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  1. Vietnamese lotus cigarettes are 8 yuan a pack, and then one is 80 yuan. Specifically you can go to the website to check, where there are cigarettes and prices.
    In health impact
    The impact of tobacco on the brain: nicotine spreads to the whole body through the lung mucosa and oral mucosa. After entering the brain, nicotine can imitate the role of acetylcholine. The receptor is combined. Nicotine has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, and its role in "rewarding circuit" is particularly obvious.
    This can release more dopamine by activating related nerves. The Halming and Halming of Tobacco can keep the dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine at a high concentration level by inhibiting the activity of decomposing enzymes.
    The effects of maintaining the effect of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine have been strengthened, and the degree of soberness of people is stronger and more concentrated, which can relieve anxiety and patience. Tobacco can cause nausea, dizziness, and headache.
    IST to tolerance and dependence: Frequent smoking can keep the nicotine content in the brain always at a very high level. Nervous receptors are becoming more and more sensitive to nicotine, and the stimulus effect of dopamine release has also weakened. The original smoke amount can no longer meet the thrill of smokers, and smokers can tolerate nicotine.
    Is when the smoker stops smoking for a few hours (sleep time), the nicotine content in the body decreases, and the neuron receptor becomes extremely sensitive. At this time Want to smoke. At this time, if you can suck a cigarette, you can over -stimulate the neuropathy and promote a large amount of dopamine.
    In this phenomenon, we can understand why the first smoke daily can bring a great pleasure to the "old smoke gun", and the smokers are also caught in a vicious cycle of enhanced smoke addiction.
    The above reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-Cigarette

  2. In Vietnam, many of us know that some people ask Vietnamese lotus to smoke a box of cigarettes. Of course, some people ask if anyone knows the Weibo of Vietnamese beauties. What is going on? In fact, how much is a box of Vietnamese lotus smoke fine? How much is a box of Vietnamese lotus smoke fines for your reference?

    The Vietnamese lotus, the thick and thin sticks are about 100, about 10 pieces of one pack

    About 120, the online selling is said to be smuggled. The appearance is similar to the lotus. A box of diamond lotus retail price is 45

    It how much can buy Vietnamese cigarette lotus cards on the Internet?

    The seem to be unable to buy companies that specialize in Vietnamese cigarettes in China.

    Mato knows this kind of fine cigarettes of Vietnamese cigarettes

    The foreign
    n related questions about cigarettes

    can you directly check the Internet

    ? N, how much is a bag of Vietnamese smoke? How is the taste?

    I don't know how much money is a pack. Anyway, the taste of Yuenan smoke is generally not good. Chinese smoke with more than 20 yuan can kill 90%of Vietnamese smoke in a second.

    How is the price of Vietnamese cigarettes?

    The Vietnamese cigarette price ranking: black cat, 555 cigarettes, Bastos, White HORSE, vinataba, THANG Long.

    1, black cat

    black cats are British and American tobacco groups. This seems to be mixed with cigarettes, with light flavors, mint, soft, and original flavor. The price is about 10 yuan a pack. The black cat's North Korean version is cheaper, about 4 yuan a pack.

    2, 555

    555 cigarettes are still very good internationally thought, but this Vietnamese version of netizens only have one idea, that is too disgusting, from The taste of packaging to smoke is not very good.

    3, vinataba

    The only cost 4 yuan to sell in Vietnam, and the taste of this cigarette is not very good.

    4, white horse

    White Horse (white horse) cigarette is a cigarette brand in Vietnam. White horse cigarettes are 6 yuan and 1 pack. White horse cigarettes have a bitter taste, which is very difficult to smoke, and it feels that the caramel content is very large.

    5, marlboro

    has many types of Vietnam Wanbao Road.

  3. Vietnamese literal translation is that the conference smoke is rare in Vietnamese people's tourist areas in the south. The Vietnamese Shield is 10,000 packages. It is RMB 3 yuan. Question.
    is Vietnamese smoke. The price is not expensive. I bought 5 yuan, and there is a packaging that is blue, also 5 yuan. Also a kind of iron box 10 yuan, 7 yuan for bargaining, 7 yuan for bargaining. Hehehehe, just come back there.
    This is a mid -range smoke in Vietnam. Generally, RMB 20 yuan per pack.
    This is worthless, which is like a diamond load from Hebei. On the left and right, the online ones are said to be smuggled. The appearance is very similar to the lotus. The retail price of diamond lotus is 45. Black box is the recent explosion?
    angkor (Angkor Wat) Cambodia's more famous cigarettes, which are produced by Viniton Tobacco Co., LTD. It is not expensive, your cigarettes are converted to about 10 pieces.
    75. Retail ten dollars
    , Vietnam's 10 yuan up and down is not expensive
    The Vietnam Koala looks like a chocolate with a price of 10 yuan at a price of China.

  4. This synthetic RMB is about fifty yuan. I went to Vietnam to draw before, and the taste is okay. There are owls. Golden Lotus, Ashima can all be possible

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