Nvidia CEO: The decline in the price of graphics card has become the past, and the future price will rise retaliatory?

4 thoughts on “Nvidia CEO: The decline in the price of graphics card has become the past, and the future price will rise retaliatory?”

  1. Nvidia CEO proposed that the rapid decline in the price of graphics card has become a past. So, is it the possibility of revenge on the graphics card? I don't think I can. Because the market in the graphics card can be said to have become wider and wider, and the competition is becoming more and more intense. It is not like a CPU Nvidia Family. At most, there is an AMD. Essence
    M graphics card is directly related to the experience when you play your computer, because the picture quality of the computer is inseparable from a excellent graphics card. Now the graphics card on the market is two major factions, one is AMD, and the other is Nvidia graphics card. The possibility of rapid rise is not much. Especially the largest concentration of virtual currency in the previous period of Ethereum completed the computing power of the entire network. Zero means that the graphics card mining may become a past, which naturally has caused many mining cards to flow into the market. In addition, because the price of the graphics card of the 40 -series graphics card now, there is no room for further rising. Essence
    The graphics card is also divided into level. Taking the small cards launched by Nvidia as an example, the series of 3060, 3080, and 3090 are relatively top, because although the 40 series graphics card has been released, it is still in China. It is relatively scarce, the price is more expensive, and you can not buy it if you have money. After the 40 -series card is launched, it means that the 30 -series enjoy card is no longer the highest -end, just like a mobile phone. Now there are higher configuration mobile phones. Can those configured mobile phones still increase the price? This is impossible.
    As long as it is a platform -loading machine, it is basically inseparable from a graphics card. There are how much this thing is. If you are willing to take a certain risk, buy a second -hand graphics card, you may play a 3A masterpiece at about 1,000 yuan. There is no problem. To pursue the ultimate experience light tracking, this kind of opening to the extreme, at least it must be a 30 -series graphics card. These prices are relatively expensive, but it doesn’t matter. If you are just office, you do n’t need to think of the card. Yes. Because both Nvidia and AMD, he has the function of launching some CPUs with chords. It can light up the screen without a graphics card, but the performance of the game is weaker.

  2. The price of the graphics card has reached almost normal levels, and product delivery will be able to return to growth. Nvidia will launch a new graphic architecture soon.

  3. I don't think the price of the future will not rise in retaliation. Now the price has dropped, and the increase will not be too large.

  4. The price of some graphics cards plummeted by 60%. When the price of graphics card in the international market began to decline, many businesses in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei began to actively sell their graphics cards, similar to the 1660S series graphics card prices even plummeted by 60%.

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