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  1. Mavericks Online is the Internet wealth management platform under Mavericks Capital Management Group. It has a strong background and strong strength. It was officially launched in June 2013. As of now, the turnover has exceeded 20 billion. The platform is committed to providing investors with transparent, simple and efficient wealth preservation and value -added services. So, what is the security of the Mavericks online platform? Let's take a look at it together.
    First of all, let's take a look at the type of Mavericks online business
    An cattle online business types are very extensive, covering car loan (Anxin), mortgage (Anjubao), personal credit loan (easel), Small and medium -sized enterprise loans (security enterprise loans) and other fields. The platform official website is displayed on the two major investment sections of worry -free and financial management. The following are the introduction of the two major investment sectors.
    1. Mind -of -minded section: This section is mainly scattered products, which is matched with a single debt project (including Anjubao, An Enterprise Loan, An Yixin and Anxin Xin). The two wealth management products, the investment period is 1 to 24 months, and the expected annualized return rate can reach up to 12%.
    2, wealth management section: This section is mainly based on planned wealth management products, which will match multiple creditor projects at the same time. It is divided into two wealth management products of the An E plan and Tiantian Niu. The maximum yield can reach 12.50%. Among them, the An E plan generally matches credit loan claims-An Yixin, and Tiantian Niu matches multiple debt projects.
    It is understood that there are two main sources of claims in the product, one, and the offline stores of the Mavericks online; second, third -party cooperation agencies provided. Mavericks have a variety of types of online borrowings and decentralized sources. Although there is a certain risk compared to the platform of all mortgage loans, this risk control is controllable.

    Secondly, let's learn about Mavericks online risk control:
    Mavericks online and the world's largest credit reporting institution, Yibo Rui, established a strict risk management and control system. Composition of people with many years of practical experience. According to Xicaijun's understanding, the platform's risk control measures for debt projects are as follows:
    1, strict review of credit reporting, qualifications, pledged goods, capital flowing water, repayment methods, risk indicators, etc. Visit on the spot to ensure that the borrower provides the authenticity of the data.
    2. After a series of strict risk control processes, high -quality projects are screened and sold on the platform.
    3. After the loan is successful, pay attention to the borrower's asset dynamics in real time to ensure that it can repay on time.
    In addition, the Mavericks adopts the fund management method of third -party fund depository to ensure the security of user funds.
    Summary: Mavericks have rich experience in risk control review and project control capabilities online. In addition, professional teams and unique "six -dimensional" security security systems have well protected investors' interests. Wealth management products have a living period. For regular types, the investment period is abundant, which can meet investors' short -term and long -term investment needs, and the overall safety factor of the platform is high. This is the most comprehensive analysis I have seen. I hope it will be helpful to you.

  2. Mavericks are available online. It belongs to the P2P platform. The main businesses are P2P wealth management and P2P borrowing. The main difference is that interest rates and risk control technology and so on.

  3. Mavericks online has a national information security level three -level certification, which can provide strong security guarantee for user funds information and personal information.

  4. I have used Mavericks to wealth management online, which is safer and reliable. My personal personality is more cautious. I have conducted a survey before using it.

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