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  1. The Lotus brand may be unknown in China, but many people may know its other name: Lotus. Since the lotus brand is registered, it can only be renamed lotus in China. This brand is a professional manufacturing brand, including Elise, EXIGE, EVORA and other models. Now, Lotus has brought a new mid -engine sports car Emira
    What is the lotus
    Lotus may be unknown in China, but many people may know its other name: Lotus. Since the lotus brand is registered, it can only be renamed lotus in China. This brand is a professional manufacturing brand, including Elise, EXIGE, EVORA and other models. Now, Lotus brings a new mid -engine sports car Emira, which will also become a singing car for the Lotes internal combustion engine.

    The appearance, the front face of Lotus Emira is somewhat similar to Ferrari. Many large -sized air intake grille adds a sporty atmosphere, and the eagle -eye headlights are very aggressive. The radiator above the hood also reflects the strong performance of the car.

    The side of the body, the lotus Emira has a fairly exaggerated air dynamic component on the side. Although the lines are smooth, there are huge openings under the rear pushboard and door. The body length, width and height are 4412/1895/1225mm, which is much larger than other Land models.

    It with a strong lotus atmosphere, there is a very exaggerated air dynamic kit. The slender taillights are very fierce, and there are huge opening on both sides of the upper and lower bumpers. Dual exhaust and exaggerated rear diffusers are combined well. In the back glass, you can also see the big heart hidden below.

    It enter the car, as a sports car, the interior is naturally simple and capable. However, there are still many popular designs, such as LCD instrument panels, suspended central control panels. The flat -bottomed multi -function steering wheel also has a conscientious scale. In addition to fur flip, the interior also uses a lot of dark gold decoration, which is very textured. The ignition button is also designed with a ritual cover.

    It in terms of power, the new Lotus Emira uses AMG's 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 360-400 horsepower, a peak torque of 430 N · m, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers will be less than 4.5S. 8 -speed dual -clutch transmission, you can choose a manual transmission and an automatic transmission.

    The lotus Emira will be sold in 2022. The overseas selling price will be less than 60,000 pounds, equivalent to RMB 540,000. The V6 with a pressure -adder will be released as the flagship version.

    How to the lotus car

    On December 29, 2020, the Lotus Global Technology Headquarters Wuhan Lutstus Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established.

    Now half a year has passed, the construction of the Wuhan Lotus Factory has entered the sprint stage. Its first domestic model LAMBDA will also be officially launched in 2022. Lotus will become the first domestic top sports car brand.

    According to the latest news, lotus will be transformed into electrification. The first batch of domestic models will be pure electric SUVs, medium and large pure electric cars and medium and large hybrids and electric SUVs.

    I. as the world's top sports car and racing manufacturers, Luther first transformed into electrification in Porsche. What impact does this have on the market? Let the Kung Fu car take you strolling.

    (1) From the lotus to the lotus, the super running dream once every ten years.

    old car enthusiasts may know the name lotus. As a luxury sports car brand with Ferrari and Porsche, it produces a series of world -renowned top sports cars, and it was not renamed lotus until nearly ten years ago.

    Lotus has always been the top fashion product. The most typical is the lotus ESprit. It appeared in the 007 movie "Underwater City" in 1977, which stunned everyone. In the 007 movie "Terminal" in 1981, it even became the car of James Bond. The chassis and suspension systems were very good, showing muscle.

    In the 1990s, Lotus Calton became the fastest car in the world at that time. At the end of the 1990s, Lotus's compact 3.5L V8 engine was also one of the most powerful engines at the time. In 2004, Lotus launched Elise 111R, which is considered to be the successor of ESprit, and won the title of "Best Supercar in 2004" in the same year.

    In addition to the brilliance of various models, the F1 team of Luther is also quite outstanding. Its 72 F1 car won 20 Grand Prix, and the Europa car was also one of the fastest mass production sports cars in the world at that time.

    The lotus is one of the most famous top supercars. The earliest translation is lotus. But at that time, a domestic car company had registered the trademark of Young Lotus, and promoted it under the banner of British Lotus, which made Walters suffer.

    , but young lotus has nothing to do with lotus. Its vehicle chassis adjustment is indeed done by the lotus car project. It is a brotherhood with Lotus Motors and a world -high -recognized automotive engineering consulting company. Take the youth lotus L3 at the time as an example. Indeed, the chassis is solid and excellent. The 2nd gear can mention 7000 rpm, accelerate level. Moreover, its hatchback and sports interior were very advanced at the time, and even this face value was not outdated today.

    But its disadvantages are also very obvious, with high fuel consumption, poor sound insulation, and not suitable for family use. However, due to the existence of the lotus plant, when the lotus really entered China, it had to be renamed, so he used the direct translation of lotus in English.

    of course, the real lotus car is more individual. The most typical is Elise. His car is only 1.2 meters high, and there are some large SUVs parked next to him. Just like a toy car, it is like a kart.

    The ultra -light car chassis of all -carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. Such a small car is still the central rear drive layout of the standard supercar. Its appearance is pursuing pure driving pleasure, all designs are for better driving. Its throttle is sensitive to the point where the old drivers are sweating, accelerating the most enjoyable feeling, and the sound of a strong heart agent. The pure speed is its greatest charm.

    (2) Born for driving, technology is dominant.

    As a brand that has survived for more than 70 years, Louz is naturally technically strong. As mentioned earlier, its Lotus Automobile Engineering Company is a well -known technical consulting company in the industry, which has produced a series of very advanced technical concepts.

    The people have proposed the design concept of "defining performance aesthetics" very early, that is, the ultimate performance of pursuit of aerodynamics, and its aesthetic design is naturally formed on this basis.

    The most typical example is that it swept the F1 79 car, and the first time the Wensuri effect was used to improve the control performance of the car. While car companies are working hard on the body shape, Lotus has aimed at the "ground". Its "Wensuri" Type-A chassis design cooperates with the ground skirt, closed the air flow channel under the train, and gave it to the end of the car and gave it to give it to the air passage, which gave it to the air passage, and gave it to give the air passage and give it. The strong downward pressure and curve speed of the vehicle. As a car -run car, its performance on the field completely crushed the opponent, which also greatly affected the development trend of F1 later.

    Luttes took the lead in proposing "Lightweight is the King of success" take the 2017 Elise as an example. Its car weighs only 860 kg. Lightweight technology developed by Titanium car developed by Luther has also become the standard for top supercars.

    The air dynamic design of the extreme empty, and the ultimate lightweight, has become a unique label of Luther.

    The first pure electric supercar Evija as an example. The high pore rate body not only reduces the wind resistance, but also makes the body have 1.8 tons of pressure. "Wenqiuri Tunnel" "through the car can not only reduce wind resistance, but also make it more flexible when turning at high -speed corners. The body is more stable during high -speed brakes, which also makes it the fastest road car in the world. R. n
    In after all, in the era of electrification, everyone can get stronger motivation, and only need to add a higher -power driver motor. For example, Evija has more than 2,000 horsepower. At this time, air -mob design and lightweight technology technology It will start occupying an absolute advantage.

    (3) EPA-S architecture blessing and reshape the lead.

    The fate of this brand is still very erratic. After all, the supercar business is really expensive. Badadi, Lamborghini and other top sports car brands are actually unprofitable, and there are sales in several major car groups.

    Especially in the new century, all sports car brands are facing transformation. Porsche is the fastest. In 2006, it launched SUV model Cayenne and successfully transformed into a high -profit company. Although the representative of Porsche in our minds may be 9/ 11, but I have to say that Cayenne feeds Porsche.

    From now on, Lotus will also follow the road of Porsche. Moreover, it will go further. SUV, it will be fully electrified, and it will also be domesticized, which is very helpful for its sales.

    The first domestic model LAMBDA will be put into production in the Wuhan plant. The new car is based on the latest EPA-S ( High -performance) architecture is divided into three layers. The hardware layer, system layer, and ecological layer combine each other to jointly provide the smart travel experience of the zero -border boundary. Its configuration and function can be updated at the fastest speed, allowing users The experience of the new car.

    of course, its body will still use carbon fiber, aluminum alloy material and heat -shaped steel plate, which will still be the lightest and easiest SUV in the same class. In terms of size, Lambda’s of Lambda The wheelbase will reach 2999mm, so don't worry about emptiness at all.

    (4) Kung Fu.

    is actually the same as making cars as making movies. Not so profitable. The same is true of lotus, which has a great role in promoting the development of the automotive industry, but the influence is always limited to the scope of top supercar. And its huge determination. Its brand development has also ushered in new opportunities. Of course, it has also made a lot of compromises to become more grounded.

    For the future, the future sales goal is 100,000 vehicles. Do you think it can be done?

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