Can anyone introduce the detailed process of PayPal's international remittance?

The first time I used PayPal to receive overseas remittances, I do n’t know what the process is, and what should I pay attention to. Only 30 points, all of them send it.

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  1. First of all, you have to have an account and ask the account to authenticate

    The told your customer your PayPal account, which is the email account you filled in when you register

    R n
    It you can receive the amount in time, click "Accept"

    Thefold will be reflected in your account

    that's so simple

  2. First, activate your mailbox (the mailbox used when logging in to register, which contains activated emails).
    Secondly, log in to your PayPal account and click to receive the payment. There is a amount in it, click "Receive", and it is enough.

  3. PayPal's transaction process
    premise: Both buyers and sellers open a PayPal account at PayPal
    When foreigners buying payment on your website
    1. , Tell PayPal to buy your product
    2. PayPal's confirmation told the merchant money that money can be shipped
    3. Merchant delivery
    4. You can pay the merchant
    5. PayPal to transfer money from the foreigner's PayPal account to the merchant's PayPal account
    6. The transaction is completed.
    7. Merchant withdrawn from its own PayPal account

  4. For the first time of the payment of each currency, there will be a prompt of "accepting/refusal"
    It you can click to accept
    The attention: 1 The opponent can withdraw the money at any time within 45 days. If this money is dropped (then your account will display negative balances)
    2 paypal will limit your account to ask you to perform account authentication.

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