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  1. E-wallet (E-Wallet, WALLET)
    Electronic wallets are one of the ring in safe electronic transactions (SET), which is a computer software for consumers to perform electronic transactions and storage transactions. Consumers
    Is before security electronic transactions on the Internet, electronic wallets that meet security standards must be installed.

    The function of electronic wallets can be roughly divided into the following 3 items:

    . Management of electronic security certificate: including the application, storage, deletion of electronic security certificate;

    . Safety electronic transaction: identify the identity of the user and send transaction information during SET transactions;

    . Save of transaction records: save each transaction record to prepare for future query inquiries ;

    Is when the cardholder uses the Great Wall card for online shopping, card household information (such as accounts and expiration date) and payment instructions can be encrypted and validated by electronic wallet software. Electronic wallets can run on browser software of companies such as Microsoft and NetScape.

    The cardholder must conduct safe electronic transactions that meet the SET standard on the Internet. You must install an electronic wallet that meets the SET standard

    electronic wallets are commonly used in e -commerce shopping activities. A payment tool, which is suitable for small shopping. Electronic currencies stored in electronic wallets, such as electronic cash, electronic change, electronic credit cards, etc. Shopping with electronic wallets. It usually needs to be performed in the electronic wallet service system. The software of electronic wallets in e -commerce activities is usually provided for free. There are currently Visa Cash and Mondex in the electronic wallet service system.

    The electronic wallet is usually accounting in the bank. When using an electronic wallet, the user first installs the corresponding application software. In the software system, there is a functional management module of the electronic currency and electronic wallet, which is called an electronic wallet manager. The user can use it to change the password or confidentiality method. And use it to view the accounts, lists and other data of the electronic currency collection and payment on your bank account. The system also provides an electronic transaction recorder. Customers can understand their shopping records by querying the recorder.

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