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  1. Hello, the difference between the GEM and the motherboard:
    1. Small and medium -sized boards; the small and medium -sized boards are compared to the motherboard market. China's motherboard market includes the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The conditions of some companies cannot meet the requirements of the motherboard market, so they can only be listed on the small and medium -sized board market. The small and medium -sized board market is a transition of the GEM, and the market code of the small and medium -sized board in China starts with 002.
    2. Motherboard: The motherboard market refers to the traditional securities market. It is the main place for securities issuance, listing and transactions in a country or region
    . The stock trading market refers to the difference between the financial indicators and the motherboard for the
    of the issuance conditions of the GEM nThe SMEs and emerging companies that cannot be listed for the time being provided by securities transactions for financing pathways and growth space The market is an effective supply to the motherboard market and occupies an important position in the capital market.
    The biggest feature of the GEM market is that low threshold entry, strictly required operation, helps to obtain financing opportunities with potential small and medium -sized enterprises.
    The financial indicators in the issuance conditions of the GEM are lower than the first publicly issued conditions in terms of the motherboard (including small and medium -sized boards). Refer to the main board method in terms of the content of the indicators. Wait for financial indicators, with a growth rate and net asset indicators at the same time. In addition, the GEM has two sets of standards in net profit/operating income, which can be complied with one of them.
    This information does not constitute any investment suggestions. Investors should not replace their independent judgment or make decisions based on these information. If it operates on its own, please pay attention to position control and risk control.

  2. 1. Different types of enterprise

    In establishing the GEM market to provide a platform that is in the growth, entrepreneurial period, and high technology content. Article 1 of the Interim Measures for Public Issuance and the Interim Measures for the Management of the GEM Listing Board is one of the legislative purpose of Kai Zongyi. Although the "Interim Measures for the Management of the GEM" did not define a clear scope of independent innovation enterprises, growth enterprises, and startup enterprises, the person in charge of the GEM issuance department of the GEM of the CSRC has been informatively stated that the GEM will focus on two categories in 2009. Enterprises, first, enterprises in the fields of new energy, new materials, biomedicine, electronic information, environmental protection and energy saving, modern services, as well as companies with particularly prominent growth in other fields; The industry ranking is high and the market share is relatively high.
    has no restrictions on the industries and types of the main board of listed companies. Any enterprise can apply for listing as long as it meets the prescribed standards.

    . The size of the enterprise is different
    In the multi -level capital market, the main board market is the largest, small and medium -sized boards, while the GEM is smaller. According to information, as of July 30, 2009, there were 856 A -share listed companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, with a market value of more than 18 trillion. Many oversized aircraft carrier companies in China have chosen the Shanghai Stock Exchange in China. For example, the first public offering of 12 billion shares on July 29th, which was just listed on July 29, for the first time, raised a total of 50.16 billion yuan. The fund raising scale was the fourth largest in the history of the Chinese stock market and the world's largest IPO case since 2009.

    Stime plates in Shenzhen started in May 2004. As of July 30, 2009, a total of 278 listed companies with small and medium -sized boards raised more than 100 billion yuan.

    The characteristics of the GEM is that the enterprise size is small and the amount of funding is small. Based on a company to raise one billion yuan, even if it is listed in one hundred a year, that is, more than 100 billion, it is not up to a large market. The stock fund is large.

    . Different listing conditions

    . Different listed newspaper review links — whether to solicit relevant government departments
    The opinions of the provincial people's governments and the National Development and Reform Commission where the issuer is located should be solicited. The content of the comments is whether whether to agree with the issuance of shares and the issuer's raised funds to comply with national industrial policies and investment management. The GEM enterprise is simplified in the reporting procedure. Before the report, the provincial people's government of the issuer's registered place of registration was no longer required, and the National Development and Reform Commission would no longer require the National Development and Reform Commission to invest in the investment of funds for investment and investment. Essence

  3. Motherboard: The motherboard market refers to the securities market in the traditional sense. It is the main place for securities issuance, listing and transactions in a country or region. Foreign -based securities trading markets that provide financing channels and growth space for SMEs and emerging companies that are temporarily unable to list are effective supplies to the motherboard market and occupy an important position in the capital market.

  4. There are four main differences between China's GEM stock market as the main board market: that is (1) full circulation; (2) a lower threshold for innovative enterprises; (3) Fundamental conditions; (4) New types of strict supervision methods of "down" type of supervision rights and liability.
    The biggest difference is:
    The motherboard market is mainly state -owned enterprises
    The GEM market is mainly private enterprises.

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