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  1. Mini programs are the future business trends and the best carrier for social business and new retail. The small program is a good tool, but the effects of different people will be very different. The applet cannot be marketing. Your mind is the magic weapon of marketing, but it is emphasized that the applet is realized in the WeChat circle through the small program.

    The people asked if the applet is good or not, what's the use, can it bring me customers? We can refer to the successful mini -program cases. None of the tools of applets play a role, but their innovative business models are empowering small programs to allow applets to play a huge role.

    The mini program has only four points: no installation, no download, tentacles can be within reach. Just go away. When the small program is small, it is an Internet tool, but it used to be an app. Now the applet can be done, and it is more convenient; you can also use the small program as a carrier of the marketing method to realize online and offline through the applet to realize online and offline The integration marketing method will be more popular with users; applets are actually business models. In the future, new business models such as new retail, social e -commerce, and community group purchase all avoid the support of applets.

    So applets are the standard of future business in various fields. The small programs will be popularized to all corners. In the future, most of our services will be obtained through mini -programs. Small program to serve others. The small program is a connector, connecting people and people, connecting people and things, and connecting people and business.

  2. As of now, WeChat monthly active users have reached 889 million. What is the next goal of WeChat's huge Internet giant? Create your own "AppStore". The applet is a perfect panel to complete this WeChat ecosystem. Zhang Xiaolong predicts that in the next two years, the applet will replace the 80%APP market, so each company has its own small program.
    distribution, especially WeChat distribution, fully rely on WeChat friend relationship chain and communication effects, and through people, people can quickly fission business to customers.

    What are the advantages of companies developing WeChat applets?

    (1) Improve user satisfaction: Users turn on the mobile phone, scan code, public account menu, nearby small programs, WeChat search and other entrances to enter the small program, and go for a business drainage customer Source, expand exposure to the store rate.

    (2) Tuoke Marketing: Merchants build a small program mall. Using the habit of using users using WeChat, we can convert WeChat 889 million users into their own consumers and realize Tuoke marketing.

    (3) Offline and online integration: important entrances of applets to help merchants to drain the huge offline users to the line to create more O2O scenarios, and the applet does not need to download and install and install it. , Users like to use.

    (4) Win good reputation: applet supports remote placing orders and reservations, recharge, provides convenient services for customers, improves user experience, and accumulates good word of mouth
    n WeChat small How to play the transfer distribution

    . The difference between WeChat distribution and mini -program distribution

    The weChat traditional public account distribution can be shared to the circle of friends. To the circle of friends. I believe it is the biggest pain point for all existing distributors. Because WeChat officials are serving small programs for services and free disturbances of users, it makes some difficulties in direct communication.

    but the applet cannot be shared to the circle of friends, but it can only be shared indirectly: sharing to the circle of friends through the small program code or with pictures.

    The client once rejected the applet because the applet could not share the circle of friends. The editor expressed regret, but Winning was not regrettable for him to make a small program. We are puzzled by the starting point of the starting point for his products that can only disturb customers in order to make a profit.

    . Whenever a customer asked us if we can make their products quickly sell through violent marketing, we look forward to solving the problem of operation and the product itself through small programs.

    . The distribution of WeChat public account is easier to seal than small programs

    . At least the current stage of WeChat mini -programs is in WeChat. We can also understand that fresh things should give as much opportunities as possible and open some conditions.

    It how to play with WeChat Mini Program

    . The small program distribution and traditional distribution are different


    (1) Small program code of the distributor with parameters;

    (2) Share with a small program for friends or WeChat groups.

    The public account distribution:

    (1) The distributor creates a distribution mall; n
    Secondly, how can the distribution in the small program ecosystem be better played?

    For the distribution mall, there are several views to share with you:

    ( 1) If it is only distributed according to the traditional process, if the public account distribution system is more cost -effective, use the public account; because the essence of distribution is still selling products.

    (2) If you want to use small programs for distribution, I suggest to give full play to the openness of openness provided by the applet, such as community relations, high -quality interactive experience.

    (3) If your product can only disturb users to generate sales in endless, then prioritize how to do the quality and service operation of the product.

    I believe that if your product considers the differentiation of service quality, and consider better customer service, coupled with the rapid spread of small program distribution, then there must be no worry about the sales.

    The biggest difference between the secondary distribution mall system and the ordinary mall of small program is that the small program secondary distribution mall system has distribution rebates. For example: A beauty salon develops a small program distribution mall. When the customer scan the code to enter the distribution mall, you can buy the product and share the dissemination to get the rebate. Such as:

    (1) User A to buy a set of skin care products can become a distributor;

    (2) User A share the applet code, friend B scan the code through the code Enter the distribution mall to buy, A gets commission rewards.

    (3) User B sharing the applet code. Friends C enter the distribution mall to purchase through scanning code. Both A and B can get commission rewards (secondary distribution).

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  3. With the widespread application of mini -programs, more and more merchants have begun to set up small programs. Among them, marketing tools can help merchants improve store sales and conversion, such as spikes, groups, bargaining, coupons, etc. At this time, many businesses will ask, can the small program be distributed? Of course, distribution is a very critical marketing component.
    The distribution function is a marketing tool that can help merchants to broaden the promotion channels. Merchants formulate promotion plans, recruit buyers to join the promotion team, and give certain commission rewards after their successful promotion, thereby bringing the store to the store brings to the store More disadvantage and promotion of fission growth of sales.
    If the merchant wants to make a distribution applet, it can directly generate one -button production by a store, without development, and quickly go online. There are not only distribution in the store system, but also a variety of marketing gameplay to help merchants improve sales conversion.
    The function of distribution:
    1, one -click distribution, fast fission

    In friends, fans, employees to distribute, invite incentives, commission mechanisms, unlimited second -level fission, easily realize the social society Group communication saves you millions of promotion costs.
    2, the system automatic settlement commission

    The system automatic accounts, the book is clear at a glance, the operation is more convenient, more worrying, and safer.
    3, distribution and promotion anytime, anywhere

    posters, exclusive promotion QR codes and links, make full use of WeChat and community to promote multi -channel promotion. The cost is low, bringing more orders.
    4, the flexible cost of the commission mode

    The various commission models are flexible. According to the promotion performance, the distributor sets different levels and commission ratios. Improve sales momentum.
    5, the distribution effect is real -time monitoring
    sales performance, commission distribution, real -time statistics of data, perfect data reports, and the distribution effect is clear at a glance.
    The effect of distribution depends on the merchant. The applet just provides tools for merchants. How does the effect still need to see the operation of the later merchants. The operation is good, and the fission effect is extremely significant.
    If you also want to make a small program with distribution, you can try it.

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