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  1. Different VIP -level members can be used to accumulate active days daily: QQ member VIP level daily online (including 2 hours and more) can accumulate active days VIP1 2 hours, 1.1 days VIP2 2 hours 1.2 days VIP3, 1.3 days VIP4 2 hours 1.4天VIP5 2小时1.5天VIP6 2小时1.6天ò┱媽媽啲話回答采纳率:1.7% 2009-01-02 10:08 检举红名:让您的昵称在好友面板里以新颖的红色字体出现,并且rank the top. At the same time, you can also change the color of the membership nickname as you want to make it more pleasing. Ranking forward: Member nicknames will be ranked forward in the friend panel, making it easier for friends to find you, and experience the most dazzling privileges! Super pretty card: Super pretty number is a batch of small numbers that have been collected for a long time. Different types of super pretty numbers are different, and they need to be purchased with beautiful numbers. Respecting QQ member users will have different super pretty cards according to different levels. QQ level acceleration: In the absence of the original calculation method, accelerate the upgrade of QQ member QQ level. On the basis of obtaining the corresponding QQ level growth through the accumulation of active days, QQ member users can also increase the daily online duration according to the membership level, thereby accumulating more active days and obtaining higher QQ levels. Filter advertisement: Starting from the QQ2003 Ⅲ, when the member users log in, the client will be able to block Flash advertisements and online advertisements. Forum privilege: Members can implement the text bold, tilted, and lower lines in their own articles, establish a super connection of text, and insert pictures, Flash, audio, video, and insert it through the online link address on the Internet. Special characters, QQ mood icons. VIP mailbox privilege: QQ mailbox has launched the VIP mailbox domain name, QQ members enjoy the right to register and use VIP mailbox! Log in to QQ mailbox and start registering immediately.@ Vip.qq and @QQ domain names registered with the same QQ number point to the same mailbox. Cool membership avatar: The avatar is automatically replaced. With this function, members can set up a custom avatar from Monday to Zhou Tian at will, and the system will automatically replace you every day! Also provides membership avatars. Member magical expression: dynamic expressions are more personalized, and the simple text and ordinary expressions cannot express their minds with simple text and ordinary expressions? The most dazzling member's magical expression, big and sound, moving expression, let you talk about it! Member dazzling bell: Members are online, let you "sound" first! Personality on the line, you don't have to look up, you know that it is a distinguished member to go online! Member greeting card: conveniently convey the voice of unlimited blessings! Funny, sweet, or docile? The classic membership card is waiting for you to choose, and easily click to send out your most sincere blessings. Member Music Weekly: QQ Member and QQ Music jointly launched QQ Member Music Weekly! The latest and most dazzling genuine music every Monday will create a new music privilege for QQ. Graffiti emoticons: match your QQ expression with text, the text is determined by you! Reject PS and enjoy the text that easily customizes QQ emoticons! The new QQ emoticon experience, use different custom emoji! More powerful members of the senior group: QQ members can create 4 groups (including high -level groups, and the maximum number of free people in the high -level group is 200). QQ members enjoy privileges such as red nicknames, ranking, and personalized group icons in the group. QQ members can also have unlimited stickers in the group. Member close friends: QQ member users can choose whether friends can see their online when they log in to QQ, and communicate with QQ close friends in a timely manner while avoiding harassment. Friends upper limit (1000 people), K -level friends: QQ member users who grow at VIP4 and above, can increase the number of QQ friends from the upper limit of 500 to 1,000! Network hard disk (128m-1.5G): QQ members can enjoy a large network hard disk storage space privilege! Users of different levels have different sizes of network hard disks. Network album (1G): All QQ users enjoy 50 mega -phase album space for free, and QQ member users can enjoy 1G ultra -large space for free! QQ mailbox (3-6G): On the basis of the original 3G capacity, member mailboxes have expanded a graded space according to the member level. Member users will gain more growth fun in the growth journey. Experience! In addition, there will be a unique sign of members in the email! Member VIP server login: Starting from QQ2000C 1230, QQ provides a variety of login methods to enhance connectivity. The VIP method also refers to the member VIP server login. It is a server specially set for member login. When QQ login cannot be successful, it cannot be successful. If it is a member identity, the program will continue to try to log in by VIP, so as to further enable QQ members to pass through the restrictions of most firewalls and easily log in to QQ. At the same time, members can also achieve the purpose of hiding their IP by logging in to the VIP server. However, VIP login will be much slower than conventional login, so when the network condition is very good, it is recommended not to choose this method. Personal information on mobile phones: Send any letters at any time to receive QQ member SMS privileges menu! You can modify your QQ nickname, update your personalized signature by sending SMS, and check your current QQ personal information. Member Super Group Special: QQ members can create 4 ordinary groups, member VIP6 can create an additional super group, up to 500 people, super group ownership

  2. Benefits of members: 1. Double 9 hours a week 2. Killing Star Gives double experience and potential 3. You can enter the full line 4. You can kill the ancient sheep, beef, bear lion, hedgehog, pork, hedgehog, The color of the characters can be changed at will. Garxing (just as good as the QQ level) 8. You can participate in 1-4 regular activities per week (8.-10.) For the time being, I thought of so many bear lion hedgehog pork pork elephant Baihua cattle demon king every 8 hours to kill the above boss When you do n’t use the forgottenness of the gold or the mixing of the soil, you can seal the master monster, you must kill the big first. If the master monsters do n’t seal and kill the mobs, there is a certain chance to brush out the monster higher than the original mob. It is recommended that the BOSS above pig killing must have a high -end Ministry of Mind Water to kill Baigae Cow Demon King. It is recommended that there is a sensitive water and a high -end fire or a high -end Minin. The coordinates of the boss bear are not fixed. Just near a coordinate. Kingsoft is the door of Longmen. There is also the gate of the fishing village and the upper left corner. Mushan is 50.165 140.200 140.290 Shuishan is a lotus pond and upper right corner. There is also the bottom of Tushan, which is 110.270 80.230 Tushan is more difficult to find. The scope is too large is 350.100 80.150 255.235 coordinates are just a reference. The bear brushes near the coordinates. But it will not be too far away. There is also the boxes of Tianluo Treasure Box at 8-10 pm at 8-10 pm at 8-10pm each week at 8-10 pm each week. There is a certain chance to open the BOSS for the boxes of 8-10 pm There is a certain chance that the boxes above the bear H1 have a certain chance to open a box with a lion (including bear) H4 and above. There is a certain chance to open a box with a hedgehog (including Bear Lion) with a certain chance of opening a pig (. ..... Hedgehog) In addition, the box there is like a hundred flower cattle demon king. Running Demon Demon another high -level high -level high -end killing star killing boss is also a good way to make money. Opening a shop or setting up a stall, especially the Yuanbao props, there is a lot of appreciation space for the Yuanbao props. If the funds are in place, it is recommended not to imitate more membership props to hoard it. By 1800-2000, in short, the Yuanbao Tao props will not rise (show you a point if you are attentive, you will often see the world or shout that someone in the warehouse is shouting to collect the purchase price of Yuanbao Road. Those people who are all in the game are doing business in the game. The purpose of their shouting is to raise the price of the props) and one personally thinks that the most important point of opening is because they have no money. RMB players buy essence. There is a certain chance of opening the seminal vesicles to open the appreciation space of the female vortex. It is also a large open area that can only be sold at 100-300 to 800-1000 high-priced in the later period. The premise is that you must have acquisition funds.

  3. [Benefits and functions of members]: [1] QQ members can open, members dazzling, book logos, red QQ nicknames, VIP levels to buy beautiful numbers; Calone QQ friends, numbers lost mobile phones to recover; [3] mobile phone redesigned passwords, network hard disks (128/256M), network album (1G), QQ mailbox (3-6G); [4] custom avatar replace The latest QQ versions and the discounts, etc.

  4. QQ member function QQ mailbox (100M) network hard disk (128M) network album (100M) network memorandum network collection folder forum privilege replies notification community broadcast red nickname display filter all advertising membership fixed group QQ custom avatar chat records upload members close friend friends cloned copy copy Friends Group Management Desire Light Reminders Fast Friends Quick Search Member VIP server Login Friends to Notify Friends Offline News Super Security Protect Mobile Phone Set Password Email Mobile Phone Notification

  5. The name is red, always in the front of the friends list. Each login shows the last login place, there is a dizziness, but setting thousands of miles, you can set the avatar

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