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  1. Looking at the stock K -line is a method used to use stocks. The stock market changes impermanence. We can use K -line to find some "rules" in order to analyze clearly and better invest in and obtain benefits.
    In the K -line for everyone, and teach friends how to analyze it clearly.
    Is before sharing, give you a few stock trading artifacts for free, which can help you collect analysis data, valuation, understand the latest information, etc. It is my commonly used practical tools. Receive (attachment code)
    . What does the k -line of the stock mean?
    k line charts have many other names, such as candles, Japanese lines, yin and yang lines, etc. We often call it K line. Its invention is to better calculate the rise and fall of rice prices. The securities markets such as futures and options have its place.
    K lines are mainly composed of entities and shadow lines. It looks like a pillar line. The part of the shadow line on the top of the entity is called the shadow line, and the part below is called the lower shadow line.
    PS: The shadow line represents the highest and lowest price of the transaction on the day. The entity represents the opening price and closing price of the day.
    This in the red, white columns, and black boxes are commonly used to represent the yang line, while the yin line is represented by green, black or blue solid columns,

    is not only not only In this way, when the "Cross Line" was observed by us, a line is the form after the physical part is changed. If you study K -line, we can keenly find the sale point (although there is no way to make specific predictions in the stock market, the K -line is also in terms of guiding significance), which is also the best control for novices.
    The on the one hand, everyone should pay attention to it. The K -line is very difficult to analyze. If you have just traded stocks, you do n’t know the K line. It is recommended to use some auxiliary tools to help you judge whether a stock is worth buying.
    For example, the following diagnosis link link, enter your favorite stock code, you can automatically help you valuation, analyze the market situation, etc. When I first started the stock trading, it was very convenient: it was very convenient: [Free] Test your current valuation location?
    For the tips for K -line analysis, I will talk about it next to help you get started quickly.
    . How to use the stock K line for technical analysis?
    1. The physical line is the yin line
    what is the turnover of the stock transaction. At this time, we must pay attention to it. Once the transaction volume is not large, it means that the stock price may decline in the short term; and the transaction volume is large, and the volume is very large, and the volume is very large, and the volume is very large, and the volume is very large. Most of the stock prices have fallen for a long time.
    2, the physical line is yang line
    What is the physical line explaining the yang line? It is fully explained that the stock price rises is even more motivated, but it will rise for a long time, and it is necessary to judge in combination with other indicators.
    For example, the form of broad markets, industry prospects, valuations, etc., but due to length problems, you cannot expand a detailed talk. You can click on the link below to understand: R N response time: 2021-09-07, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

  2. 1. The price of Xiayingyang Line (first falls and then rises) The price fell sharply after opening the market, and then rose to the high closing market. 2. The closing bald yang line (falling first and then rising) opened the market to rise and rose to the market with the highest price all day. It can be seen that the ascension is large. 3. Bald Yang Line (Dayang Line) rose throughout the day, and there is a strong rise. If it appears in the falling market, it may be a signal of the end of the market. 4. Opening the bald yang line (uplift resistance) is strong, but the blocked block should be cautious. If it continues to rise, it may be a precursor to the decline; if the rebound in the decline is not enough, the long -headed strength will still fall. 5. Xiaoyang Line (wanting to rise and weak) market is confusing, and it is difficult to make clear estimates on the rise and fall. If it appears after a strong continuous rise, it means that the high -level shocks and the continuous force may be a sign of the decline. If it appears after a long decline, it means that the desire is weak, and it may continue to fall. 6. The closing bald head (first rising and then down) the market rises first, the selling is strong, and the market is declining. 7. Xiaoyin Line (short black line) market is chaotic, and it is difficult to estimate the rise and fall. If it appears after continued rising, it means that a high shock may be a precursor of decline. 8. After opening the bald head, the overcast (decline resistance type) quotation was undertaken after falling, showing signs of rebound. 9. The upward trend of the Shangyingyang Line market has weakened, and it is obviously blocked at a higher price, and the market outlook may fall. 10. Bald heads (Da Yin Line) fell all day long, the market outlook was weak, the market was extremely bad, and it had to fall. It often appeared in the short market. If several large yin lines appear continuously, there may be a rebound. 11. The upper shadow yin line (after the rise and fall) rose first, and then the bottom of the support was not large. In the rise of the market, it may be the signal that ends the city. 12. The lower shadow yin line (the desire to fall) implies that the bottom has strong support, and the market outlook may rise. If it appears in a continuous rising market, it will continue to rise; if it appears in the continuous decline, it will possibly bulge. The four -value market is weak at the same time, the transaction volume is small, and investors wait and see. This kind of price appears in the deserted stock market. 13. When the Cross Star Market is in a transition, it may be the signal of the stock market steering. The market is strong, and the hint of the rise is strong. It may be a precursor to rise

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