1 thought on “Can the 15 -year -old minor recharge game still be back?”

  1. Legal analysis: Whether this money can be returned depends on the specific situation. If minors are recharged with their own mobile phones and accounts, it is generally possible to return. If the minor uses the value of the parents' mobile phones and accounts, whether this money can be returned depends on the communication with the game company.
    Legal basis: "Interim Measures for Online Game Management" Article 20 The online game virtual currency trading service enterprise shall comply with the following provisions: (1) shall not provide trading services for minors; Or the filing online game provides transaction services; (3) When providing services, it is necessary to ensure that users use valid ID to register and bind bank accounts consistent with the registration information of the user; (4) After notification of departments and judicial organs, they shall assist in verifying the legitimacy of the transaction behavior. If it is verified that it belongs to illegal transactions, it shall immediately take measures to terminate the transaction service and save the relevant records; (5) preserving information such as transaction records and account records between users shall not be less than 180 days.

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