3 thoughts on “My wife derailed female gay. I only discovered in 5 years, what should I do?”

  1. To a certain extent, life is not perfect, and completeness is abnormal, just like the reason why the moon is missing for the lack of the moon.
    In look at some of the successful experiences of others, learn your mistakes from it, and change yourself. I think you can face this emotional problem firmly. Many people have encountered similar problems such as you, including you, including you, including you Me too, I had to give up, but I worked hard for many places, read a lot of articles, the guidance of the teacher, and slowly improved and improved. , I think you have a chance to succeed. Maybe I can help you see it, otherwise there are masters and I know. Take time to understand. It is better than you waiting here. Do you think it is deserted here? It is better to spend time in a useful place. I will also tell you if there is a suitable method so that your problem can be properly handled. To understand life in this way, then we will soon become common, and we will be more comfortable, and distress and darkness will go with the wind.

  2. During that time, my wife and I were the happiest. The life was not enough. There were more than a bottom. The daughter was so clever, and my wife was quite stylish and virtuous. At that time, the two of us often visited the literary forum together. I compared the poetry rhythm and could also get two oils, and the couplet was not even more talkative. The thing was to tie hands and feet to shake the cleverness. I teach her poetry to play with the rhythm. To be honest, the stuff is really not difficult, the fixed format, the rhythm check, download a flat water rhyme, we don't want to be a master, and play with it. She is smart, and she will come up for two days. The one who played is called an addictive. I am not so serious about playing forums and not eating. I like the tailor that will play the piano in the end of "Ru Lin Wai History". At that time, I went to work night, playing games when I was boring during get off work during the day, and online sword three. I am just playing a process, not so serious, and not going to PK to fight. I have not been angry for a long time. Just make a copy. I love to study, like to engage in equipment attributes, and play all the way. The equipment is not weak or weak. It is not like a small trumpet, there is no time. YY is basically a listening. I have never opened the voice. Playing at most is "receiving", "haha", "goodbye". In fact, I was nervous to talk to the other person. The typing and chatting were very slippery. The vulgar and elegant ones can pull a few words and tease. At the age of eighteen or nine, I entered the factory as workers and listened to the talked about the talked about the stuff. When you get married, Huang Duanzi is embarrassed. My wife said that I could be too blind and not let me chat, and I would basically not go to the penguin. The Penguin applied in 2004 is still two moon. The copy is also scattered after playing, and there is no friendship, the authentic solo passenger. The gold coin of the copy is enough to change the card. Except for 100 yuan, I didn't spend any money. My wife still loves to play forums. I don't like it very much. Just shake a cleverness and teases it. Too much climbing. There was no first article, and cabbage radish was needed. It was originally a play, just happy. However, this is also the beginning of our differences. My online attitude is basically playing, and my wife is more serious. Coupled with online shopping, she thinks this social platform is good. She usually doesn't have many friends, and her high is high, and things between women are also troubled. So I don't object to chatting with a friend or something, after all, there are few people who vote for her in reality. I am a worker. Although I am good at reading, my education is a technical school. What she meant to say that playing games is a waste of life. I think she is a virtual world with a mirror flower and moon. In fact, it is a virtual world without a shadow. Just play a cheerful. In reality, you have to eat. , I have to eat

  3. My boyfriend is my fellow, he takes photos in all aspects ~ Gu me., Gradually the two of them are getting better, we all love each other, I have always been ~ I imagined that he would marry me one day, but last summer. Tell me to break up, saying no longer love me anymore, very determined. I feel so painful ~ suffocate, tears are crying, but I have no effect and never fortune -telling. I will calculate it. At that time, I didn’t believe in the fortune -telling. I found a life -saving rice. The master is very serious, ~ I also gave a. The recovery plan was given, and the effect surprised me. After a week, my boyfriend suddenly appeared in front of me, bowed his head to admit the mistakes, and asked for reconciliation. Essence Essence Essence I am fully convinced of the master at this moment. It is very amazing. Maybe you will say that this is a coincidence, but I know that this is by no means coincidence. This is a real induction. I wrapped a red envelope to the big ~ the teacher thanked him, but he refused to accept it, saying that he was not for money, but to help others solve problems

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