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  1. In order to obtain security, for this reason, this article is a model of the responsible commitment that I have compiled for everyone, for reference only.
    The essay of responsibility commitment book:
    It is to further clarify the importance of safe production, effectively prevent and control various casualties. Our department will strictly strengthen the requirements of national laws, regulations and enterprises to further strengthen the safety production management of the department, and ensure that no major safety production accidents occur within the scope of their duties. Make the following commitments solemnly:
    1. Conscientiously implement the guiding ideology of "safety first, prevention -oriented". We will resolutely implement the "Work Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" and the company's various safety management systems, responsibilities to the post, strengthen the safety management supervision of the department, and ensure that there are no major safety accidents in the department.
    . Establish and improve the safety operation procedures of the workshop, emergency rescue plan for safety accidents, investigation and governance system of hidden dangers.
    . Strengthen the safety training and education of the post to ensure that the employees are trained twice a month for employees, and do a good job of training; new employees are in the job team and workshop safety education training, qualified training is qualified The rate must reach 100%.
    . The special operation system is strictly in accordance with the special operation system. For special operations such as climbing, fire, and limited space construction, special operation application registration system must be implemented, and special personnel are arranged for supervision.
    5. Strictly implement the safety production law and the company's safety regulations and regulations, and the illegal acts discovered should be dealt with in a timely manner in accordance with the rules and regulations.
    6. The fire protection facilities and equipment within the scope of the unit should be checked regularly, and timely rectification of hidden dangers is found to ensure that the facilities and equipment can be effectively used.
    Seven. For the safety hazards inspected by the company and superior departments, organize personnel or contact relevant departments in a timely manner for rectification within a time limit. For objective reasons, it is necessary to state reasons for the company's relevant departments and take temporary security measures. When the hidden dangers have rectification conditions, rectification shall be carried out in accordance with regulations.
    8. Persist in the reporting system of the accident. You must not report, report late, and conceal the accident, and investigate the accident in strict accordance with the principle of "four non -let go".
    We we must obey the commitment, be honest and trustworthy, and do a good job of the safety production work of the department. If we violate or fail to obey the commitment, I am willing to accept the treatment and punishment of the relevant departments.
    The promise department (branch, workshop): He Sheng Silicon (sign): Safety person signature: Signature of the person in charge:
    Date: year, month, day
    Date n
    The essay of responsibility commitment book 2:
    Ben according to the "People's Republic of China", "Fire Fighting Law of the People's Republic of China", "Professional Disease Prevention Law of the People's Republic of China", "Food Sanitation Law of the People's Republic of China" The "Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", the "Measures for the Administrative Penalties of Safety Production illegal Behavior", "Regulations on the Management of Fire Safety Management of Organs, Groups, Enterprises, and Institutions, and other relevant laws and regulations on laws and regulations of the state, provincial, and municipalities As a contractor/supplier/outsourcing party such as the XXXX project, in order to ensure a good occupational health and safety environment for the XXXX project, our unit promises to comply with the following safety responsibilities:
    . Comply with the current national security of the country Safety requirements of relevant laws and regulations:
    1.1, our unit has a state/professional security qualifications set by national/professional and professional security qualifications such as services/items/equipment/facilities/products, etc. (including subcontracting projects).
    1.2. The service staff of our unit stationed in the XXXX project has professional qualifications and safety operation skills. Our unit promises that before the units of the XXXX project belonging to the XXXX project, our unit has carefully reviewed it to ensure that the professional qualifications of the above -mentioned service personnel are true and effective.
    1.3. Our unit has complied with the production safety, fire safety, public security safety, vehicle traffic safety, and food hygiene and safety safety in the project of the project of the XXXX project. standard requirement.
    . The internal safety guarantee measures of the unit:
    2.1. The safety management systems such as safety production have been established within our unit, which can achieve on -site safety/civilized construction and safety supply.
    2.2, the products/services provided by our unit for the XXXX project meet the requirements of national security standards and obtain relevant quality/safety/environment and other qualifications.
    2.3. Our unit in the XXXX project construction operation and service period in accordance with the requirements of national security standards and on -site safety warning signs. /Labor protection and protection supplies, etc.) to ensure the requirements of national security fire standards, and regularly check/maintenance/maintenance, etc. The relevant expenses shall be responsible for our unit.
    . The responsibility of obeying the safety management of the XXXX project:
    3.1. There is no inferior or criminal experience sent into the engineering staff.
    3.2, all personnel do not carry cigarettes and fire types into the XXXX project construction site.
    3.3, sent into the XXXX engineering staff to register according to the personnel entry and exit procedures and wearing a brave card to enter the construction area.
    3.4. Entering the personnel of the XXXX projects to comply with the relevant safety management regulations of XX Company. After the wine is strictly prohibited, enter the XXXX project units, do not enter the area that is not related to work without authorization, stay in the work area without work, and do not violate the regulations/ Adventure operations do not enter dangerous areas.
    3.5, on -site construction safety responsibility:
    3.5.1, on -site construction includes equipment installation/maintenance/maintenance/processing, and construction/repair, etc. Particular safety management personnel are responsible for the safety training, on -site safety inspections, and the whole process of construction safety measures.
    3.5.2. A clear safety warning signs must be set up at the construction site, equipped with sufficient fire emergency equipment to keep the fire safety channels unobstructed.
    3.5.3. Safety qualifications such as equipment/facilities installation, construction/maintenance/maintenance/processing meet the requirements of national security standards. Special industries have corresponding qualifications, and they are not faked or transferred to unqualified units.
    3.5.4, equipment/facilities installation, construction/maintenance/maintenance/processing personnel enter the XXXX project before the project leader to the security department to apply for a construction permit, and pay the construction margin according to the standards formulated by the XXXX project ( Or deposits) can be constructed after reviewing the construction safety qualification standards.
    3.5.5, on -site construction, if there are Minghuo operation/high -altitude operations/temporary electricity/flammable and explosive operation/equipment internal operations such as internal operations, etc. Poster the safety warning signs, set up a special person in safety monitoring (wearing orange -red clothes, with safety armbands), and sending related operational safety protective supplies. After cleaning up the surroundings of the site, it can only be constructed. At the same time, the emergency situation of possible emergency plans for construction operations will be formulated in advance and all training in the construction staff is in place.
    3.5.6. The construction site of the construction of the XXXX project at the XXXX project must be equipped with a safety management institution or professional safety management personnel in accordance with the "Regulations on the Management Management Management Management of Construction Engineering" All safety measures must be constructed before they are in place.
    3.5.7. Decoration and decoration must be strictly used in accordance with the fire protection regulations. The non -flammable decorative materials must be used for safety monitoring at the construction site (wearing orange -red clothes, with safety cuffs). In place. The use of Minghuo operations, etc. must apply for construction permits and ensure that the cleaning site meets the safety fire protection requirements.
    3.5.8, construction projects, decoration engineering, equipment and facilities such as the transformation of equipment and facilities must ensure that the drawing is qualified by the fire department before the construction of the fire regulations. Can be put into use.
    3.5.9. During the trial operation of engineering projects and equipment and facilities, the construction unit must arrange operating technicians to monitor the operation on the spot so that the emergency treatment and fault maintenance of the accident can avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.
    3.5.10. All the subcontracting teams entering the XXXX project construction site must bring their own hard hat before entering the construction site, otherwise it will not be allowed to enter the construction site.
    3.6. Responsibility for vehicle transportation safety:
    3.6.1. The transportation of transportation vehicles is complete and meets the requirements of national safety standards. The driver must exercise strictly in accordance with the road traffic safety regulations.
    3.6.2. The transportation and loading and unloading of dangerous chemical transportation vehicles meet the requirements of national and industry. Safety measures such as protection measures and anti -static electricity must be taken on the spot.
    3.6.3. During the loading or temporary storage of transportation vehicles, special persons must be monitored at the scene to prohibit the overnight storage at the scene.
    3.7, raw materials/components/equipment/facilities and other safety quality liability
    3.7.1. Providing raw materials/components/equipment/facilities must meet the requirements of national security standards.
    3.7.2, hazardous chemicals must provide a security technical manual and guarantee the relevant safety certification.
    3.8, property cleaning/greening, etc.:
    3.8.1 Cleaning personnel are qualified and equipped with safety protection measures in place. High -altitude operators must take professional training to work.
    3.8.2. During the service of XXXX engineering services, strictly abide by the management regulations of XXXX engineering personnel and materials in and out of the project, and it is not good for job operations to steal the property of individuals and companies.
    3.8.3. The service personnel in the XXXX engineering are obliged to provide the obligations of information and hidden dangers to the relevant departments of the XXXX engineering departments; the emergency situation has the obligation to report and assist in handling in a timely manner.
    3.9. The equipment/facilities required to host large -scale activities meet the safety requirements such as national electricity consumption, and the event site meets the national fire safety requirements.
    3.10, making large light boxes, advertisements, etc. must meet national safety measures such as national safety, anti -collapse and falling, and other safety measures.
    3.11, other operations and services are strictly implemented in accordance with security standards such as national, provincial, municipalities, and industries.
    . Compensation for safety liability
    4.1. If the items/service/items/facilities provided by our company or the product/service/equipment/facilities provided by our company All accidents such as fire safety security and other accidents will bear all legal liabilities and bear all economic losses caused by it; such as personal damage of XXXX engineering employees and loss of corporate property losses. Our company gives compensation and handling.
    4.2, XXXX projects can notify the units that violate the hidden dangers of safety accidents in the security regulations, and they may notify the construction of the rectification immediately, and the costs, losses and impacts incurred in the development of construction or business shall be borne by the responsible unit.
    4.3. The service personnel will cause hidden safety hazards in the XXXX project that violates the security management regulations. In accordance with the XXXX project -related safety management regulations, the responsibility of illegal personnel shall be given. Essence
    4.4. Due to quality reasons caused by product/service/project/equipment/facilities provided in violation of safety management regulations or provided (including personal injury accidents/fire risk accidents/theft accidents/career hazards/food poisoning/traffic accidents In addition to compensation for related losses, the XXXX project has the right to give a security penalty of 10,000 to 10,000 yuan based on the severity of the accident/loss/influence, and the case is severely submitted to the relevant departments to investigate the legal responsibility.
    4.5, XXXX projects, the acceptance of the products/services provided by our unit, can not be exempted from the guarantee responsibility of our unit. For example, in the later period If the safety hazards are caused by the units of the XXXX project, our unit shall bear all responsibilities.
    4.6, the loss caused by our unit to the units of the XXXX project. All the responsibilities are responsible for the joint responsibilities, and the state judicial department is submitted to the state judicial department to investigate the corresponding criminal responsibility in violation of national criminal laws and regulations.
    .7. When our unit provides a service in the process of providing a service for the XXXX project, when a security accident occurs, it will have adverse effects to the XXXX project (the adverse effects include not limited to the XXXX project by government agencies or third -party penalties or XXX project -related units. The media exposure), our unit agreed to compensate all the losses of the XXXX project related units while the unit is willing to pay a liquidated damage to the corresponding unit of the XXXX project at the corresponding unit of the XXXX project. Our unit agreed to deduct directly from the XXXX project units from the order of our unit.
    . Others:
    The controversy due to the performance of this security commitment, if the two parties negotiate and negotiate, the two parties agree to the lawsuit of the people's court where the XXXX project is located. If there are different agents in the business contract signed with the units signed with the XXXX project, they agree to be executed in accordance with the agreement. This security liability commitment has taken effect on the date of stamping/or signature.
    O unit name (Grand Seal)
    The representative signature:
    years day

    San text of responsibility commitment book:
    Under the premise of the issue, in accordance with the principles of voluntary, fairness, equivalent, and honesty with the principles of equivalent and honesty, in accordance with the principle of the General Principles of the Civil Law, the following commitments are solemnly made to Yunnan Bangzheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bangzheng Company") n. The promised person to ensure that the contract signed or reached between the signed or reached between the Bangzheng Company and the contractor (Party A) is not limited to all aspects, agreements, agreements, etc.) Conference minutes, supplementary documents and other documents.
    . In any circumstances (including the processing of project settlement), Bangzheng Co., Ltd. only has the funding, taxes, and other funds after deducting the management fee, taxes and other funds agreed in the "Engineering Project Construction Management Contracting Agreement", and Pay the balance to the responsibility of the promise. The promisee also made it clear that the contractor did not pay for all the money to give up all the money to Bangzheng Company, and abandoned the right to pursue the company.
    . The promised person promises to claim the right to the contractor by himself in any circumstances, including crossing the Bangzheng Company to collect money from the contractor, prosecute the contractor, etc.; Concentrated Bangzheng Company's account, promised to complete the funding procedures with valid documents. If Bangzheng Company found that the promise person crossed the company directly to collect the project funds, the promised person was willing to be punished, and the fine was calculated at 5%of the directly charging the project funds.
    . In this project project, due to the promised person's reasons that causes the economic and reputation loss of Bangzheng Company, Bangzheng Company has the right to deduct the corresponding amount from the payment that should be paid to the promise person to make up for the losses.
    . Failure to fulfill the contract between Bangzheng Company and the contractor or the "Project Construction Management Contracting Agreement" agreed by the Bangzheng Company and the contractor for the project quality, progress, safety and warranty, causing losses of Bangzheng Company The promise promises to be responsible for all economic and legal responsibilities.
    6. The labor force is organized and managed in accordance with the provisions of the administrative department of construction, and the labor service company is packed with labor service companies with the qualifications of the construction industry labor subcontracting enterprise in accordance with the law. Implement the professional skills training of front -line workers and hold the corresponding practice qualification certificate. Improve the management of migrant workers. Register the working hours, prepare the task form, calculate the salary table, and organize the binding information. In any case, the promised person promises not to owe the salary of migrant workers and issue it on time; If all the responsibilities caused by the wages and materials of migrant workers are borne by the promised person, the Bangzheng Company also has the right to investigate the economic and social impact (or reputation loss) of the promisee and can follow the fourth point and the contract of the contract. The eleventh point is related to the implementation.
    Seven. If Jobangzheng Company filed a lawsuit or applied for arbitration, the promised person should fully support, and bear the litigation costs, lawyers' fees and related expenses, and bear the consequences of litigation.
    promise: The promised person:
    Signing date

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