5 thoughts on “Where is Gu Juji? Why is Cantonese so good?”

  1. Gu Juji's Cantonese. Maoming, Guangdong.

    The development in Hong Kong.

    The speaks Cantonese in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

    So Cantonese is normal;

  2. The name of the name Gu Juji

    English name KU KUI KEI, leo

    Constellation Leo

    I Hong Kong

    Guild Lin Qiumou Middle School Shatian Guan Middle School

    is a Hong Kong singer

  3. Gu Juji Personal Information

    It personal introduction of cool boy. Gu Juji Name: Gu Juji

    Height: 1.78
    Weight: 68
    Zodiac signs: rat n hobby hobby : Singing, playing, sleeping, comics
    Collection: Mickey Mouse Watch
    Love movie stars: Chow Yun Fat, Chow Xingchi
    Love movies: rainman
    n -love songs: the ruins of the infatuated heart, Li Xianglan, Hongri
    I must not let others forget my singer identity

    "I am always a standard singer, I must not let others forget My singer's identity. "Gu Juji repeatedly emphasized in an interview with reporters. In the past two years, he starred in Qiong Yao's two long TV series "Deep Love" and "Returning Pearls 3", which basically made singing in a state of stagnation, so that some of the younger Fans did not know that Gu Jiji originally originally originally did Is a singer. "These two TV series give me a great popularity in the Mainland. Everyone thinks that I am an actor, or I think I have left the music scene and put all my efforts on the TV series. But in fact, my favorite my favorite my favorite It is always singing. "Gu Juji told reporters that when he took" Deep Love in Love ", it was completely because the script was very good, so he devoted himself to his performance. By the time "Return to Pearls 3", he wanted to repay Aunt Qiong Yao's wish: this once fierce TV series. "More than a month ago, I had a solo concert in Hong Kong. It should be said that this is the sign of my return to the music scene. But I really didn't expect it. Originally, it was free to give tickets. 2000 yuan. This encourages me too much. "Gu Juji said that he is now preparing for his singing in the Red Pavilion at the end of the year.

  4. He is a native of Hong Kong. He had been in TVB before, as if it was "Big Age", and was later performed in the middle of the phase.

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