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  1. 1. 5 points in 1979
    1979 5 points coins are a exquisite plastic seal commemorative album made with all coins issued in 1979. In principle, there will be no scattered "five heavenly kings" in the collection market. Coin. The price of 5 points in 1979 was about 1,500 yuan.
    2, 2 points in 1980, 5 points in 1980
    . According to the current quotation in the antique market, this kind of 2 points coins in 1980, its collection value is related to its appearance. The better the value of the product, the higher the value of the collection. Today, a good product of 2 cents in 1980. Its reference value is around 1500 yuan.
    The price of 2 points in 1980 was about 1500 yuan, and the price of 5 points in 1980 was around 1,800 yuan.
    3, 1 point in 1981, 5 points in 1981
    The ciber in Mainland China appeared in 1981. This year, my country was rich in circulation coins. In commemorative needs, the Shanghai Mint specially produced 5,000 one -dollar coin, which specializes in the assembly to put the market. Because the ratio of 5,000 to hundreds of millions of circulation coins was nearly 10,000 times, in 1981, the one -meter currency became a modern coin queen, and the price rose 70,000 times.
    The current price of 1 point in 1981 and 5 points in 1981 is around 2500 yuan. rn价格虽高但有价无市rn除了“五大天王”,比较受欢迎的还有“四小龙”,分别是1955年1分、1957年1分、1992年1分、 2 points in 1992.
    It collectors said that although some collectors have opened a sky -high price of more than 10,000 yuan for the entire set of "five heavenly kings", many coins are in a state of priceless due to many merchants who specialize in coins.
    has gradually withdrawn from the actual circulation. After 2005, there will be no new currency issuance. In addition to circulating currency, there are also some limited -edition sets of packaging coins, which are mainly used as gifts.
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