Computer boot display display 0x00089E3 instructions quote OX00818000. This memory cannot be Reda,

The computer boot displayed 0x00089e3 instructions that the memory cannot be for Reda. After I installed the small sentinel, after uninstalling it, it was installed with one -click restore. what's up!

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  1. Hello! Surge: 0x ???????? Reference 0x ?????????. The memory cannot be "Read" or "Written". Answer [SHijan8 Original] ★ It is strictly forbidden to copy ★
    [1] It has no effect on the computer or [occasionally] appears. Regardless of it, [restarted the computer] may disappear automatically.
    [2] Pirate system or GHOST version system, system file error or loss, and this problem will also be installed in time. Check whether the computer year, month, and day is correct}. Suggestion: Install the [Genuine] system.
    [3] Check whether there is a problem with the driver, reinstall the driver or update the driver in time.
    [4] Virus caused by virus: upgrade anti -virus software or download special killing tools, clean up malicious plug -ins, and use the computer to kill virus.
    [5] Caused by hardware:
    (1) It may be a small problem in the memory of the memory. Turn off the power off and remove the memory bar, clean and reinstall it. Replace the memory bar if necessary. (This problem generally does not occur on the hardware)
    [6] Software:
    (1) The installation software conflicts with the system or other software, pirated or virus software, please download the software carefully to download the software carefully , It is best to use genuine. [The main thing is to check the startup item, the startup item that is not necessary to start is prohibited from booting]
    (2) If two or more similar software are installed in your computer, such as: two models: two models Software, two optimized system software, etc., please uninstall one to avoid conflicts to maintain computer stability.
    (3) Some system patches are downloaded and installed with error patch, which may conflict with your current system or other software, and this problem will also occur. Uninstall the patch, find a computer patch suitable for you, and download and reinstall it again.
    (4) When installing or open third -party software such as player, game, QQ, etc., this problem occurs. It may be that the software you downloaded is dangerous. In order to protect the system, the system itself will also appear that the memory cannot be "Read" or "Wrtten". The general solution is to uninstall the software and reinstall it. If you cannot solve it, you need to replace the software of the same type of version or find the software that occurs in conflict to uninstall it.
    It can try the following method: see if it can be solved.
    ◆ Start → Run → Enter CMD → Enter, enter the following command under the command prompt
    FOR %1 in ( %Windir %System32*.dll) Do regsvr32.exe /s %Enter.
    After completion, enter the
    FOR %I in ( %Windir %System32*.ocx) do regsvr32.exe /s %i Enter.
    If afraid of input errors, you can copy these two instructions, then right -click the mouse after the command prompt, "paste", return to the car, wait patiently until the screen rolling stops. (Restart the computer).
    ● Check the registry running the registry, at the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMICROSoftWindows Explorer, there should be only a normal key value {AEB6717E-7E19-11D0-97ee-}. [If there is another (default) value, it is generally empty. ] [Restore] or reinstall the system if necessary.

  2. Friends, computers appear: memory cannot be read. This is the "software" you downloaded with "conflict" with the computer deposit in the computer!
    The reason is summarized, there are the following aspects, occasionally, point: cancel, just!
    (Answer Original, the original author of this answer: Liwang History)
    The trial: anti -virus software, 360 safety guard 360 anti -virus dual engine version, or Kingsoft Guardian Kingsoft poison tyrant,
    suggestion: repair "high risk" and "important" loopholes! Use "Trojan Yun Kill" and "360 Antivirus",
    "full scanning" and "custom scan" virus and Trojan, after deleting, restart the computer!
    After booting, click "isolation | recovery", find Trojan and virus, and completely delete files!
    2. If the first method does not work, open: "360 security guards", "Trojan check kill": "360 system first aid box"!
    "Start the first aid" first, check the kill, delete the "suspicious startup item" and Trojan, and then restart the computer!
    Then click the "File Recovery Area", find "Suspicious Starting items" and Trojan, and click "Delete completely"!
    mi to "System Repair", "All Select", then click "Immediately repair immediately. "" "! Repair the network immediately, restart the computer!
    3. Use "360 Security Guard", "System Repair", one -click repair! Then: "Cleaning the plug -in", scan immediately, and clean up immediately: evil review plug -in!
    4. The "player" you downloaded, or "chat software", or "IE browser", or "driver", or
    "game" program is unstable, or "version is too old" Intersection It is recommended to remove it, download the new one, or upgrade it
    to the "latest version"!
    5. Software conflict, you installed two or more similar software (such as: two players, two
    QQ, or multiple browsers, multiple anti -virus software, multiple online games, etc. Wait)! They are not "compatible" together,
    The one of the "extra"!
    6. Uninstallation method: You find "Start" menu in the lower left corner of the computer to find "Software on the Power Uninstallation of the Computer" and find the excess of the unload! After unloading, "strong cleaning"!
    or "360 Security Guard", "Software Butler", click on, fourth item: "Software Uninstall", click on, find
    to the "excess" and "similar" software uninstal! Such as: "player", click on, leave "storm", uninstall "fast broadcast"! Such as: "Download": Click on, leave "Thunder", uninstall "Express"! (If you look at it, unload it, don't remove it useful)
    7. If you still do n’t work, go to the Internet to download a “Read repair tool” to fix it!
    8. No, restart the computer, press "F8" after turning on, press Enter, Enter, enter the "Safety Model", "Advanced Options", find: "Last correct configuration" Try, see how the effect is!
    9. No more, start menu, run, enter CMD, Enter, enter (replicate):
    FOR%1 in (%Windir%System32*.ocx) do regsvr32 / S %1
    Paste, return to the car, and then enter:
    FOR %1 in ( %Windir %System32*.dll) Do regsvr32.exe /s %1
    Enter! Until the screen rolling stops, restart the computer!
    10. If you do n’t, you do n’t work.

  3. Random software conflicts are generally not easy to repair.
    1. View whether there are Trojans or viruses in the system. In order to control the system, such procedures often modify the system irresponsible,
    , leading to abnormal operating system. It should usually strengthen information security awareness, and it is not curious about the executable procedures with unknown sources.
    2. Update the operating system, let the installation program of the operating system copy the correct version of the system file and correct system parameters.
    Sometimes the operating system itself also has bugs. Pay attention to installing an official upgrade program.
    3. Try the new version of the application.
    The virtual memory withdrawal
    Stime is certain, that is, if it does not happen again next time the cold day arrives, it means that this is the main cause
    additional addition: n:
    If you use Ghost to restore OS, it is recommended to delete all*.pf files in the Windows\Prefetch directory because you need to re -collect the physical address of Windows
    The applications error "" "" "" "" "memory reference. This memory cannot be inferred for "Read". The reason for this
    Source by:
    Win XP's "pre -read" technology
    The optimalization technology is also used on the application software. An analysis of the first few startups of each application software, and then add a virtual "memory image" that describes the need to apply for demand, and store this information to the data clip. Once a image is established, the installation speed of the application software is greatly improved. XP's pre -read data stores information about the recent 8 system startup or application software.
    In general, the possibility of memory problems is not high. The main aspect is: the memory bar is broken, the memory quality is problematic, and there are two different brands of memory mixing. Increased compatibility, at the same time, pay attention to heat dissipation, especially after overclocking. You can use Memtest's software to detect memory, which can completely detect the stability of memory.
    If you are dual memory, and when you are mixed with the memory bar of different brands or when you buy second -hand memory, this problem occurs. At this time, you have to check whether the memory issue is or is not compatible with other hardware.
    If none is not, the failure is ruled out from the software.
    The principle of simply talk: There is a place where the memory stores the data is called a buffer. When the program puts the data in the first position, there is no space, and an overflowing image occurs. For example: A barrel can only overflow when you put two pounds of water into the water. The system is expressed on the screen. This problem often appears on the XP system. The requirements of Windows 2000/XP are very demanding on hardware. Once you encounter illegal operations in resource locks, overflow or similar to Windows 98 Happening. It may also be caused by poor compatibility between hardware equipment. After the restart, the problem is generally gone, or the memory strip is inserted, or the two memory pairs of the slot.

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