Gate, IO fiat currency transaction borrowing fiat currency to choose the market for marketing orders?

Gate, IO fiat currency transaction borrows the fiat currency to choose the market, how does this operation be carried out?

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  1. 1. Click I want to borrow it, check the marketing list and click the screening in the upper right corner. You can choose the most suitable market for the market for financial management.
    2. After the order is matched, you can borrow the order in my current borrowing order. Click to enter the order details. It will display the state of payment. You need to manually transfer the payment within 60 minutes.
    3. Click to pay, you can check the payment information of the other party's account, and click to confirm the payment after manual transfer.
    4. After the payment is completed, the order status is displayed to wait for the other party to confirm the receipt. You can click to contact the other party and contact the borrower to verify the receipt by the chat box or phone.
    5. After the borrowing party clicks to confirm the receipt, check the order details and status will be displayed as a normal borrowing period, a loan cycle countdown, and other detailed contents of the order.
    6. After the borrowing party is repaid, the current borrowing single page order will confirm the option to receive the repayment. After verifying the corresponding principal and interest of the receipt account, click OK to confirm the pages of the paid interest repayment.
    7. After confirming that the repayment is received, click the history borrowing order to view, and the order status will be displayed.

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