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  1. The epic -level battleship "Titan [1]" series in the world's top masterpiece "EVE Online" series in the world has always been the "dream lover" of the global EVE FANS because of its expensive value and super powerful power. In the global server, creating a virtual currency that requires about 160,000 yuan in Titan is equivalent to one Buick in reality. It also takes about one year of professional skills training to be able to drive Titan. Coupled with Titan's birth, a strong escort fleet is needed, so "Titan" is always a legend. Most players have seen his huge figure in the video.
    The assembly of Titan is extremely complicated, and only the big legion has the strength of assembly. Its status is equivalent to the ultimate weapon, which is a strategic -level weapon. It is usually maintained and protected by extremely careful maintenance. Once the people who are arrested to mobilize the whole forces to rescue, as of August 8, 2014 (Before March 2014, no more than 30 Titan was destroyed, but the 49-U6U super flagship battle that broke out on March 25, 2014 and 84 Titan fell. Fall) Titan was destroyed. Titan's value is reflected in the delivery (the temporary star door transformed into the temporary star door to send the fleet to the battlefield, safe and fast), doomsday weapons (basic damage 200W, but more restrictions and can only be released to flagship), flagship guns (hull body body (hull body body body (hull body body body (hull body body There is a lot of bonuses for flagship guns, and the damage is very high. It is suitable for shooting and disassembling buildings such as POS in flagship war). Unlike other weapons, each launch of the doomsday weapons will consume a lot of fuel. Each end -day weapon launch will consume fuel worth about 100 million ISK (ISK is a fictional game currency unit in EVE). Good battleships or 20 cruisers can be equipped with the entire combat squadron! The high consumption of doomsday weapons is also proportional to the high consumption of doomsday weapons. It is nothing more than a player who joked that the doomsday weapons are "spending 100 million yuan."
    The skill training time for driving Titan for at least one year, and the skill book will spend 100E or more.
    If according to the current Chenxi server (the Chinese server represented by the Century Tiancheng), the price is estimated to be estimated, a Titan cost is about 2500E, which can be said to be very difficult.

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