends. She accidentally found that the QQ day can share the video.
    The video will be put in at hand. Everyone looks at it every day, and someone likes it every day. There are also people who give her a red envelope.
    Sometimes the income of a day is 700-800 yuan.
    The method of making money on the Internet. In summary, as long as you are willing, you can sell your interests and hobbies.
    How to make money? Then look down:
    1, settled platform. Settled by a little information, big fish, headlines and other platforms, publishing articles or videos, the click -through rate will be rewarded after more than the specified quantity. Some people can earn 3000-5000 a month. Of course, there are people earning tens of thousands. This requires full -time to do it.
    2, sales products. Write articles on the Internet and make videos to sell your own products.
    3, brand promotion. If you have a company to produce products by yourself, you can use articles and videos to promote and promote. Individuals can also carry out publicity, tell a good story, and increase trust. You are an industry opinion leader. What people will buy later will buy.
    4, e -commerce. You may be an expert in a certain field, such as buying a variety of things, because they have a unique insight, and those who are interested will pay attention to them.
    5, consulting service. For example, psychological counselors, lawyers, and Feng Shui, Tarot, etc. can promote and attract users on the Internet, and can do business nationwide.
    6, speech, training. If you will speak and promote it on the Internet, you will invite you to companies and units in need. A cost of thousands to tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands is expected. It depends on how you pack yourself. There are also online marketing promotion and making money on the Internet. They can make money by receiving students.
    7. Sell directly. Now there are also directly sold out WeChat public accounts or Weibo accounts. Ge said that some people replaced a small off -road vehicle worth 400,000 yuan with a WeChat public account of 200,000.
    The method of making money can be mixed, such as: the way to recruit members to attract a group of loyal users, and then provide them with online training or consulting services. Getting up is a member system, but it is actually a model called the front of the advertising fee. First, charge everyone's membership fee, and then ask the merchant to pay the membership benefits. It does not charge the sponsorship fee of the merchant. Gao Ming, made the money first, and then the light posted advertisements, no one would object, because it was to send benefits to members. This is relatively high, you can learn it!
    Wen we make money in any way, as long as we rely on our own efforts and wisdom to make money, there is a dignified lifestyle.
    Public account (Wang Xiehua), free collection, grassroots entrepreneur and physical transformation "55 Starts for Entrepreneurs". Himalayan FM entrepreneurial bookmaker. Exchange Learning Exchange Learning Number (CDWYH1577)

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  4. First, when you go to online shops or Taobao, many people use this to make money. 2. Do a portal network in the industry. For example, if you are proficient in laptops, you will be a related website with a forum. After one to two years, if you do well, there will be a lot of visits. Here you are here. Advertising inside will also make money. 3. If you can design, you can make money on a website. Fourth, you can cooperate with companies with physical stores to help them pull business. Of course, it may be best to participate in Baidu or dog rankings, so that your business website access rate will be high. When there is business, you can draw to the cooperative stores to draw the store stores. to make. five. Stir -fried stocks, funds, claims, foreign exchange, futures ... are legal work that does not require physical strength. There are many other ways, but some are illegal or not long, and some methods are annoying. For example, what beauty gallery is engaged in, and then advertising on it. This is not good. It is not superstitious. Essence Any making money is not too easy to make money, you need to work hard.

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