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  1. Koala introduces the unique animal "Koala" (English name, the meaning of "not drinking water"), soft fluff, thick and innocent eyes, funny and clumsy movements, like the hair placed in a toy store The doll, funny and cute, is known as "the most lovely animal in the world", "Animals that come out of fairy tales" in Australia, and people kindly referred to as "lazy". Because this kind of animal is very lazy and likes to sleep on the tree during the day. The tail bear, also known as Koala, originated from Australian indigenous language Koala, which means "water -free" or "no drinking water" animals. Aka bears are a rare animal produced by Australia. A French zoologist gave it a name called "bear with a childcare bag" and in fact, the bear -free bear is not a bear animal. Koala: It is also known as a kozen and a kozen. It is a kind of animalbags in the arid forest in southeast Australia. It only eats eucalyptus leaves. There are hairy bushes, nose is naked, and there is no tail. Adults weigh 8-10 kg. For each child, the cub is only 5.5 grams of birth. It is breastfeeding for 6 months in the bag. After a few months, he rides on his mother's back to continue growing. By 3-4 years, he has matured and has a lifetime of about 20 years. He likes to live alone and acts at night. In Australia, a puppet bear is regarded as a national treasure like a panda in China. People cast their cute images on gold coins worth $ 200. The Australians regard Australia's unique animals as one of the important tourism resources, and the puppet bear is the most famous tourist image ambassador. New South Wales Tourism Bureau also printed cute campaign promotional advertisements. In addition, the lifelike tree bags bear toys are also unique tourist souvenirs in Australia. About 30 kg. Its fur is thick and long, with brown and gray on the back, and the hair on the abdomen is pale yellow. There are two large and round ears, a pair of black eyes and long and dark nose. The forelimbs of the tail bear -free bear, short hind limbs, walking slowly, not suitable for living on the ground. But its front paw is sharp, climbing trees quickly. The thumb in its front paws cooperates with other fingers to cooperate with each other to grab things. The karma -free bear uses its second and third fingers to sort out hair. The tail bear has no tail, the fur of the hips is thick and dense, which is convenient for it to sit on the tree. The sense of smell and hearing of this animal is very keen, the balance ability is very strong, and it is very suitable for the life on the tree. The tail bear is a tree -lived animal. It likes to live alone and does not have a fixed nest. Most of the time spent on the tree. This kind of animal is a night -walking animal, sleeping during the day, and only coming out at night to find food. It rarely goes down to the ground, and the ground is also to move from one tree to another. The bear -free bear lives with eucalyptus leaves, and occasionally eats tender grass and bark. It takes fat and water in the body from the eucalyptus leaves, so it rarely goes down the tree to find water to drink. Each adult koala can eat eucalyptus leaves of more than one kilogram a day. In addition to drinking water rarely, another major feature is that it is very sleepy, with an average of at least 15-19 hours a day on average. But its balance ability is very strong. Even if you fall asleep on the tree, you can finally maintain a balanced posture and never fall easily. Australians have special feelings for bears. The federal government stipulates that October 20 is Australia's nationwide bears. Every day, people organize spontaneously to carry out activities to save such animals in various ways. In areas with a lot of tailors, there are specialized scientific researchers and carefully cared or sick. In some wildlife reserves in Australia, people often see the cute image of the little -tail bear lying on the mother's back. Interestingly, the tail bear is timid, and even frightened and even crying, the voice seemed to be a baby who was just born. Tail -free bears are tamed and their actions are slow, and they never pose a threat to other animals. Its appearance is funny and delicate, and it is a favorite ornamental animal.

  2. Board is also known as Koala or Kochi. It belongs to the family of monkeys with bags. It does not belong to a bear family. Bear are carnivorous animals. The campair bears are eaten by plants. Tree bags spent most of the time on eucalyptus. The bagel bear was furry, no tail, a slow movement, and a strong look.

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