2 thoughts on “What can the balance of the telecommunications card call the balance?”

  1. The telecommunications mobile card's phone bill does not support transfer, no support, and can be used for recharge game websites, such as Tencent's Q coins and related value -added services.
    If up the demand for recharge virtual game currency, you can log in to the recharge center page of the recharge website, select the type and quantity of the virtual currency to be recharged, and then select the telecommunications phone fee to open it in the payment method, then verify the SMS, etc. Finish.

  2. Open Jiangsu Telecom's mobile phone business hall, click on the bottom business query menu, click the fixed -term recharge of the phone bill area, there are three options: charging toll, traffic package, and broadband. Among them, only the traffic package and the charging broadband can be recharged with telecommunications card fees. At this time, you can choose to recharge the traffic or broadband for free of charge, or to reimburse the company's broadband on behalf of them, or trade with colleagues on behalf of traffic or broadband. (This answer is 20200107, for reference only, not credible)

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