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  1. Article 1 of the Demonstration of Demonstration 1 Article 1 The principle of voluntary participation and exit, risk and responsibility for voluntary participation and exit. However, there are a large number of large -scale activities, and there are certain risks, and participants should have the necessary risk awareness.
    The second before participating in the event, the participants must communicate with their families in advance to obtain the understanding and support of their families. At the same time, they know and agree to the exemption commitment. After the participants are read, they are also known and agreed as their families.
    3 The participants must abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, and must follow the norms of morality and social morality. They must be environmental protectionists. Good quality.
    It 4 participating people participating in the association should be adults (those with complete civil behavior capabilities, 18 years of age). If you must participate in the guardian at the age of 18, the relevant safety responsibilities shall be borne by the guardian.
    5 of the individual safety responsibilities during the participation of all activities during the Association. Encourage participants to buy personal safety insurance by themselves. Once an unpredictable accident occurs during the event, any non -accident party and the association in the event will not bear any responsibility of personal accidents, but have the obligation to assist each other. Members participating in the event should actively organize and implement rescue work, but do not assume any legal responsibility and economic responsibility for the accident itself.
    It 6 Activity convener, organizers, associations, and councils live up to the personal safety of the participants.
    I signatures on the letter of commitment in Article 7 shall be deemed to have fully understood the content of this commitment, and is willing to voluntarily abandon the request to ask the association to bear the responsibility and voluntarily assume all responsibilities of their participation activities.
    The Shanxi Branch (Branch) Company of China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd.:
    Our company (unit) due to accidents caused by accidents and losses a total of dollars due to accidents. Our company insured it, the insurance form number, the year, month, day, month and day. Our company promised to receive the above insurance compensation for a total of RMB (RMB yuan). After that, your company no longer has any other economic or legal responsibilities about the accident. Interest claims.并作出以下承诺保证:rn   一、 针对本次事故我司今后出现任何问题均与贵司无关;rn   二、 我司今后不得再因此事向贵司主张任何权利,包括Do not sue
    , and do not do any behavior or benefit of your company's image or interests;
    . After our company guarantees to receive this insurance compensation N gets a claim to your company for this matter. Any beneficiary party in the case shall have all legal responsibilities and consequences with any legal disputes with your company. The signing of the guarantee is not directly or indirectly indicating that your company recognizes that our company's
    has a fault or legal responsibility;
    . If our company violates this guarantee, your company has the right to ask our company to ask our company to ask our company Return all fees and
    A compensation for other losses;
    signature stamp: (official seal)
    years day
    After the company's training and explanation, I fully understood the compulsory purchase of social security in the Labor Contract Law and the benefits of the purchase of social security to themselves, and confirmed that they did not purchase the legal liability and risks brought about by enterprises and individuals. However, based on personal reasons, it is strongly required not to buy social security, and all the consequences and responsibilities that are promised to be assumed by me, and abandon the power of the company's responsibility.
    Date: year month
    D ID card copying place:

    "Electronic installation (type) special (level) training. I have carefully read and know the following terms of the promise:
    . Only enjoy the government subsidy training once;
    . Do not repeatedly participate in the same skills level training. No training is allowed to participate in training.
    In order to cooperate with the enterprise to do a good job of training and effectively improve your skills, I made
    The following commitments:
    1. Seriously choose the training work of you.
    . During the training period, comply with the rules and regulations of the training institutions, abide by classroom discipline, and follow the following regulations to attend the attendance:
    Those who do not ask for leave
    are treated according to absenteeism;
    . If they are late or prematurely, they will be treated for 1 day according to the absenteeism;
    . 3 or above, according to the removal, and two
    , not allowed to participate in government subsidy training within two years.
    The picture has been closed and displayed. (SH15079), departing on February 29.
    Due to the adjustment of airline flights, the take -off time of HX235 flights from 8:20 to 7:55. Similarly, the group notice also advances to 5:45 in advance. Due to the earliest collection time, Ms. Zhao Qinfen was unacceptable, so she made a suggestion: the game is returned by this social, and the four customers went to the airport to go through the boarding procedures.
    The negotiation with suppliers repeatedly, and currently accepted this suggestion, but because the terms of the "notice of the group" are completely contrary to, the statement here: Because Ms. Zhao Qinfen cannot arrive at the airport and arrive at the airport and the time required for the group notice to arrive at the airport and the time for the group notice to arrive at the airport and the airport and the time for the group notice to arrive at the airport and the airport and the airport and the airport and the time for the group notice to arrive at the airport and the airport and the airport and the airport and the airport and the airport and the airport. The team leader merged and changed to itself. This behavior was completely personal, and all the consequences and losses caused were not responsible.
    Customer signature _________________Shang Shanghai to visit China Travel here
    24x7 service hotline: 400-828-6789
    Labor contract signed by procedures.
    I I promised to signed a labor with Shanghai Songjia Decoration Decoration Co., Ltd., and I would like to promise the following matters.
    1. Because I signed a false labor contract.
    . I participated in social insurance and paid various social insurance premiums. I paid myself.
    . If I have a working injury accident, I am responsible for my own responsibility, because I do not actually work in the company.
    . I voluntarily abandon all rights stipulated in the labor law.
    It Demonstration of Promise Book 7 In order to further standardize the travel public welfare activities of Guizhou Province's love volunteers, enrich the amateur life, so that the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of each travel participant are clarified. :
    . The home of public welfare is a non -operating caring public welfare organization. No one is a full -time staff. The launch, contact, and organization of each travel event are the obligation of enthusiastic public welfare people. For everyone, for everyone Provide non -profit activities organized for free and free services. The participants voluntarily participated in the principles of voluntary exit, risk and responsibility. Because the activity is the nature of freedom, once an accident occurs, any non -accident party in the event will not bear any responsibility of the accident, but has the obligation to assist each other. The infringer is fully compensated by this. The organizers and organizers of the activity should actively organize and implement rescue work, and do not bear any legal and economic responsibilities to the accident itself; , Come and accommodation, health, natural disasters, etc., may cause damage and loss to your own life and property. Participants should actively purchase insurance and reduce losses. Once an accident and personal injury occur, the insurance company is responsible for compensating for the consequences and the consequences of themselves, and does not involve the organizers, organizers, and other counterparts who participating in the event; if the physical health problems cause physical health due to personal physical fitness, they also have the same terms.
    . All activities travel should abide by relevant national laws and regulations. All legal responsibilities caused by the direct or indirect of the participants shall be responsible for the participants. , Facilities and related equipment belong to the participants themselves, and all risks and responsibilities generated by themselves shall be borne by themselves;
    . Participants of all travel activities should carry forward the spirit of unity and mutual assistance, help others, and in the scope of power can be Try to give others convenience and help. However, any convenience and help does not constitute a legal obligation, and it does not constitute the basis for losing losses or responsibilities to other participants;
    . The participants of travel activities are responsible for their actions. Anyone who registers the participants is deemed to be a person with a capable ability to have a complete civil behavior. Those who are under the age of 18 are responsible for all their behavior safety at the age of 18. If the consequences of personal damage occur during the event, the organization and participants do not bear the liability of compensation, and the victims shall be resolved according to law and this statement shall be resolved according to law. All participants are deemed to accept this statement. For those who signed up on behalf of him, if the participants who have been signed up on behalf of them are injured, the organizers and participants of the liability for compensation shall not bear it;
    7. All participants should provide their true names and age in detail, And determine that he is a person who has a capable capacity for civil behavior, and can independently assume civil liability and civil obligations. Those who provide the above information will be added as soon as possible. All deemed to agree with the above terms and follow the execution.
    8. All participants' participation in volunteer love and public welfare activities is completely voluntary. Participants have been well known and fully understood the meaning and consequences of related legal consequences in advance. Essence
    9. All participants have been signed and confirmed that this agreement has legal effect.
    I promises: voluntary participation in this event, agree with all the terms above without any objection.
    The signature of the promise:
    years day

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