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  1. Electronic Dictionary Brand: Backgammon Stepper High Model: Foreign Language 9688 Electronic Dictionary Extension Function: Support screen handwriting support expansion memory card … Electronic dictionary supports language type: English electronic dictionary comes with memory capacity: 512M electronic dictionary battery type: rechargeable lithium battery Interested Incentive method: Flash learning text, video learning, sound textbooks, pet back words and other richer learning content sound interaction: System set up an electronic pet as a user’s virtual wealth butler and learning partner. Pet status and virtual currency how intuitive reflect the learning status; inspire learning and improve learning efficiency. The double interface of the new features: “cool black” and “Youlan” dual interface interfaces are exchanged at will, showing their personality. TTS pronunciation: TTS pronunciation can be called in the reading module, with interesting sound effects and transmission functions, and learning is more interesting. 1. Three pronunciations: male, female, child voice 2. Four sound effects: normal, echo, robotics, reverberation (children’s pronunciation does not support English) shooting function:* 1, pixel: 1.3 million pixel camera. 2. Bright and dark adjustment: Support the photos and darkness adjustment when shooting. 3. Style: Support color, old photos, black and white photo style. 4. Mode: Switch three shooting modes: automatic, sunlight, and fluorescence when shooting. 5. Photo size: support three photos of 1280*960, 640*480, 320*240. Synchronous sound textbook* For the synchronous Flash text of elementary school students, synchronize with the mainstream English textbooks of elementary schools, sound, picture, and text, reappear classroom learning scene, counsel the child like a teacher, and solve the embarrassing situation of children’s learning unmanned guidance. In response to the synchronous words and sound textbooks of middle school students, synchronize with the mainstream English textbooks of middle schools, comprehensively mobilize students to listen, speak, and write three major skills, so that children can understand, speak, and test well. Five -dimensional recitation method of other recitation methods: The methods of browsing, word filling, listening exercises, interpretation selection, and word tests are fully mobilized from the aspects of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation. Listening back: Through pronunciation of words and familiar words, it is suitable for memorizing words in a relatively relaxed environment. There are also recitation methods such as browsing and screening to choose from. Video teaching new curriculum learning method Guidance: A full set of teaching films have accumulated 187 lessons, 15 famous special teachers teach copyright dictionary: Langwen contemporary, authoritative dictionary to arbitrarily organize this “Langwen contemporary senior English dictionary”, “New English and Han Dictionary”, “New English and Han Dictionary”, Ten copyright dictionaries such as “Modern Chinese Dictionary” and “Chinese Student Ancient Chinese Dictionary” have comprehensively met the needs of children to learn English, Chinese, and classical Chinese at all stages. With screens and anti -inspection functions, strange words can be stored in the new thesaurus to learn separately, and you can also establish a user dictionary. Four major test sites: Review method for the English test foreign language communication system: first use the simulation test room to find the weak links in learning, and then strengthen the learning for thin weaknesses to help children improve the test ability and test scores. Simulation test room: For the design of the English and college entrance examinations, in conjunction with a large number of famous schools and college entrance examination English test papers to find out the weak links in learning, and intelligently evaluate, view analysis, and store wrong questions to help children improve the test skills. Word listening: a new “listening test” learning software, combined with synchronous courses and synchronous memorizing words to solve the problem of children’s unattended words at home. “Word Listening” helps children consolidate their daily learning. Magic English: The whole book contains “Magic English Middle School Grammar”, “Complete English Solution of English Grammar”, and “Complete Solution of English Grammar”, integrating, training, and examinations. Reading: A large number of Chinese and English masterpieces and reading textbooks for “English World” help children easily break through the difficulty of reading. Composition: The entire “Entrance Essay of the College Entrance Examination”, which is rich in writing essays, writing templates, and writing elements, so that children can write molds, essays, and improve writing skills. New weapons of oral training are currently two major dilemma of speaking in speaking: No standard, “Chinese -style” spoken language; can’t speak, “dumb” spoken language. Backgammon -step highly designed international phonetic symbols and scenarios to help children solve speaking problems: International phonetic symbols: Clear and standard phonetic symbols, example words, phrases, example sentences, winding password pronunciation, equipped Standard English. Scenario session: New “weapon” of speaking, simulate various scenes of real life, interact with human -machine interaction, let children speak English loudly, and completely say goodbye to “dumb” English. The whole sentence has sound translation, learn good helpers* English and Chinese, Chinese and English two -way intelligent whole sentence translation: Enter a sentence in Chinese/English, instantly translate into English/Chinese. A good staff in spoken expression.多媒体娱乐1、MP3播放2、MP4电影播放* 3、FLASH动画播放4、高清晰超长数码录音5、BB虚拟机等游戏6、图片浏览更多功能1、科学计算2、课程表3、名片Backgammon Foreign Language 9688 Detailed parameter Basic parameters I want to pick the wrong model Foreign Language 9688 Main parameter FLASH learning text, video learning, voice textbooks, pet back words and other richer learning content interactive/Rangwen contemporary

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