4 thoughts on “What are the advantages of smart tourism companies?”

  1. Smart tourism companies are actually a technology company. They use technology and big data to enhance the intelligence of scenic spots. It knows the tourism industry and technology very well, and it is very clear about the entire smart construction framework of the scenic area. To judge whether a smart tourism is reliable, first look at the technical team, the larger the scale, the more reliable the scale. The bigger the organization, the more they can show their strength.

  2. Use digital platforms to promote changes in tourism services, tourism marketing, and tourism management. Make scenic spots to better serve consumer. You can consult the company first.

  3. The "wisdom" of wisdom tourism is reflected in the three aspects of "wisdom of tourism services", "wisdom of tourism management" and "wisdom of tourism marketing".

  4. 1. Develop and use information resources, information exchanges and knowledge sharing
    The collection, processing, conversion of travel information through information technology, and using text, numbers, graphics, sound, animation, etc. to store, transmit, and apply it. The essence of smart tourism refers to the application of intelligent technology including information and communication technology in tourism.

    Inning the current comprehensive information is not the purpose. Based on this information resources Form an analysis of tourist consumption habits, thereby guiding tourism planning, product development, tourism marketing and tourist services. This is the value of using information technology, and is the basis for the tourism authorities and tourism companies to be more "smart".
    Puctile management in the scenic area is supported by database information, which can effectively promote information exchanges and knowledge sharing, so that people can understand information about tourism resources, tourism economy, tourism activities, tourists, etc., arrange and adjust in time The era of work and travel planning, the era of tourism intelligence informatization has arrived.
    2. To realize the smart tourism industry chain, the rapid development of tourism
    Under the blessing of mobile Internet information technology, the tourism industry structure is deeply reconstructed, that is, the composition elements of the tourism industry chain are reorganized , Combining, processing, dissemination, and sales, to promote the transformation of traditional tourism to modern tourism, accelerate the development of tourism, and intelligent information technology and products such as mobile Internet have a important role in promoting smart tourism. Smart tourism It is the development direction of the upgrading of the tourism industry. The completion of the smart tourism system will change the behavior of tourists, realize the smart tourism industry chain, change the industrial structure, and promote the overall upgrade of the tourism industry.
    The core industry chain in the tourism industry, increase coordination and integration, to form a strong and competitive tourism industry organization system, make full use of the advantages of core enterprises, and restrict control of other enterprises. This is the integration of the industrial chain. the key of.
    3. Seamless integration of tourism public services and public management
    As the development of electronic government affairs in the direction of the construction of a service -oriented government, the advanced stage of tourism informatization should be a full use, communication and sharing of massive information. The seamless integration of services and management processes centered on "public services" achieves science and reasonable service and management decision -making. Tourism informatization first analyzes the connotation, characteristics, types, and the overall architecture of the system of tourism public services, and strives to build a more systematic tourism public service system, which has important reference value for improving the supply level and supply efficiency of tourism public services in my country.

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