Overseas, California in the United States, can I use VISA to recharge the game card? Do you have to use PayPal?

2 thoughts on “Overseas, California in the United States, can I use VISA to recharge the game card? Do you have to use PayPal?”

  1. You can go to the local cities in the local area, there are charges there, but it is quite expensive. Also, you can also find friends in China to help you charge.
    If you have VISA, it is also possible. You can also register a PayPal, and you don't have to register PayPal. Then find a Chinese game platform.
    . Many most people are generally on the platform of
    , it is pretty good. It is very convenient and reliable. You can compare a lot, and participate in the local famous victory. In this way, you will not feel lonely abroad.
    In more activities you like, I hope it will be useful to you.

  2. It is very simple to recharge games in China. You can use domestic online banking or two major payment tools to recharge. However, because RMB is not circulating abroad, most domestic games do not support foreign currency payment, so overseas players are not convenient, and recharge games need to use overseas recharge platforms.
    The KACN recharge platform to support PayPal. This is a recharge website that many people around them are using. The majority of overseas Chinese often use this online purchasing platform. The websites implement unified planning, unified management, and unified publicity. Website customer service provides 7 × 24 hours of online services and fast delivery efficiency to provide a variety of high -quality services for the vast number of overseas Chinese. KACN is a website that has been operating for more than ten years. In terms of security, there are double reliability filing and dual security alliance trusted website certification. It is still safe to use the KACN website overseas.

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